Month: 2019-02


miaoski 10:59:10
有人寫信來問阿美語萌典有沒有 iOS / iPad 的版本。我記得以前有。
miaoski 11:00:24
@wildjcrt, 總之我回他說我們因為 developer’s license 太貴了,之前是靠 @au release,
wildjcrt 11:06:00
因為 au 沒有權限所以都被下架了,好像連萌典都是。
wildjcrt 11:06:31
au 有建議改走 PWA,但我還沒空研究 Q
miaoski 11:10:14
wildjcrt 12:38:03
發現有這個訊息,我來問問 au


連線時萌典 app 無法播放筆順動畫 · Issue #220 · g0v/moedict-webkit

在 fb 粉絲頁接到回到: 但發現 au 在 4/4 已經修正程式,也更新了 manifest.appcache 。 不知道我可以怎樣協助對方?

au 14:13:58
剛 Submit for App Store review 了。

聲音合成的功能需要 `服務.意傳.台灣` 加上 CORS header:
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miaoski 21:22:16
我請他來這個 channel 了。他… 提到一些文化人類學的東西,我沒辦法回答 😛


caasi 07:37:26
@wildjcrt 之前試著手寫 service ,如果要檢查資源是否被 cache ,可以直接問,不用經過 postMessage 。
caasi 07:39:14
應該可以做個介面呈現哪些資源已 cache ,再讓用的人決定要不要永久存下來。但我還沒試過 persistent storage 放不放得下所有資料。
KKuyakuy 10:29:05
@kuyakoy1430 has joined the channel
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miaoski 10:51:31
Welcome, @kuyakoy1430.
miaoski 10:53:13
Jeremiah wrote emails to me and asked about Amis dictionary on iOS / iPad. He is a native speaker of Tagalog and knows Kapampangan and Bahasa. He asked me something about aboriginal songs and culture, which I’m sure people in this channel might have a better answer.
miaoski 10:53:37
@weiting + @lafin it’s your turn 😉
KKuyakuy 11:06:09
Thanks for the welcome, @miaoski :)
KKuyakuy 14:59:54
Hello to everyone.

Jeremiah ko ngangan ako. Filipino kako. Mafana’ to Tagalog ato Ingles kako. (not sure about the grammar but hopefully it’s still understandable) I also know a bit of Malay and Kapampangan.

I think miaoski has already said my reason for joining this channel well enough. I am curious about the Taiwanese aborigines and would be happy if maybe I could learn some things here from time to time. It’s only a casual curiousity though but I think Taiwanese aborigines are interesting since their cultures and languages are related to us Filipinos’ cultures. I can see many similarities in your languages while at the same time your languages have many unique features too. I am also curious about your music, in particular whether you have music like the Malaysians since one of my favourite music is Irama Malaysia - traditional Malay music with some western features. If you want to get an idea of the type of music I like, two of them are Nazam Berkasih (sung by Syura) and Goyang Bali (sung by Mas Idayu). If anyone is willing to tell me some things about Amis/Pangcah culture here, it would be appreciated but if not, that’s OK too.
wildjcrt 16:03:33
@kuyakoy1430 Can you read Chinese? There is a site collected some tribes’ songs.

歌謠篇 - 族語E樂園


KKuyakuy 17:36:18
Oh. I only know how the few kanji characters I learnt studying a bit of Japanese. Thanks for that though. I have looked at it a bit but it seems to be a page for teaching some basic phrases in Amis. I might be able to figure some things out though. 👍🏼


weiting 13:16:52
Nice to meet you here
weiting 13:18:25

East Coast National Scenic Area


East Coast National Area

KKuyakuy 13:37:27
Same to you 🙂 Thanks for that... I’ve had a bit of a read. I will see what I can learn from it. Are you fluent in Amis?
miaoski 15:16:42
She speaks Amis 🙂
KKuyakuy 16:01:25
Oh, I see. Maybe I can pick up some if she or anyone else is willing to teach me a few sentences and words from time to time here. The structure doesn’t seem that different from Tagalog and Kapampangan from what I’ve seen and I actually understood one of the small sentences above, “ira ko speis anini” (something like “there’s this space” or something, am I right?). I learn’t a few phrases from your dictionary but there doesn’t seem to be a way to search easily in English. I’ve collected a few phrases though.
I believe in common texts anini doesn't appear in the sentence. You just say Ira ko speis
Oh. Then why did you include it? It was your message I saw it in hehe.
You must be joking, sir
It’s here: