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yfcai 15:13:43
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patcon 05:00:36
hey @caasi! @itsmisscs and I were talking about bridging some other communities that we're involved with, and we know that y'all at g0v have done tons of work on this.

(I noticed that you've been active on the logbot sourcecode, so I thought that this area might be of interest to you. Pls do feel free to loop anyone else in, or let us know if there's a better place for this convo :slightly_smiling_face: )

Basically, we've started to investigate matterbridge:

it is really well-supported, actively developed, and connects to lots of chat services already. plus, it's possible to host it for free on heroku:

do you think folks might be interested in converging on a shared tool like this? It would be really exciting if we were all working on the same codebases while connecting up our communities! :rocket:



matterbridge - bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram,,hipchat (via xmpp), steam and matrix with REST API



matterbridge-heroku - A Heroku buildpack to help bridge chat tools like Slack.

patcon 05:04:42
and by "started to investigate matterbridge", I suppose I'd be more truthful in saying "I've been actively using matterbridge for 6 months on a large-ish project" :blush:
itsmisscs 05:00:40
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caasi 05:08:43
wow. Let me check matterbridge first.

Currently there are 2 bots(logbot and slackarchive) and 2 bridges(slack bridge and telegram bridge). It will be good if we can have more services to archive infomation.

BTW, I think @gugod and @mrorz may be interesting too.

Gonna sleep now.
itsmisscs 05:16:45
sounds like slackarchive is down though :disappointed:
itsmisscs 05:17:02
what’s the telegram bridge? sounds neat!
patcon 05:23:34
@itsmisscs apparently 50 people are in this telegram group:

and it syncs both ways with #general :slightly_smiling_face:
itsmisscs 22:46:23
oh cool! wow. we could have people join us via chat and not need to join slack! i think that’s worth looking into for #vnetwork
mrorz 05:08:53
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patcon 05:11:06
@caasi cool! i'm happy to hear that you think it seems neat too!
patcon 05:15:45
fwiw, matterbridge is mostly really well documneted, but also has an undocumented general API that works kinda like any other bridge protocol matterbridge offers:

so i can imagine a custom gateway that takes EVERY channel for every protocol IN and sends it OUT over the API bridge protocol, so something custom like a big archival tool (currently logbot viewer?) could suck it all in and index it



matterbridge - bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram,,hipchat (via xmpp), steam and matrix with REST API

patcon 05:18:05
also, @zulip_bridgebot is apparently down since late dec :tired_face:


<|@remco_verhoef> Hey man! Really enjoying your service, <|@slackarchive>, but it looks like it stopped syncing the 25th of December. I saw some other people on Twitter reporting the same issue. Any update on that?

caasi 05:24:14
the telegram bridge:



tgircbot - telegram :left_right_arrow: irc robot

patcon 05:55:22
thx! but GO TO BED :wink:


patcon 01:55:01
hi @ronnywang! i see that| is listed in bottom contact info for|, so:

may i ask what codebase you are using for| Is it deployed straight from codebase, or are there any customizations that haven't been able to go public yet? (thanks a bunch for hosting it, btw!)



hackpad - Hackpad is a web-based realtime wiki.

patcon 01:56:02
ugh. sorry, spoke too soon. just saw your repo :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 01:59:08
seems might be unmaintained now, with effort on the one I linked. but both pretty slow.

if you're interested in any help porting, i'll be happy to help, but seems to be working pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 02:00:18
also, i could be eager to help upstream your changes to hackpad/hackpad, if you were open to that
ronnywang 10:22:00
@patcon all changes on middle2tw/whackpad are using Apache License too. Feel free to use them!
ronnywang 10:23:32
the major change on middle2tw/whackpad is to change the search engine from solr to elasticsearch
ronnywang 10:24:55
and some “show more” bugfix from lanfon72