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Holok_Station_HK 03:26:27
想問正,Take over 話個遊戲仍然是open source的嗎?請問GitHub 連結在哪裡?


App Store

‎BYT Level Up

‎此APP為旌旗教會2018年比利時短宣專用APP,四天三夜的團隊活動,將會利用此APP來貫穿,包含有解謎、資源收集、闖關計分、以及領土佔據的功能。另外,還有講員介紹、營會行程表、教會資訊、線上回饋單...等等營會相關的內容。 遊戲背景: 從各方來到的各樣精英人士們,專長不一,分為Power、Academic、Wealth、Labor、Modern五個大隊,這五個大隊要如何發揮所長,善用資源,好在PP島上找到那長存已久的永恆不變的財寶,好在返回各自領域後,仍能堅定不移呢... 請參與2018社青愛神營的伙伴們,儘速下載;開啟此次堅定不移的旅程吧! *登入帳號/密碼將隨著營會行前通知發送給各…


Afra 11:53:53
ael 11:59:14
@always5smile 沒有喔,預定 4/25
Afra 12:16:18


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wildjcrt 00:32:46
> 2 days ago, one mother in #Taiwan complained that her son received pink face masks from the gov, which may make him be bullied by classmates.
> On #CDC press conf. today, CDC minister Chen Shih-chung leads all male officials to wear pink face masks.


News about #Taiwan on Twitter

1h ago @TaiwanInNewYork tweeted: "Looking at countries with the best #COVI.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.


News about #CDC on Twitter

3h ago @AlArabiya_Eng tweeted: "The #CDC now recommends that cloth masks.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

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wildjcrt 17:07:42
JP ver
> 昨日のコロナ対策記者会見で、
> 「男の子が学校でピンクのマスクを着けてからかわれた」、というエピソードが紹介されてから、今日の台湾はFBのフィードがピンク一色。
> 総統はじめ各政府機関、企業、著名人、一般人までみーんなピンク! 
> こんな優しい台湾で暮らせてオラは幸せだよ…
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ael 06:16:27
From FB fanpage of Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

Facebook Watch

Lisa Lin-Kuanyu - 愛と勇気と希望の名の下に、... | Facebook

愛と勇気と希望の名の下に、 堂々と赤ずきんチャチャをネタにした台湾政府はもはや狂ってます。 到底喔XDDDDDDD(稱讚意味)

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Mee 15:39:57
Helyo! Today is *National General election day* in Korea. 🙋‍♀️🏻

*Nullfull has been doing a campaign #call21st* for gender equality law with Korean civil society solidarity of rape criminal law revision. 

This campaign is to request candidates to answer a question: *Do you agree to change rape crime judgement criteria to "element of consent"?*. It is related to the Nth room case punishment, a lot rape crime, me-too law for this 21st National assembly. When people participate this campaign, it send answer request letter to candidates via email, SNS, call. this is campaign link; https://call21st.works/

You all have an interest in gender issue like this campaign, so I just share it. \ Go Herstory /

후보는 강간죄 개정에 동의하십니까?

21대 국회에 요구한다

당신의 작은 참여가 성평등한 미래를 만듭니다. 지금 후보에게 질문을 보내보세요.

@mee typo
• equality
• `me-too law`
I will share on my twitter!
Thank you Jerry! That is why human being should do collaboration.
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Mee 10:44:24
Hello. Folks 🙂 *We have Online meet-hack on this Sat with C4J social Hack day \o/.* Freely join online meet-hack. We decided to do co-work as turning on meetup for 3 hrs. *Which meet-up start time is better for you?* Please show your choice as number of emoji and give suggestion on thread.
@mami.takesada Who will present in Social Hack Day in CfP?
Let's have meet-up and hack at 2pm(TW/HK), 3pm(KR/JP). Hope to join C4J social hack day. See you tomorrow
Miley_c4jpn 2020-04-24 18:59:52
3pm OK Im so sorry that i couldnt come here and discuss… our schools closed and provide online lectures for kids but it have lots of problems now…
@mami.takesada Oh. I see. No problem. You might be busy and chaos days. It is Ok to operate social hack day for you eventhough you have problems with issues of work? I heard that you handle social hack day. If you have anything to need hands from us, please freely tell us. Hope to be fine for you. 🙏
Miley_c4jpn 2020-04-25 09:13:38
@mee Nao-sann will help me.
Good! \Mami/ \Nao/ Could you give a zoom link or inform how to join in social hack day if it is not difficult for you?
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Mee 15:25:29
Let's have meet-up and hack at 2pm(TW/HK), 3pm(KR/JP). Hope to join C4J social hack day. See you tomorrow


Nao.m 11:10:12
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Miley_c4jpn 11:11:38
@naonaogo50 \nao/
Mee 11:23:23
Thank you, @mee!
So see you in this room at 3pm, right?

I will share this to CfJ slack channel and also on the event hackMD, so people who are interested can join.
Thanks alot Nao 🙂
If you are interested in joining CfJ slack, here is the invitation.

There is also a #herstory channel.
FYI: @mami.takesada
I was searching CfJ slack workspace. Thank you! you are like genie! haha.
Thank you for organizing everything and encouraging us, @mee :)
you are welcome. I just do a little contribution. I could not do herstory project without @aelcenganda @mami.takesada and nullfull members @sl @purpleheart484 @jeonghye.youn.b @kjh.appro. Let's do \herstory/ like agile way. Welcome Nao!
Thanks y’all.
Very looking forward to seeing you in the mtg :)
Mee 11:57:06
See you in a bit 🌿
Herstory online meetup(mini meet&hack) at 2pm(TW/HK), 3pm(KR/JP)
• Check in “how are you”
• Set Milestone and share  “what plan to do for 3hr” “next meet-up (Online FtO)”
• Hack and Talk 
• Share your story “how was her story and share your issue”
@mee Thank you so much ❤️
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Mee 13:02:19
Today Mami had pitch about Herstory at C4J Social Hack day. \@mami.takesada / After online meetup, we can join social hack day final presentation and wrap up (maybe 5pm) What do you think about?
ael 13:10:22
@sl The new UI design. And any comments are welcomed!
looks nice. I’ll work on it today.
The design is from @fuchihkuo
@pei4.catsif you want to discuss the design, please contact @fuchihkuo
@fuchihkuo, @sl is the the amazing developer from Korea
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Nao.m 14:09:50
Do we have a mtg note?

If not I started to write down.


Social hackday - HackMD

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Nao.m 14:36:36
I think she is on the g0v slack.

Would you like to talk to her?
ael 14:37:55
@always5smile here is the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-L6aI3TWipm4Rj995KLVg29bf7hCieuRdQ7jZkYkrAU/edit#gid=1683764614
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ael 16:10:28
@mee @mami.takesada When will be the better meeting time? The next g0v hackathon is on May 23
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Miley_c4jpn 16:26:19
@naonaogo50 can you share some info for SHday?
Sorry what info of what?
Miley_c4jpn 2020-04-25 16:27:52
what you discuss
Miley_c4jpn 16:29:19
herstory is no.13 and now no.10
Miley_c4jpn 16:30:15
sorry to confuse…
Mee 16:32:16
was so quickly to finish haha. hope to understand you all🙏
ael 16:33:02
I am using Google Translation to read the HackMD
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Pei4 16:36:56
I'm trying to understand Japanese by my limited vocabulary data hahaha
Mee 16:40:03
So do it 🙂 Now time to learn Japanese haha
Pei4 16:41:14
I learn Japanese by watching animates for several years 😂
Pei4 16:42:23
So are we going to discuss the next meeting or just discuss it online?
ael 16:46:43
I think the next meeting is on May 23rd since g0v and Code for Japan will host event on the same day? @mee @mami.takesada
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Mee 16:48:04
Good! kinda FtO hackathon 🙂
Nao.m 16:53:42
Thank y'all!
Very glad to see you all~

It was the very first time to have this many guests from outside of Japan.
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Pei4 16:55:14
it's interesting to join Japan hackathon ( although I can't understand all the detail haha)
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Mee 16:56:01
Thank you very much \Nao / \Mami/
Mee 16:56:49
Really good to do together \ael/ \pec/ \afra/ \stella/
Pei4 16:57:13
\every one/
Nao.m 16:57:32
Yeah, we can definitely improve that.
That would be our next challenge to make our community more accessible.

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ael 17:28:31
@naonaogo50 the outcomes of projects are written very clear on HackMD, so I can read it with Google translation and watch the presentation with a rough idea
Thank you very much for your feedback 🥰
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mercikuo 17:37:04
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Mee 18:15:46
Mee 18:49:49
\everyone/ Really good to do meet&hack at C4J Social Hack day with you all. This is Meeting Notes hackmd. thanks @naonaogo50.
```[Online meet&hack Notes brief_April 25th] 
1. Share tips, rules to contribute and translate herstory
- search similar native language reference when translate and fill in 'source' row
- Freely write question and feed back, proceed in 'comment/proceed(QA) row(c row)
2. Design agenda and discussion next time```
Please freely add the notes and feedback. *Have a good night!* :full_moon_with_face:


Herstory Meetup Notes - HackMD

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Miley_c4jpn 08:20:59
im proud of you all!!
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