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Civic Tech Weekly Feb 05: Dear Canadians, Tell Us How Much You Spend on Weed

This week: Canada crowdsources open data on cannabis purchases, China steps up state surveillance, and Iranian protesters try bypassing…



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Using A.I. and Open Data to Monitor Corruption in Brazil

In Brazilian politics, power and graft go hand-in-hand. But a civic tech group is rallying people to help build an “open” public expense…


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This week: Mexico’s new (but terrible) election signature app, PayPal doesn’t recognize Palestine, and 18F is near death.
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Civic Tech Weekly Feb 12: What next for 18F? –

This week: Mexico’s new (but terrible) election signature app, Silicon Valley doesn’t recognize Palastine, and 18F is on a downward spiral.


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Heres a weekly digest of civic tech news for Feb 19 :D

Civic Tech Weekly Feb 19: Can A.I. Block ISIS Propaganda?

This week: the UK gov uses A.I. to filter the Islamic State, vTaiwan wins big at the IxDA, and monitoring political ads on Facebook


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補個 GDS 的背景資料給大家參考
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vTaiwan Wins Big at the 2018 Interaction Awards –

The public participation platform “vTaiwan” wins award at 2018 Interaction Awards.


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Civic Tech Weekly Feb 26: The UK’s Government Digital Service Is In the Pits

This week: The UK’s GDS faces criticism from it’s founder; learn about fake news by playing a media tycoon; and Trump Inc. gets a little…


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