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@patcon set the channel purpose: For discussion of bringing vTaiwan-inspired facilitation communities and processes to an English-speaking context.
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ok, so for context, we're just moving convos to here from #vnyc when they aren't specific to NYC. This channel is generally about *growing vtaiwan-inspired processes and communities in english-speaking cities and spaces* :tada:
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@patcon set the channel purpose: For discussion about growing vTaiwan-inspired facilitation processes and communities in English-speaking cities and spaces.
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Seem to be some interesting places for convo on slack... BOOOO FRAGMENTATION
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@patcon set the channel purpose: For discussion about growing a vTaiwan-inspired community of citizen facilitators in English-speaking cities and spaces.


patcon 08:32:03
Yay! I was directed toward (by someone i really respect) some folks in Toronto to potentially invite into this conversation:

For me, this feels like motivation to put together on onboarding process, so that new ppl cab get up to speed and on same page without heavy and time-consuming conversations:

Any thoughts or concerns about any of this? Happy to split the _building_ of a resource from the actual _invitation_.


<|@IdeaRatingGuy> been travelling to NYC lately to work with these rad women. We're aspiring to grow a inter-city community of citizen facilitators like in Taiwan. know any folks in Toronto who might be interested in that convo? :) <>


The absolutely amazing women of <|@talktonyc>, <|@itsmisscs> and <|@dznarayanan>, have written this excellent piece on Taiwan's experiments with #democracy &lt;3 #civictech #government <>


Create onboarding resource on vNetwork: Task Tracker

Ideal properties: * asynchronous * self-guided * team is informed when someone starts process * introduces people * involves some f2f

patcon 08:32:40
For example, maybe we could talk about slow-ramping how we bring ppl in... Like each person can invite just one person for now, like a slow beta roll-out :)
patcon 15:02:10
EXCITED THOUGHT: was roadtripping out east for the holidays and was sharing podcasts and interspersed convo with friends. I was obviously shilling for Team Human. My friend introduced me to Malcolm Galdwell's podcast, the episode of which covered something near and dear to him: country music.

Simon Says | Transcription

The King of Tears with Malcolm Gladwell | E6/S2: Revisionist History Podcast (Transcript)

Simon Says is an automated transcription service. We assist people and companies, such as those in the media, to swiftly transcribe audio…

patcon 15:07:03
basically, it was about something Gladwell called the "sad song line", the curious divide of pop vs country -- where all the top country songs are deeply sad and tragic, while pop is vague and generally happy. He expores this in a bunch of ways that I found really mind-expanding, and I recommend a listen!
patcon 15:08:34
but the main thing that struck me was that he makes a point of teasing out the fact that "specificity" of experience (the sort allowed when your audience is all the same sorts of people and experience, like country music), allows content to stretch toward hard-to-reach emotions that bring out powerful amounts of empathy (and yes, sadness)
patcon 15:08:55
so it got me wondering whether a facilitated process could incorporate this
patcon 15:09:17
i mean, you don't want to invite sentimentality for any position, because it distorts our perceptions
patcon 15:12:36
but what if the process invited people to contribute sentimentality that relates to established _consensus_ statements -- what if emotional anecdotes were invited and held up in relation to *highly consensual statements* of both opinion groups, and perhaps the whole. Would this strategic and data-driven invitation into tactics of "tugging at heart-strings" help build empathy for sentiments that define specific opinion groups, so that others could feel more for the views that defined them, and better come to common ground?
katenicholson 15:18:02
A train of thought. I like to think of emotions as unmet needs. That might sound a bit soulless. If you’ve ever dabbled in non violent communication (NVC) - thye have a cool process for identifying a feeling and transforming it into a request.
katenicholson 15:19:06
Needs -->

Feelings -->

needs inventory |

The following list of needs is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people. We have another list that might also be of interest to you: a list of feelings.

katenicholson 15:20:24
Is a cool entry point into the whole process-- like, let’s talk about the sentiments of this town, this street, this block, etc. Then we turn them into political requests, with them learning that along the way.
patcon 15:24:31
ah cool! I haven't heard of non-violent communication, so thank you! i see on twitter that they have some relation to the NY Peace Institute, who I've been meaning to investigate :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 15:25:01
I have a spreadsheet that I'm keeping for potential "consultation professional" stakeholders in whatever it is that we're doing, and found them during that research: (it's in our gdoc folder)
katenicholson 15:26:14
Ah nice- you could probably put them in the airtable under entities! and tag outreach or something?
katenicholson 15:30:45
I actually don’t know what our process is for this. Clarity requested. @here
patcon 15:52:13
i like that! I'll work on transferring later

and it's still just my own thing so far that I learned from a book that a consultation professional friend gave me:

so it should def be documented :slightly_smiling_face:
katenicholson 15:26:45
Also, not sure if my train of thought was inline with yours, so feel free to expound at some point.
katenicholson 15:27:38
NVC is pretty cool, inspired by ghandi. Can be a little hokey, but i think the principles and frameworks are spot on.
patcon 16:00:09
and i really like your ricochet thought, particularly the "emotions as unmet needs" bit.

remind me to ask you about the `sentiment => political request` part when we next meet!


katenicholson 02:11:04
Cool, @patcon just a bud of a thought. I also had a another bud of a thought in the form of a traveling democracy brigade. We need a designated space on the street— can we turn #vanlife kids into bearers of democracy? Van as toolkit. Nomad Nobodies @lizbarry !
patcon 04:49:39
love this idea! i totally have throughts on this (lived in a rented shipping container once, and very big into normalizing these sorts of odd lifestyles :) wahoo convergence
devin 09:57:59
omg great guide\
katenicholson 14:49:04
Ha “the vanual”. Ok this is absurd.
dzn 12:55:51
Totally love this idea!! Have always wanted to trip out a van and go places.
lizbarry 03:00:30
PDIS published this on Nov 14
patcon 11:49:31
Found this great diagram in that presentation!
patcon 11:51:02
might need to ask exactly what it means, but i think it's talking about ORI[D] phases. maybe @sylin could explain it more fully?

EDIT: particularly wondering what red/yellow/green dots represent
sylin 09:41:02
Hey! yes I made this illustration in a meeting with Audrey and Chia-hua last year. It aligns with double diamond in design thinking process.
sylin 09:41:44
Here is another slide describing this process in more detail with using UberX case as an example.
lizbarry 03:54:43
oh wow -- that's really helpful @sylin
lizbarry 03:59:07
Is "double diamond" a reference to something in particular?
lizbarry 23:28:43
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patcon 11:28:43
hey @katehnicholson, i don't suppose you were able to dig these up?


Share facilitator resources on vNetwork: Task Tracker

katenicho said she had some related resources to share in some form. Yay!

katenicholson 13:11:10
Heya @patcon thanks for the reminder. I’ll have some time later this week to get those together. One q I have is whether we want quantity or a specific quality (many of my resources are design centric but I have some that are more general that can be relevant.) So— is the point to upload everything then sift through or should I be more carefully curating?
patcon 15:11:49
Cool! I've been pretty liberal with adding stuff to airtable, since its easy to later add another column or some special tag (like "general"), so that some stuff gets filtered out. So if something feels relevant, I'd say go to town! Maybe we could just think of this as a collective library that we all liberally contribute to, so if its useful to your thinking, def put it on the shelf :)

Just my 2c. Maybe others feel differently?

cc @devin since he's the knowledge base guru
devin 16:25:38
more stuff the merrier imho
katenicholson 04:41:36
Cools. @patcon @devin so I will put things in airtable > g0v kb > ‘resources’ . *Q: Should I upload attachments directly in the database, or should I put them in google drive and then link them?
patcon 06:11:54
I'm easy. I personally like gdrive a bit more for storage (just a filesystem we can copy out of easily), but @devin might know more?
devin 06:13:04
either way - migh be more useful if they're in Gdrive because then that folder could be shared online without having to access to AirTable