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Deniz Bozyigit 00:49:47
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patcon 06:37:04
馃憢 hiya all -- some folks involved in polis development wished to start using a domain i had access to, so i made something inspired by @ronnywang's `g0v/domain` repo: :heart_eyes:


To manage domains and subdomain DNS records for

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patcon 06:38:44
I'm happy to upstream it and pass it back to g0v github org, if anyone thinks it looks like an ok approach.
patcon 06:39:21
(i know that someone in Civic Tech Sweden community is planning to buy and and contribute those domains into the repo too, so it could be something we share 馃檪 or we could keep it multi-centered -- whichever others prefer!)


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bess 19:36:35
Hi @patcon wanna know if the slack translation bot could still work or not? Maybe we could have new solution with @dai .
Dai -澶ц紨/鏉变含 2021-02-24 00:44:28
Thank you!
It def still could, with some work! Ongoing cost is USD$7/mo to heroku, which someone else would need to cover with their credit card
Dai -澶ц紨/鏉变含 19:36:39
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patcon 21:29:18
I think it needs some maintenance:
鈥 was tied to my heroku, but I will admit that my financial situation is not always great, and it sometimes goes unpaid :disappointed: Probably better that it live in someone else's account or some other service for stability
鈥 Also, it's a fork from matterbridge, and what that project is very maintained and getting lots of new features, my feature branch with translation is not.
I'm happy to migrate both the heroku app and my repo to a shared space where it can be better maintained with others! :) Not sure if this is the sort of thing hosted on g0v github org
@patcon May I get the GitHub repo of the bot?
Sure! Here's the bridge app (default branch is our hibernating fork code, but upstream is still alive and kicking):
And here's the shim/buildpack that allows it to run on heroku and manage config in public repo:
I'll add you to both when I'm on desktop (might move it to just because I don't think I can give you admin when it's a personal repo, but happy to move it to if someone has access to do so)
also invited you as member of that org, so should have write access @aelcenganda (feel free to transfer elsewhere, or i can invite others to that github org)
patcon 21:30:45
Also, hi @besslee! 馃憢 馃檪
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Guo-Jim 22:23:32
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ael 22:26:43
@besslee @patcon @dai in #herstory
project, I am looking for someone to help on building a translation bot between g0v.tw鈥檚, Code for Japan鈥檚 and Nullfull鈥檚 Slack. I think we can work together on this translation bot as infra of and other international projects. My friend who is interested in this might come to g0v hackathon on March 20. I will tag him here after I double check his interests.
Dai -澶ц紨/鏉变含 2021-02-24 00:44:15
Nice to meet you!
Yay! Super exciting, y'all! Really nice to meet you @dai
I'd actually been asking around about finding financial support for working on translation bridge again. (I did it all on my own time before, but as you can see, that sometimes gets neglected!)

I know some admins in Code for All slack and Open Collective slack were interested in the project. They didn't have "developer pay" funds around to work on it, but were thinking about it. I'm curious whether ppl would chip in to support it's maintenance if it had a collective set up on Open Collective, and I'm fairly confident that the Open Source Collective would support us applying for one
Sounds really cool 馃槑
Dai -澶ц紨/鏉变含 2021-02-24 23:54:12
Thank you! Nice to meet you. Very cool
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bess 22:28:23
Wow if it could be happen, we will cross 3 slack channel...
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patcon 02:03:10
saaaaaay is there a g0v discord server? (feels like y鈥檃ll would know if it existed 馃檪 )
Try it :)