Month: 2018-05


devin 00:54:02
Is there a meeting today?
dzn 01:34:50
I’m up for meeting. Can get started any time after 2PM.


patcon 04:56:31
@itsmisscs yay for new DNS! would it be ok to get the new services and some passwords documented in here -- i think it's a little out-of-date with the changes:


Services & Access Inventory on vNetwork: Dashboard

in Resources on vNetwork: Dashboard

itsmisscs 04:57:13
Sure. We each have our own logins to the mayfirst system
itsmisscs 04:57:54
We are all admins, too. I will add the vnetwork user that mayfirst users, but one of the nice design attributes is we each manage our own login :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 04:10:41
okie doke, thanks! wasn't sure whether we all had same access, but that clarifies :slightly_smiling_face:



jd 05:20:12
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dzn 03:22:08
Hello NYC people. We have a visitor coming this week. Ael (Yun Chen Chien) from g0v Taiwan and OCF. She will be in NYC from 22-27. She will attend ProgHackNight tomorrow and be at D&S on Wed evening chat with some BetaNYC folk.
dzn 03:22:35
Please come by both or one of those places if you can.
chihao 17:58:41
Hey NYC people. I’m visiting NYC 6/3-13, a bunch of people from OCF will also be there from 6/6-8 (for Personal Democracy Forum). Are there any community events that I/we can attend?
thebestsophist 23:21:37
normally our 18f team breakfast is on thursdays, but if y’all want, I can see if we can move it to another day so y’all can join us!
itsmisscs 00:28:52
Checkout civic hall for events. There's also BetaNYC group. Progressive Coders Hacknight happens every other week. Data and Society has Whiskey Wednesday's without the whiskey


tinabeans 03:13:34
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itsmisscs 01:04:59
Hi folks, Nikki’s shared her early sketch concepts for a vNetwork logo. Please take a look and leave your comments/feedback. You share it directly on the doc or via slack. I’m meeting with her tomorrow afternoon to go over our feedback
itsmisscs 01:05:26
@devin @darshana @patcon @lizbarry @katehnicholson @nathan.p.storey
itsmisscs 00:27:13
Anyone have any thoughts?