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大家好,我是Sam,我是g0v貢獻者,也是諾丁漢大學線上雜誌Taiwan Insight的編輯之一。Taiwan Insight每個禮拜針對不同的主題邀請作者撰寫文章,向對台灣感興趣的國外讀者及學術界夥伴介紹台灣各種趣事和新聞。我之前有在Taiwan Insight寫跟g0v有關的文章,覺得可以讓更多人看到社群。

我們雜誌12月初會有一個主題“Languages of Taiwan”,希望可以刊登一些跟語言使用與語言保存相關的文章。我想問是否有人可以寫阿美語萌點專案的專案,給讀者介紹:為什麼會有這個專案,是誰發起的?這個專案遇到了什麼困難,或者有什麼突破?為什麼做開源專案可以是語言保存的方式?

期限會是11.22,需要1000-1500 英文字。如果有人感興趣,可以在這裡跟我聯絡,或者我們可以開一個共筆

Taiwan Insight

Fun Politics and the Politics of Fun in Taiwan’s g0v Community

Written by Sam Robbins. The notion that emotions can inspire political action is not new. Research into social movements contains many examples of the motivating power of passion, anger, and disgust... What is seemingly much less common is the active cultivation of positive emotions, such as happiness or fun, in such social movements. If you’re feeling content about your situation, what need is there to engage in collective action or civil engagement?

hi Sam. got your msg. Let me ask team.
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