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Miley_c4jpn 12:07:35
Today is FtO Tainan 2020!! I wiil add some Japanese translations for https://bit.ly/2SsOPSU and make doc. what CfJapan will do about gender issue in 2021.

Google Docs

Herstory in East Asia

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ael 12:12:13
@wildjcrt @mami.takesada and I just had a talk on future Code for Japan workshop of civic tech in gender issues and transform #herstory be the platform for each countries civic hacker😃 insteaad of focusing only on delivering a website. I will organize the readable meeting notes later. @wildjcrt and I probably will talk to @mee in the afternoon on herstory project as well. Feel free to join if you want to talk anything about herstory

Meeting link today

Meeting note:


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Herstories in East Asia - HackMD

we are talking to @mee now!
Miley_c4jpn 2020-12-03 13:04:41
1330- I can come back... sorry.
@mami.takesada Are you going to come back online again?
I lost connections. I hope the notes are still their
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Miley_c4jpn 14:59:25
@aelcenganda @mee @wildjcrt like this?
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ael 17:40:30
@mee @mami.takesada I haven’t complete the meeting notes into digestible points, please don’t translate it now ><
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weiyu zhang 11:46:50
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Miley_c4jpn 12:21:33
Thank you so much for sharing about herstory on g0v summit!! @pei4.cats @kjh.appro @aelcenganda
and thank you @mee @aelcenganda having the time to discuss yesterday. and thanks @wildjcrt helping me by using Japanese.
I just want to say sorry because I couldn't work well with this project this year...
some of the contributors in Japan impressed from herstory and we reviewed our Code of Conduct. (行動規約) and change it by considering how to make our community with more gender-equality.
Now we watch some movies, visit museum interview feminists and the teachers who focus on sex education, to know more about comfort women(慰安婦),LGBTQ, discriminate against women employees and others which include the gender issues.
in 2021, I will bring herstory to CCC u-22 which our interns talk yesterday's session(https://summit.g0v.tw/2020/agenda/2020-12-04/5f02d14ee88a4948daf87fb7).
Thanks for contributor of herstory!! hope to see you at next online meeting.
Thank you so much @pei4.cats @kjh.appro @aelcenganda
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allenhlkuo 13:31:35
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Pei4 14:18:11
I wrote some feedback after g0v summit, and I’d like to share with you guys:)
Pei4 14:18:43
Herstory is the project that I participated most completely in g0v. I originally thought that the difficult team-decision-making and poor communication in cross-border meetings were my personal problems. Until @ael’s enlightenment, I learned that this is a situation that often happened in the open source community. This experience let me know that cross-border collaboration projects can also be developed separately and support each other when needed (my thought is always limited to the framework of "reaching an unified consensus").

But on the other hand, not being familiar with the two representatives - Mee from South Korea and Mami san from Japan is also a problem. Because it’s relatively hard to chat easily, so I don’t know what position I should take when I encounter many things; fortunately, @ael is still willing to help cross-border communication, otherwise I may has been at a loss for what to do.

As for the summit day part, I didn’t write a speech this time, I just followed the outline. I think it’s a very good attempt, because I won’t get nervous when I forget my script (since I didn’t have one at all!), and it’s more natural when I speak. Thanks for the training of my college English program. But Even though I have done so many times before summit, I still make several mistakes when I actually stand in front of the stage. Looking back at the live video, it’s super embarrassing haha! Using wrong wording and keep correcting myself , many pause words "Ehh...and...", and the speaking speed is also unstable as usual. I think the biggest problem is that I’m not confident enough with feminism issue and community governance. I hope I can get familiar and be more confident with my topic next time

The QA session was really a disaster. Most questions were at the level of community governance. I directly took the microphone and acted foolishly 😆. After that, I repeatedly thought about what I should do in QA. I felt that I still need to be more familiar with the issues themselves (including feminist rights, community governance, etc.), and practice to express such issues with others, otherwise every answer will sound empty and inexplicable.
@pei4.cats I guess that we don't have representative of the country. we are just contributor. I still learn about feminism and community. I knew that you felt many difficulties to drive this project. you did good job as overcoming the difficulties. Thank you for your efforts. Hope to feel better. What about having tea time via online this week?
@mee What I meant representative is the main translator of each country, sorry for using a misunderstanding word.

I’m really appreciate for your invitation! Unfortunately I have some urgent works these weeks (interview for an internship, an UX competition, my graduation work, etc), and I might not be able to have time to have online talk😢 However, we could still have a talk next time. Also, if there is any thing to be discussed, you can use HackMD and we could arrange a time if needed.
Oh. you have busy day. After your urgent work, let's have a online tea time :-) please ask freely. Hope to good luck for your internship and graduation work. :muscle:\Pei/
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ael 14:19:47
A reflection on a Korean Director’s death and his sexual violence. 김기덕/Kim Ki-duk


端傳媒 Initium Media

從金基德之死說起:藝術神話下的道德豁免與性別暴力|端傳媒 Initium Media



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