Month: 2020-06


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Miley_c4jpn 12:04:53
Power Harassment Prevention Law has begun in Japan. Harassment prevention including sexual orientation and gender identity. https://cfj.slack.com/archives/CSF0ED6N9/p1591070561031400
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Pei4 16:47:12
By the way, are we going to have a meeting this month?


Mee 11:42:11
Thank you @pei4.cats for caring project. I cannot check herstory project for this month because of private issue. *What about having a online meetup to chill out and talk with herstory issue in next month? Or We can take break time for few months.*


ael 00:43:38
@mee @mami.takesada @pei4.cats Maybe we can start with propose a session in g0v Summit 2020? The deadline is June 30 and the proposal can be edited until August 2nd
how about have a pannel @mee @mami.takesada @pei4.cats @aelcenganda 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 btw proposal can be edited until 02 AUG
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g0v Summit is a biennial gathering focuses on open government, open-source collaboration, and citi...

ael 00:46:40
And then we can finally have a deadline………in Dec
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ael 00:46:54
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Mee 08:01:05
Good idea. Eventhough we officially release next March 8th, we can set milestone to Dec according to g0v Summit session timeline. We need to decide whether we propose a session or not. Please give opinion or show interest about a session of g0v Summit 2020.
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ael 14:47:48
<!here> I am just going to submit a proposal session with just a title today and then invite @mee @mami.takesada as speakers in g0v Summit 2020. We can refine the proposal till Aug.2. How about have a call on July 25?
No problem!
Thanks ael. I asked several person(KR contributors) to be a speaker as recommandation. They will say yes or no. After confirm their position, I will deliver you all.
Miley_c4jpn 2020-06-30 15:44:28
Thank you! I also ask some people.
I just registered the proposal without serious writing. I will open a HackMD for people to edit it

Miley_c4jpn 2020-06-30 23:55:19
Thanks @aelcenganda!!
Today I have the meeting and the topic is human rights. it is difficult for us to push but we cant stop this movement. so we will try to make a small project first.
in Japan,7/23-26 are holidays so we will have hackday on 7/18. I ask about 7/25 but some of them will spend time with families i guess.
Hi @mami.takesada , July 18 works for me! I didn’t know about the long weekend in Japan. We can change into July 18. How about in Korea? @mee
July18 is possible for Korean contributors !
Then we go for July 18?
Miley_c4jpn 2020-07-07 20:47:43
25 is ok for @enomoto and me. so, 25 jonthon is OK!!! sorry to confuse.
Miley_c4jpn 2020-07-07 20:48:10
25 is ok for @enomoto and me. so, 25 jonthon is OK!!! sorry to confuse.
So what time is better for you @mami.takesada @enomoto @mee ? July 25 is g0v hackathon. July 18th also works for me
how about in the morning on July 18? cuz we have CodeforJapan online hackathon between 10am-6pm in Tokyo time, it is kinda hard to step out at the middle of the hackathon. but, if necessary, i will make an arrangement to join the meeting here.
@enomoto Oh, July 25 is good for us because it is g0v hackathon. It is good for Taiwanese participants to all join the online call on that day. It sounds like July 25 is better for Code for Japan participants? Then we go for July 25.
all right, thank you very much! July 25 sounds perfect to me. I am available anytime. how about you @mami.takesada?
Miley_c4jpn 2020-07-08 20:50:37
25 is fine!
Let’s try 1 pm TW/2 pm JP&KR on July 25? @mami.takesada @mee @enomoto @always5smile @pei4.cats ?
no problem~
Miley_c4jpn 2020-07-10 10:59:21
yes let's
@ortwn.tsai @mayuko @sl Are you interested in join call at 1 pm TW/2 pm JP&KR on July 25?
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ael 20:37:08
I just registered the proposal without serious writing. I will open a HackMD for people to edit it



g0v 雙年會 2020 議程徵集 - Herstory in East Asia

We want to show “herstory” in East Asia from local perspectives with a timeline and a map in our local languages, so that people from different regions of East Asia can learn more about the stories and rights women and LGBETQ+ have fought for. “Herstory in East Asia” project was launched in Facing the Ocean Hackathon in Okinawa, Japan with contributors from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. We realized that we have experienced similar culture repression and that we can learn from movements in other places, e.g. equality in workspace, law against sexual harrasement, right of abortion and campaigns against online hate speech. We knew too little on our neibours stories in gender equality. We wish to publish the website to the public on March 3rd –Hina Matsuri– in Japan and March 8th – International Woman Day. We want women in East Asia to know we have gone so far for the past 100 years and more can be done in the future.

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