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This article has me thinking on all sorts of vtaiwan-related things, so thought I'd share:

> The thing you call anger isn’t a distinctly programmed thing, but it’s a concise information point, and it gets updated by each new experience you have to better reflect your place in the world and your understanding of reality. Essentially, what we call emotions are probability calculators. [...] it shows that if our emotional landscape is adequately trained, we can nudge our mind to align with the model of reality we want to create for ourselves. [...] If emotions really do act as probability calculators, we have to do our part to refine them and then intentionally involve them into a broader, more complete meta-rationalistic system of decision-making.


Being rational all the time isn’t going to do you any favors

Rationality is one of the most valuable life tools, but alone, it’s not enough.


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Here's our most recent Trello, we should probably clean it up:
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Just checking out

g0v Network

Supporting the Global g0v Movement

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i might be able to join via video if that’s open! there’s nobody in the jitsi though?
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Deck for tomorrow AM's workshop at #FearlessCities happening in NYC, expect a few more tweaks:
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BTW, this is a team on Trello, here are the members, let me know if you should be added, thanks!
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Report for RightsCon2018 polis
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very disorganized notes from a chat that PatCon, CS, and I had two days ago
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subreddits with controversial politics threads:
9sorted by top controversial in past year)
- more:



r/PoliticalDiscussion: Discussion about politics. Talk amongst yourselves. Politely and informatively.



r/socialjustice101: A place to ask questions about social justice without judgement. This is a prototype of a new /r/SRSRecovery.



r/Foodforthought: Intelligent and thought-provoking commentaries on life and culture with an emphasis on longform articles and essays that stimulate intellectual discourse.


r/findareddit - Best subreddits related to issues of social justice

7 votes and 13 comments so far on Reddit

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re: facilitation. my brother mentioned that berkana institute informs lots of the groups he knows of in toronto that value the power of intentional facilitation. Not sure if they've come on your radar @itsmisscs, but i plan to check them out.

this article seems representative:
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Here's the deck for our recent #fearlesscitiesNYC panel, forked from @ttcat’s deck with some slides hidden: