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今天蔡英文簽署跟騷法,預計六個月後上路。來深入了解一下跟騷法吧: https://www.readr.tw/post/2881

READr 讀+

溫馨接送情還是恐怖情人,「跟蹤騷擾法」管什麼? - READr 讀+

不間斷的社會悲劇,終於催生了今年 11 月三讀通過的《跟蹤騷擾防制法》,未來,公權力能夠及早介入案件,嘗試阻止憾事再度發生。READr 分析數千篇司法院判決書,並訪問多名被騷擾者、騷擾者、第一線執法者、學者、立法委員,這是一堂臺灣社會太晚才補上的情感教育課。


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Shared in OpenHeroines’ Slack by @morchickit

Open Gender Monologues is looking for new monologues for the upcoming summit about how the pandemic affected you work in open government. Did it help you? Did it distanced you as women and non-binary people?

Submit one here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJkTzLMD_LRtjgpkI4GhN36SQx4z2rXPt3DaAMCaspUfm-9Q/viewform

Here is an example for past monologues - https://openheroines.org/open-gender-monologues-the-stories-of-women-in-the-open-government-movement-26f7766e3e9f?source=false---------0
I heard this year on women benefiting from flexible working and at the same time I heard of women getting fired mid pandemic with no health insurance. The experiences and voices can help us put issues on the table.


Open Gender Monologues — The Stories of Women in The Open Government Movement

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