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Here's civic tech news digest for April 30th

Civic Tech Weekly Apr 30: China’s #MeToo Movement Gets an Assist from Blockchain

This week: Fighting censorship in China with Ethereum; Taiwanese are designing their next national ID card; and cleaning the Chicago River…


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Taiwan’s revolutionary hackers are forking the government

They overthrew the government. Now they have to work out how to govern


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Let’s welcome our new digest writer @june.tan :slightly_smiling_face:
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Thanks :)
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Here’s our civic tech news digest for this week! :smile:

Civic Tech Weekly May 8: Is the EU Ready to Share Health Data Across Borders?

This week: Digitalizing health data in the EU; Can the Ethereum blockchain make tourism sustainable in Taiwan?; and using gov-tech to stop…


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@mglee @canadian_aaron @wumini @kting @terrence 有國外組織在問台北市或新北是有什麼公民科技或 smart city 相關的專案有英文報導的嗎?
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airbox 應該是最常被提的,OGR 裡有一段
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OGR 同一章裡還有其它幾個台北市的案例,像是Donation Maps (物資捐贈地圖) & Victim Identification (災民證)
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Thanks all!!!
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因為人在國外太多事,可請大家幫忙想一下 or 找一下嗎?跳蛙公車算嗎?
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或是跟 open data 相關
ttcat (not_staff) 12:05:50
I need a good example of something good that the taipei local government has done well in civic tech or smart governance - is there anything you would say they did well and had some good outcome? Which is better at civic tech / open data / smart governance
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請填寫 問卷,讓我們更了解你的想法~
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@kting @terrence please try cover this



We are Berkeley students building technology to further human security and human rights. Our dream is to give researchers, journalists, grassroots organizations, and freelance investigators access to tools they need to protect people from war crimes, illicit finance of terrorism, violent misinformation, human trafficking, and more.


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Civic Tech Weekly May 22: Welcome to New Jersey’s Digital Surveillance Panopticon!

This week: Newark lets anyone view CCTV feeds; learn how to make your algorithm free of bias; and New Zealand enters the era of…


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Civic Tech Weekly May 28: Global South Demands Accountability from Facebook

This week: CSO’s from the Global South demand answers from Facebook; a new app that helps writers auto-correct for gender bias; and a new…

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