Month: 2019-03


chyuaner 21:46:07
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caasi 17:14:10
@patcon I want to hand over the irc bride task to your matterbridge so we may release a legacy token. What can I do?


patcon 08:46:10
@caasi sorry, just seeing this...! the one caveat to be aware of, is that our translation feature hasn't been merged, and so we're on our own special fork. Does that feel like an acceptable risk/situation to you? (We could decide to take action on it -- either going back to mainline without translation, rebasing, or negotiating them upstream merge of the translation).

Of course, we can just add the IRC bridge to it without much work as well :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 08:47:05
Also, wanted to share this thread here -- related to my suggestion of building/sharing community infras across spaces :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 08:47:45
this wasn't shared in the thread, as it's very specific to hacknight right now, but here's a infra task board that myself and another organizer started in Toronto:


CivicTechTO: Community Infra (GrassrootOps?)

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