Month: 2018-11


ipa 11:16:34
<!here> 12 月大松之前,11/11 有一次社群基礎建設松,作一些讓 g0v 式的社群協作更順暢的各種小專案,包括討論社群治理、人坑媒合、g0v search 等等,平均兩個月一次,辦了十二次~ 這次活動已經開始報名:

11/11 g0v 第拾參次基礎建設松

g0v 第拾參次基礎建設松將於 11/11(日)14:00 舉行,歡迎自由登記提案,一起交流、開幹、喝啤酒!

fiorella 12:55:37
大家好, 今天我想參加jothon的會議 :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 14:34:49
i'm still 30 minutes away fwiw
patcon 15:08:08

Hey all, a few of us should request access to to the github actions beta program. (GitHub Actions is like a programmable, visual veraion of <|>) When one of us gets in, we can work on making OneButton compatible with whatever open standard they're using for making actions, and maybe extract the OneButton into modular bits that other action users can use to kickstart recurring events like g0v does Related: - <> - <>

patcon 16:01:45
<!here> does anyone have time to walk me really quickly through onebutton?
patcon 16:08:54 for signup to github action beta


Features • GitHub Actions

Easily build, package, release, update, and deploy your project in any language—on GitHub or any external system—without having to run code yourself.

patcon 16:09:16
signup happens via account (user or org), so would be cool to come from `g0v` github org
bess 16:34:24
@besslee set the channel topic: 下次大松 12/8 @SINICA | 與 freenode#| 同步中 | 注意:這裡有公開紀錄,請留意個資安全 | 自己邀請自己
bess 19:06:12
@besslee set the channel topic: 下次大松 12/8 @SINICA | 與 freenode#| 同步中 | 注意:這裡有公開紀錄,請留意個資安全 | 自己邀請自己
patcon 20:01:18
@ipa I see that the type form feature of onebutton is disabled due to typeform changing its API. Does this form still get sent our to attendees after hackathons?



OneButton is a one-click solution for ipa to finish all hackathon duties at once. - g0v/OneButton

bess 02:44:19
No. It doesn’t work.


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bess 18:42:02
:on: 大松預告!下次 g0v 大黑客松在 12/8,揪松團來徵求大松命名!
patcon 18:46:06
sorry, I'm not sure I understand...! can i help?
bess 18:47:21
We want the topic of hackathon on 12/8, there is a option about “data of election”.
patcon 19:07:18
:raised_hands: oh! I didn't realize they had topics. thanks!
chihao 10:30:53
Usually it’s just a name to the hackathon, not a topic for proposals. Perhaps jothon wants to try a different approach this time?
bess 11:05:28
Maybe it’s okay for any possibility :laughing:
chihao 11:06:15
Anything is possible :the_horns:


bess 13:46:46
@macpaul 12/8 有空來嗎?然後也想問貴社可否贊助咖啡包 :laughing:
bess 13:47:34
@yutin @grass @juanna 12/8 有空來大松嗎 :laughing:
juanna 13:48:29
bess 13:51:02
macpaul 20:24:37
yutin 00:18:49
grass 13:48:05
wildjcrt 16:13:37
大松撞到阿美族語認證考試 :sweat:
ipa 14:41:31


yutin 00:23:23
今天去參訪了 ,大概是首爾新創版的中研院
有吃有住有大空間,很適合辦黑客松. 地鐵走出園區就到
chihao 09:16:07
yutin 12:26:24


patcon 18:37:50
@ipa you going to this thingy tonight?

【哲學星期五@台北】零工經濟=零碎勞動? 2018/11/09

&amp;nbsp; 【哲學星期五@台北】&amp;mdash;《零工經濟=零碎勞動?》&amp;mdash;2018/11/09(五)19:30@慕哲咖啡館 &amp;nbsp; 通訊科技的大躍進,讓許多經濟和勞動生活的起了很大的變化。近年來,坊間有許多新穎的經濟模式如雨後春筍般的出現,眩目的名稱不只改變了許多交易行為,同時也創造了許多新的勞動型態,例如共享經濟、零工經...

ipa 19:19:47
Nope, i was telling kevin that event, he and ronny might go
tkirby 22:03:43
@patcon didn't see you today
patcon 22:50:33
yeah, @kevinliao told me that philo event was totally non-english, so i didn't think i'd get much out of it...! good convos tho?
tkirby 23:33:57
oh, sorry I mean the jothon meetups... :slightly_smiling_face: didn't see you this afternoon
patcon 23:39:15
oh! yeah, i missed it a bit unceremoniously this week...!
patcon 23:39:26
OMG you just made me realize smthng
patcon 23:42:18
haha oops. false alarm. had my calendar mixed up :face_with_rolling_eyes:


daisuke 16:35:59

【11/11】【g0v 第十三次基礎松】 社群長遠建設從打好地基開始! 不同於兩個月一次的大黑客松各自提案 Hacking, g0v 基礎松針對常態的社群基礎專案進行維護與討論,希望讓去中心化的社群運作更為順暢。 常態性的基礎建設專案包含哪些呢? 像是討論社群運作準則的「社群治理共筆」、找到 g0v 各式資料的「g0v search」、讓大家可以申請使用 <|> domain 的規劃文件、想要跑專案但是沒機器?middle2 「g0v 專案雲端主機代管規劃」解決你的困擾!如何讓新來的沒有人快速入門的「新手教學」以及開源協作手冊、揪松網、一鍵開大松、<|> 更新等等專案,有些已經趨近完善,有些還在持續建設中。 你可以藉由 g0v 基礎松進一步了解社群維運上需要哪些工具,以及是靠著哪些專案讓社群能夠持續運作。只要是與社群基礎維運相關的議題與專案都可以歸類在基礎松的範圍。 11/11(沒錯就是明天!) 是 g0v 第十三次基礎松,目前的提案有:社群治理共筆、<|> 更新、大松 one button 更新、Flickr 收費議題討論、SSO 單一登入機制討論。 歡迎一起來參與社群基礎建設或是來認識 g0v 社群,幫助社群走的更長遠! 馬上加成為沒有人為社群打地基或理解社群:point_down::point_down: <> (圖片改作自 g0v Summit 2018,懷疑者的告白,photo by 大助)


patcon 14:40:53
Awwwww... I am disappointed. I was out with Oslo freedom forum people until 6am, and just woke up :( i didn't realise that I could sleep this late without an alarm...! :((((
patcon 14:41:35
Anyhow I'm omw, but I'm sad I missed my chance to get the full experience...
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tkirby 15:09:13
hi guys
tkirby 15:09:33
i’m creating today’s collaborative note
kjcl 15:09:46
oh woops
atheq33 15:14:17
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allenlinli 15:16:29
Because doesn’t have English version now, @rhkwj could not translate it into Korean. She may start with|
kjcl 15:32:11
I’m working on| here.
allenlinli 15:33:48
Now we are thinking about that if translating to Korean will be helpful for Korean or not. Because we think for Korean who will visit g0v might know English already. We would do some survey about Korean g0v-like groups instread.
patcon 15:49:00
Hm. Maybe we could do something with analytics too? Like browsers identifying as from Korea, but that immediately leave without staying on website -- maybe they are potential users? Or is there a way to detect when someone google translated a website in browser? Maybe it adds an identifier to links within website or something..?
patcon 15:49:18
But yes, survey is great idea too!
patcon 15:50:54
But then again, maybe it's just easier to translate :) And having lots of languages communicates an interesting vibe of "this project is global"
allenlinli 16:14:06
It sounds like Google Analytics. We can use it to analyse where do people come from, and how much time do they stay.
allenlinli 16:14:52
I will suggest it to our g0v web page developer :+1:
patcon 15:45:50
Almost there!
patcon 16:01:14
How do I get into this tmot space place?
allenlinli 16:33:58
What is tmot?
patcon 19:58:39
Heh sorry, it was the name of the address I was given (shows on Google maps)
yutin 17:37:58
@patcon hi, where is that project repository?
patcon 17:47:10
@yutin yay! It's here:

Any for you or anyone else: if anyone is interested to contribute or follow it's development, I just created #chat-bridge

It's written in Go language. I wasn't familiar with writing golang before contributing, but it was a good place to learn! Also, it uses the Go feature of "channels" very effectively, so if you're curious about those, then even better!



bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram,,hipchat (via xmpp), steam, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip and matrix with REST API (mattermost not required!) - 42wim/ma...

patcon 18:04:12
@chihao I wish you'd come out after! I was really excited to discuss governance things with you :)
chihao 18:07:20
I’d love to. Let’s grab a drink?
patcon 19:53:02
Yessss! Sometime morning or daytime this week? I'm pretty flexible, so pls do suggest a time :)
chihao 19:54:53
Jajaja day drinking? I’m working in the day on weekdays. Are you free after hours? Say 7pm tomorrow?
patcon 19:58:03
Haha maybe its a North American freelancer thing :) but yeah, 7pm tomorrow works! What's your area? (I'm near da'an station)
chihao 21:14:56
@patcon I’m near NTU Hospital but Da’an is on my way home so either way is fine by me


sylin 20:02:22
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kjcl 13:50:40
美國政府的官方網站上面都有一個小header。上面寫 【這是一個美國政府的官方網站】。我們應該也在g0v社群做的網站上做一個類似的header嗎?

例如: “這是台灣公民科技社群g0v開發的網站”
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.48.56 PM.png
patcon 15:12:23
I think that's a cool idea :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 15:12:44
maybe a little bootstrap component that any project could easily use
patcon 15:14:03
speaking of which, could i get a PR review on
tkirby 17:31:10
actually we discussed this before...
yet what was in the context is more like the moz tab
tkirby 17:32:09
I think it may be integrated with g0v-login
ipa 14:59:48
簡單一點先處理的話,可能有一個範例,放在|g0v.tw|,想用的人就可以貼 code 過去用?
ipa 15:02:24
大松以前如果可以有一個 template,就可以公布讓大家用?但是否有辦法加固定連結,連回一頁 ribbon 的說明(包含開源、資料使用方式規範和 disclaimer,同意才使用)
patcon 15:44:11
yeah, it'd be nice to link a little glyph in header to the repo where it lives with a thoughtful readme
patcon 15:44:28
I :heart: readmes, so happy to do that doc work if it's not you're jam
kjcl 17:52:51
@ipa I can work on that
kjcl 21:32:17
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.32.15 PM.png


jc 01:05:31
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daisuke 12:48:50
patcon 13:04:08
I think this is my favourite translation so far
juanna 01:46:13
ronnywang 12:52:05
以後黑客松主題都變成食物了嗎 XD
ronnywang 12:52:14
Michael_li 13:44:46
哈哈哈 我們有附設零食政府社團
patcon 13:28:32
Just getting food from Ba Fang Dumpling. Anyone want anything?


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ipa 12:05:08 開始報名囉

g0v hackath32n | 台灣零時政府第参拾貳次蜂蜜檸檬黑客松


Shawn 20:44:08
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daisuke 15:20:51
12/8 的大松有夥伴可以來協助現場 kktix 報到嗎~
@pipi @felixtypingmonkey @aelcenganda

希望能有三個人!我自己先 +1
tmonk 15:21:12
ael 15:42:01
daisuke 15:43:49
感謝滿團OWO// pipi 有空還是可以來幫忙
bess 16:32:15
這次超多人ㄉ大松已經滿了 QQ
daisuke 19:43:56
0900-1030 A
1030-1200 B
1200-1330 C
1330-1500 D
1500-1630 E
1630-1800 F

有 `已經報名 12/8 大松` 的朋友願意協助擔任門神嗎?資訊所門口需要有人協助顧門與引導還有避免非相關人士進入~ 時間從早上 9 點~下午 6 點 總共分 6 個時段一個時段 1.5 小時,希望一次可以任領 2 個時段XD,可以的留言喊個 +1 ~~ 感恩 <@UCLRH223H> 可以嗎?

daisuke 00:15:31


yvonnechiu 13:03:53
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patcon 13:50:18
Working on report today and won't be able to make it, but have fun y'all!
daisuke 14:39:39
再來確認一下 12/8 當天都可以到嗎//
@macpaul @yutin @juanna
yutin 14:53:29
會喔!!! 直播上放 『按讚、分享、求認養

給所有公民的黑客松-用行動撐起 g0v 大松 - 財團法人開放文化基金會

bess 17:30:31
@besslee set the channel topic: 下次大松 12/8 @SINICA | 與 freenode#| 同步中 | 注意:這裡有公開紀錄,請留意個資安全 | 自己邀請自己