Month: 2018-12


mglee 03:01:40
最近在爬歷史,發現第 24~27 次 hackfoldr 裡的提案表,都跳掉變成活動資訊了
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mrorz 10:47:32
要 cmd+click 左邊的提案表另開分頁才會 work 呢
ronnywang 10:49:01
好像是因為 網址的問題….
ronnywang 10:51:21
手動改掉 網址了,現在 24-27 應該都可以連了
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kjcl 13:09:24
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kjcl 09:31:32
hi can anyone make a slack api key for me? @clkao @ronnywang @patcon
you can use your own legacy token
best for testing, might need more for some users, but that should work for most of things
I need a proper api key to do a slack to Zulip test import I believe
downside is that _sometimes_ the bot won't hear _you_. And so I usually create a new designated user
which means we don't have to use a limited app slot on the free accounts
(we only have 3, i think)
WHOA! maybe we have unlimited...?
ah no, we're at the intergration limit right now
but i think maybe we're waaaaay over after they knocked the limit down, but we got grandfathered in
(but def don't erase any pls, until we know if that's irreversible!) is no longer operating
Although, the legacy token actually has _more_ privileges than a bot token. bots need to be invited to each channel by a user, whereas legacy tokens have all privileges of normal users, so they can invite themselves
so i can't imagine bot tokens would be helpful for an import?
(As in, I've never known anything I couldn't do with a legacy token, so I think that's a "proper api key" :)
kjcl 13:00:10
I need a proper api key to do a slack to Zulip test import I believe


jc 08:57:33
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patcon 08:58:22
Hey @ipa and @pm5! This is @jcjiang42 👈
patcon 09:05:12
She'll be attending tatung university for design research in a few weeks (?) And was looking for a place to contribute. She was looking for a hint of when ppl met up between hackathons, so she could meet ppl. I said this was mostly asking around (and shared some projects that meet weekly), but that your conversation on curating a community calendar via chatbot might be a good place to start. She seemed psyched about chatbot stuff :)

@ipa :point_left: was thinking on how to manage calendar with a few ppl.
@pm5 :point_left: offered to be responsible for investigating setting up a hubot chatbot.

Anyhow, just wanted to intro! I def feel that chatbot/ChatOps could be a bit of a team/project if desired. In toronto, it's mostly just me, and I've realized that's a problem (mostly through seeing how others openly participate in infra here)
jc 09:15:57
Thanks @patcon for the great introduction! It’s good to meet you all. I’ll be in Taipei starting late December, but would love to familiarize myself with the codebase/architecture conversation before then. I have SWE experience but haven’t done a lot of OSS contributions, so I’m excited for the chance to get up to speed
Its fresh territory so no g0v codebase for chatbot yet, and that's tough in some ways. but lots of ppl here care about infra :)

Def doesn't have to be hubot, but 1) its JavaScript, 2) lots of modules exist, and 3) Toronto uses hubot, so we could share pieces :)

If it wasn't too intrusive, maybe @pm5 and you could cowork at a friday #jothon meeting, then @ipa could chime in too?
fri would be good
Yep, that would work! Won't be in Taiwan until December 29, however. Is there anything I can get started on remotely?


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