Month: 2018-04


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Civic Tech Weekly Apr 3: Archiving Taiwan’s Occupy Movement Online

This week: The most complete archive of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement goes online; changing gender-biased mapping tools; and using open data…


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Here’s our civic tech news digest for the first week of April.

Civic Tech Weekly Apr 9: The UK Digital Service Becomes Weak. Feeble.

This week: The UK’s premier digital service unit loses its edge; Malaysia’s terrible “anti-fake news” law; and getting more Thai women…


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Civic Tech Weekly Apr 16: Avoiding Gunfire in Rio? There’s an App for That

This week: Rio de Janeiro needs apps to avoid gun violence; Is blockchain the solution to Taiwan’s media problems?; and an Australian app…


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The Lonely Crusade of Japan’s Civic Hackers –

Code for Japan brigades are springing up all over the Japanese archipelago, from Okinawa to Sapporo. But getting the public behind the…

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In `|` should probably be `|`

Can Blockchain Revolutionize Taiwan’s Rowdy Media? –

Two visionaries of Taiwan’s new media scene are moving their platforms to blockchain.

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Here’s the civic tech weekly for april 23rd!

Civic Tech Weekly Apr 23: Mozilla Gives the Internet a Failing Bill of Health

This week: The Internet is sick; Rural Uganda gets a dozen open-source radio stations; and a new data portal explores the effects of…

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@canadian_aaron two broken links:
An ex-Google engineer is scraping YouTube to pop our filter bubbles
The state of diversity and funding in the tech nonprofit sector


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Ack! You’re right! Thanks PM5