Month: 2019-11


patcon 02:26:49
cc @pm5 @aelcenganda @caasi

<@U4MCXJKNC> <@U02L499UT> it seems that the translation bot between <#C02G2SXKX|general> and <#C1CHAA0QL|general-en> stops working? It only shares files with no translation

patcon 02:27:39
also, i'm down to just set a regular weekly/biweekly video call time for working on bridge @pm5 (i'm not logging in here enough lately, but want to put it back on my critical path to work on this with you 🙂 )
cool. @patcon let's setup a meeting? I'm free this wednesday 9am-3pm Taipei time, or some time in friday.
how about 9am friday taipei time, 8pm thurs ET? what's your email? I'll send you gcal invite