Month: 2019-01


bookright 11:19:59
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patcon 08:50:25
Alright, so inspired by how g0v people seem to build infra together (though I know @ronnywang does a huge amount himself!), I've been working to document the infra that I've put together for Civic Tech Toronto:



:balloon: A experimental effort to coordinate meetup resources through GitHub. - CivicTechTO/overview

patcon 08:51:40
I'm hoping that through documnetation, we can start running infra as more of a team thing, and not just me over here 🙂
patcon 08:52:23
I'll be working to share it with other groups in the Canadian civic tech network, but would also be really curious if there's anything we can work on cross-borders with Taiwan
patcon 08:55:36
Specifically wondering about:
- sharing pieces for managing community calendars, which I know that @ipa and @pm5 were interested in
- managing domain and domains through @ronnywang's repo/scripts
- sharing some patterns from, if that works for g0v housekeeping scripts too :slightly_smiling_face:



Helper scripts for CivicTechTO organizing tasks. Contribute to CivicTechTO/civictechto-scripts development by creating an account on GitHub.

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