Month: 2021-03


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patcon 05:50:37
yay! first outside domain held in this repo, and using @ronnywang’s helpful redirect app 🙂

``` --- '': - type: TXT values: # Who has admin for this domain - admin=ThenWho # Used for 301 redirect service below - 301 <> - type: ALIAS value: <|>. ```

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patcon 06:00:05
wondering whether you’ve ever considered using for supporting infra costs, and allows others to transparently fund or seek reimbursement for things
pm5 09:43:19
I'm working on a g0v Slack <-> Mattermoste <-> Facing the Ocean bridge and is looking for some help here. There is a @helloworld_bot that was going to connect #hello-world with a channel in CfJ slack (that was never completed). Can @ronnywang or one of the slack admins help me remove the bot from #hello-world and add it to #facing-the-ocean?
hey @pm5 👋 what’s “Facing the Ocean”? sounds poetic regardless…!
@patcon something that happened when you were not around...
Aw jeez that looks wonderful. Looks like everyone being good neighbors ❤️
Also, really love the idea of a little helpful pass-through splash page instead of just a 301 redirect :)



caasi 21:53:01
有人可以給我 “*Apps & Custom Integrations*” 的權限嗎?我想看看 IRCBot 能不能聽多個頻道
I think I have an old "legacy token" if you need it. I believe they're simpler and more privileged, like a full user. Slack no longer lets us create them, but they've never announced deprecation plans.
Just let me know if you want to share it :)
Thank you! But I think I have the same token.



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patcon 03:56:50
hey infra ppl! Thinking about creating a splash page to make it easier to invite people on Twitter to consider “forking” government websites like you all started 🙂

has something like this been done already?

#24 Create landing page app to support people in "forking" any gov page (wildcard DNS)

Pretend that I want to quickly suggest to someone that they could "fork" <|> or <|> to a g0v domain managed via this repo. I could tweet them: • a link to a <|> explainer website (to explain the movement), and • maybe the docs to this repo (to explain how it works), and then maybe also • the real website (e.g., <|>) and • the non-existent proposed one (e.g., <|>). But all of that is *confusing and hard to fit in a tweet*. It would maybe be neat if I could instead just *link the person to any not-yet-created g0v subdomain* <|>, and have a simple splash page explain all of this :) *Proposal* To do this, could set up a small app to sit behind a wildcard domain, and "catch" any subdomains that haven't had a record specifically created. In theory, this could walk people through all of: • what is the g0v movement? • what does "fork the government" mean here? • how do they request use of this subdomain via this repo? • since we can pull the domain name (<|>) out of the browser url, we could even point them right to creating the file, e.g., <;value=competition|click here for demo> Thoughts? Is this helpful for other g0v community members?

def let me know if I should ask this elsewhere!
patcon 03:59:46
def let me know if I should ask this elsewhere!