Month: 2018-09


patcon 16:43:44
I created a pull request for this old task:

But I'm unable to write an update on the card. Might it be possible to change setting to let any Trello user to comment (, or would that be spammy?


Add g0v Flickr to .asia on g0v jothon organizer

in ttcat on g0v jothon organizer



patcon 23:55:18
@ipa @clkao re social physics

Social Physics

How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science 書籍資訊 原文:Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science *中文:社會物理學:剖析意念傳播方式的新科學 *作者:Sandy Pentland(個人網頁)MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory 輔助影片與網站 *Sandy Pentland: "Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread" | Talks at Google

who is this person on slack btw?
that’d be @chewei
uhm, we actually have this book in our toilet shelf
clkao might be in the parrallel universe, we dont have the book here XD I couldnt find kindle version, but luckly there's chinese version ebook already !
also, here's the repo for the openbadge schematics that allow measuring face-to-face interaction patterns:

@clkao any recommended websites for taipei companies that offer small-batch PCB fabrication?




patcon 12:34:45
Omw to meeting! I've got a project that I feel could be helpful for i18n of event, and I'll prob try to work on that, if no other requests for help :)
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