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patcon 21:57:20
Oh hey y'all in <!here>, heads up that @kevinphy and I are working on building some sociometric badges so that we can run a version of the facilitated rightscon session with real-time polis visualization. Feel free to join #social-physics

(it may officially become a #holopolis project, as it's essentially just aspiring to bring the dynamics and insight of polis conversations into physical space)
theobass 22:37:27
Sounds cool. What's a sociometric badge ? :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 22:40:03
Heh, sorry, the doc in the channel topic is a little subtle, but it has full details.

Non-vtaiwan-specfic tl;dr:


patcon 12:48:19
Congrats to @dotoriworks on being UofT's first Wikipedia in residence!

U of T Libraries hires first Wikipedian in Residence | The Star

In his new role, Alex Jung will try to make information and research at the University of Toronto more accessible to a wider audience.

patcon 12:53:15
Also, just read this paper:

It makes the case that feels very relevant to vTaiwan, that echo chambers are favoured because the points of agreement allow more throughput of information. ie. People don't spend time disagreeing, and so get deeper into sharing information.

So if this is a salient quality of why echo chambers sometimes win, its interesting to think how vTaiwan processes can give shared debate space more of the properties of echo chambers: discouraging space to disagree (with lack of responses in polis), and over emphasising agreements (with majority opinions being more prominently surfaced), and other aspects through other phases.
patcon 12:56:34
So tl;dr, let's build shared spaces by thoughtfully mimicking certain properties of echo chambers :)
I love this!



patcon 21:19:54

Just wanted to share <@UDM04249Z>'s research plan for his thesis, which seems relevant :) <>


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ok, japan now on #vnetwork bridge too :slightly_smiling_face: