Month: 2018-09


patcon 22:54:02
heads up <!here>: seems to be down. Who should I ping about that?
clkao 22:54:48
i think @ronnywang has redeployed
@ronnywang could/should we create a redirect from the old domain? happy to do the work if provided the required access 🙂
@patcon Are you the administrator of “” domain? If you are, you can change the CNAME record of “” to “”.
heh, i'm not. sorry, thought you were
do you think anyone would be interested to create/maintain a resource like this:

Basically just to keep track of who owns or has access to what, in regards to g0v infra
I'd be happy to stub it out, but i don't yet know too much about who controls what 🙂
We are planing to use github to manage domains about g0v.
but is not here yet
ah, that's awesome! fwiw I don't think that setup is mutually exclusive from the hackmd doc -- (or any other domain) would have only one entry in a doc like the one i linked, to show who has admin access. And aside from domains, it's also for making [mostly] clear who has access to all the social and infra services/platforms, so non-old-timers can know who to talk to about things

for example, it might document who has admin login access to the website, which someone was trying to help me with earlier today 🙂
re: the domains repo -- does a script run that updates the DNS zones from the json files?
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