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hey all! have an g0vers ever tried to self-host hackpad? I really love hackpad, but subdomains (or workspaces, rather), but with those being deprecated, so really nice community features are unavailable on the existing hackpad site 😞
patcon 05:20:36
is that something y'all are intending to do, in case ever goes down?
acechen 06:14:10
@patcon I tend to use as the alternative.
i do love quite a bit about hackmd, especially its simplicity, active development, and made-in-taiwan'ness 🙂

i wonder: do you know if the maintainers aspire to give it team/org-related features? as in, like workspaces on hackpad, which send workspace-based updates, not just my own pads
i mean, i think i might like to move to hackmd down the road, but it currently doesn't seem to offer more than hackpad from an end-user perspective (though it def offers more from my principled open source maintainability stance...!)
thanks for your reply, btw!
@jackymaxj I think that’s your cue? 😉
i think au has an instance somewhere
There's also a community fork here
Hi guys, it's Max here 😛
I'm current team lead of hackmd.
We'll definitely provide workspace like hackpad did.
But we all doing this in part-time and lots of dependent issues need to be solved first.
Please be patient, we tent to provide stable and robust service.

Thanks for signaling me @chihao
yay! thanks so much @jackymaxj & Co! this has def pulled me in your direction 😉
Since the book mode (which means hackfoldr mode for me…) came out, I am moving to HackMD right away. Can’t wait anymore! +_+
whoa! had no idea book mode was a thing! thanks @etblue! anyone know if it's aiming to be a total replacement for hackfoldr?
Yes for me. Currently I use HackMD as a replacement for both HackFoldr and Hackpad… like this lol
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ipa 10:27:53
4/20(四) 晚間社群基礎建設松報名開始囉:

g0v 第捌次基礎建設松

本次 g0v 基礎建設松將於 4/20(四)19:00 舉行,一起組裝 g0v 社群工具模組,讓更多人使用吧!


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may I invite @zulip_bridgebot to this channel, please and thank-you? 🙂 re:


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caasi 18:56:30
要遲到啦 :((((
clkao 19:02:36
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@pellaeon 你上次是不是架了 pretix?
pellaeon 19:11:38
yes XD
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pellaeon 19:11:50
但上次只是 debug server
clkao 19:12:40
clkao 19:12:56
正在看 tellform… 好像也應該把 typeform 換掉
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@ben196888 有一個前端坑可能很適合你
需要 fork 它
github 在

cc. @mglee @bryan

Open Data Barometer 2015

In a well-functioning democratic society, citizens need to be informed and have access to information on government policies and progress.



odb - Sources for the Open Data Barometer third edition

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