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利用 Styled System 建立一個更好的 UI 元件庫! | Summer。桑莫。夏天

利用 Styled System 建立一個更好的 UI 元件庫!


不過其實 styled-system 是走 utility-first 派別的 css-in-js solution,跟 tailwind css 那些可以擺在一起,但反而跟文章上面提到的 OOCSS、SMACSS、BEM、CSS modules 都沒有太大關係。

要說從 SMACSS、BEM 可以學到什麼東西放進 css-in-js 來實踐,我會建議下面這篇


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Highly recommended!

A Layman's Guide to Applicatives in ReasonML

Other posts in this series: A Layman’s Guide to Functors in ReasonML Applicative functors I’ll start this post off with a tantalizing quote that I first heard from a former colleague/mentor Kris Nuttycombe: In functional programming, applicatives are the essence of parallel processing, and monads are the essence of sequential processing. In this post about applicative functors (aka applicatives), and my next planned post about monads, I hope to dig into this notion, and try to impart some intuition as to why this is true.