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International women's day!!
if you have a meeting, please try 發言管理大師計時器!!




Yeah! Note that meet.jit.si does speaker talk-time tracking, so helpful to supplement a track app (I personally like the idea of tracking it live with a webapp, as it's less passive than just reading the stat at the end of the call :) )
Miley_c4jpn 2021-03-11 00:44:04
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```The NGO CSW Forum is an open process, a democratic space where boys and girls, men and women can advocate for gender equality, development and peace. We are a volunteer-based organization, funded largely by donations and contributions by members and participants.```
This forum looks cool 👀
Register: https://pse.is/3cdfj5
Intro by Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association: https://www.facebook.com/283023849262/posts/10158338441274263/
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@flyingmars pm5’s work on cross Slack channels



Matterbridge Slack bot setup - HackMD

reading now! i jumped into https://meet.jit.si/g0v-hackath43n, but don’t worry if you’ve got an IRL vibe going 🙂
I probably don't have much to show about the project at the moment, the main difficulty being help every group install the slack app 😅 There's a mattermost instance and I'm running a matterbridge process with some configs, that's all.
Is the translation bot going to translate among all languages (kr <-> jp, and kr <-> zh, and jp <-> zh) or is it only going to do some of them, or is there going to be some auxiliary language (like en) involved?
Mars / Kevin Chen 2021-03-20 14:40:37
I think the translation pairs needed are depends on the translation service. However, I have no idea about the translation service/api that we can use for free. Do you have any idea about the free translation service?
ooo! just seeing this
> Is the translation bot going to translate among all languages (kr <-> jp, and kr <-> zh, and jp <-> zh)
as i recall, it auto-detects the input language, and can translate into any language prefix that works with Google Translate
but even if someone is speaking korean in the general-ja channel, it will still detect the proper origin language as korean for that one message, and everyone else with see the right translation. e.g., general-en will see both the ja and kr messages from general-ja as english
like the bridge doesn’t care about the origin lang of each msg, as it auto-detects it each time. the `general-en` lang code identifier is only used to determine what lang each msg is translated INTO on the way into the `general-en` channel 🙂
if that makes sense
> Do you have any idea about the free translation service?
i was using Google Translate in my fork before, and had $100 in credits somehow, which were being used very slowly. Deepl is the service I’ve heard is MUCH better for every language except maybe INTO english.
i’ve started cloning the matterbridge repo and trying to figure out whether i can still build the project after ~2yrs of not using golang 🙂
is there a channel that we could use for conversations related to this?
(i forget)
yeah google translate auto-detects the language. but I'm not sure which translation service herstory or other translation app developers want to use
better prepare an architecture for users of other services. anyway we have a mattermost instance so we be more flexible on this
oh and I do want to make it easier for people to setup their own bridge through this project, hopefully fully automatically by answering a few questions from the bot. so yes, need some ways to connect to more sophisticated bot programs.
Mars / Kevin Chen 2021-03-20 16:32:40
> is there a channel that we could use for conversations related to this?
There’s a new opened channel #slack-apps that opened by g0v-tw slack admin, and he said that the channel can be used to discuss about anything related to the slack apps.
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So sad that this Feminist Hackathon is only for participants in the U.S. Nevertheless, I love the idea of paying participants to participate in an one month hackathon

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John Huang 2021-03-24 01:18:24
> 台北故宮的臉書也搭鮭魚熱,給乾隆改名字,大致是「臉書小編行銷文化」的產物,她們一般是年輕女孩子,(抱歉我「政治不正確」,所以加上:或年輕男孩子,或中年女子,或中年男子,或跨性別無法確知年齡的人或非人。
> 她們往往歷史感薄弱,但流行嗅覺敏銳,如果從行銷「乾隆南巡桌遊」的角度看,算是成功;但因為背景平台是故宮,難免被放大檢視。

> 台北故宮的臉書也搭鮭魚熱,給乾隆改名字,大致是「臉書小編行銷文化」的產物她們一般是年輕女孩子,(抱歉我「政治不正確」,所以加上:或年輕男孩子,或中年女子,或中年男子,或跨性別無法確知年齡的人或非人。
> 她們往往歷史感薄弱,但流行嗅覺敏銳,如果從行銷「乾隆南巡桌遊」的角度看,算是成功;但因為背景平台是故宮,難免被放大檢視。
John Huang 2021-03-24 01:18:47
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What the...

The Japan Times

Disgraced ex-Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori delivers another sexist remark

Former Tokyo Games chief Yoshiro Mori, who resigned last month amid backlash over sexist remarks toward women, called a female political staffer "too old to call a woman."

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