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patcon 09:45:45
hey all! Look for some advice on a lightweight online ORID (Focussed Conversation) process that I'm working through -- basically the fact/feeling/idea/decision process that #vtaiwan plays out in digital and physical spaces.

Trying to decide on the best emoji to represent the "decisional" phase. I went through the GitHub emoji and pulled out these ones as candidates:

Any advice? Bonus points for:
- word label also fitting
- different colors than other emoji
- cross-cultural significance

Feel free to suggest any others that I missed! Thanks! (A list in order of your fave is great too! yay ranked ballot)

Related context:

cc: @au @darshana @itsmisscs @lizbarry


HackMD - Collaborative markdown notes

| **Legend** | |---| | :mag: Fact | | :heart: Feeling | | :bulb: Idea | | :question: Decision |


Pattern Library: Working Open - HackMD

# Pattern Library: Working Open - [Introduction](<>) ## Google Drive -

patcon 09:48:36
i think my personal faves are (in order): :seedling: :balloon: :anchor::key::sunflower:
I use :writing_hand: in my slides
:1234: :revolving_hearts: :thought_balloon: :writing_hand:
but to complete your series (which is simpler and may work better in low-res env), I think :mag: :heart: :bulb: :white_check_mark: works too
patcon 10:03:13
nice! thx. i think i have a unexamined bias for symbols that can be said out-loud without looking at the underlying mardown... but not sure if that's reasonable :slightly_smiling_face:

(re-evaluating though!)
inclusive (multimodal audiovisual) iconography is certainly a reasonable criteria — I’ll try out the new set in some future slides and see how the audience reacts
itsmisscs 03:09:02
:mag: :revolving_hearts: :bulb: :white_check_mark:
itsmisscs 03:09:22
:mag: :revolving_hearts: :thought_balloon: :white_check_mark:
itsmisscs 03:10:24
trying out some combos between both your versions. there’s something really nice about revolving hearts and the idea of many/multiple.
itsmisscs 03:11:32
simplicity cannot be underestimated though :slightly_smiling_face: the more i look at :mag: :heart: :bulb: :white_check_mark: the more i :heartpulse:
katenicholson 03:28:04
:information_source: :heartpulse: :bulb: :arrow_right:
katenicholson 03:29:12
I’m not too particular, but I like how the two in the center here are colorful, indicating perhaps that here is where creativity and stuff can happen, whereas the other processes are more logical, facts and decisions.
itsmisscs 04:58:26
that is quite nice @katehnicholson. another consideration
patcon 05:30:14
Love this convo! Realized the set might differ depending on whether we want each icon to be referring to the individual statement unit, or the whole phase itself. Perhaps different approaches depending on that lens?
patcon 05:32:12
Fwiw, i suspect the connection between magnifying glass / detective / Sherlock / facts is very western centric (and maybe that's OK)
itsmisscs 05:27:19
The more we keep it simple the better. I was assuming these represent each phase.
patcon 08:34:12
Down with that! Fwiw, the icons go beside each statement (like bullet points) in the system I was working on, so I'm still uncertain what simple is :)
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dzn 02:15:20
@lizbarry are you going to be at ProgHackNight in person?
itsmisscs 03:07:26
we were just chatting. are folks going tonight?
dzn 05:03:35
I will go if any one else plans to join.
dzn 05:04:38
if you can’t join in person,| is an option!
lizbarry 05:14:31
yes! looks like CS and I will leave from New Lab and head over
dzn 05:23:42
wait. I thought CS got on a flight to the DR yesterday. No??
lizbarry 05:23:49
she's here!
dzn 05:24:10
Oh wow!!
dzn 05:24:21
alright. we gather at ProgHackNight
dzn 05:24:36
I’ll being the fancy mezcal I bought in the duty free :wink:
dzn 06:02:50
sorry about the about-turn on proghacknight
dzn 06:02:59
I’m suddenly fading
dzn 06:03:29
need some stay at home time i think
itsmisscs 06:03:58
i have two bottles of tequilla to share!
itsmisscs 06:04:16
i flew to DR for the weekend. i’m back for the week
dzn 06:10:07
katenicholson 05:16:48
Do you guys link w more info/ location/details?
dzn 05:22:34

Progressive Hacknight

Progressive Hacknight

Progressive HackNight is a bi-weekly gathering of coders and creatives, makers and doers, to foment and inspire action. We use our collective talents and abilities to push forward pro-social change in benefit of the common good.

dzn 05:23:06
they have a short talk in the beginning and then people break off to work in groups
lizbarry 05:35:10
so it's "immigration hack night" and there are 4 speakers from 3 organizations......probably will be rather less worktime.....
dzn 05:45:34
I might stay in Liz :disappointed:
dzn 05:45:45
that’s a lot for me
itsmisscs 06:02:07
hmmm that’s a lot of talking
itsmisscs 06:03:42
i’d rather collab on work than sit through chats, if that’s okay with folks.
katenicholson 06:20:19
lizbarry 06:20:37
patcon 08:08:02
any rando notes to add to the trello board? no presh if it stayed loose and in the air :slightly_smiling_face:
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patcon 16:11:12
Yeeeeeeooooow! Great news on our RightsCon proposal! :tada:

cc: @lizbarry @darshana @itsmisscs @au


Email: RightsCon Toronto 2018 - Status of Program Session Proposal and Ticket Info - HackMD

# Email: RightsCon Toronto 2018 - Status of Program Session Proposal and Ticket Info ``` To: Patric

itsmisscs 01:38:33
Folks, shall we have a discussion about this soon-ish, I hope they let us know whom we’ve been merged with soon…
patcon 08:04:35
YES. we kinda half talked about it in a casual hangout call today (see notes). but hard to go further without knowing the merge. I'll post email AS SOON as i get it.

for now, i think we agreed that the 100% solid thing we could work on asap is logistics around (1) @au getting you and your team here, and (2) discussing/researching possible itineraries for meeting communities and gov officials (of course, it's totally up to you @au how scheduled you'd like to be)
sure, I’m happy to visit Toronto (either in the flesh or via telepresence). ShuYang is in charge of PDIS’s international schedule.
patcon 04:44:23
cc @itsmisscs
itsmisscs 22:13:19
Eeeeee!!! I was just asking @lizbarry about rightscon over dinner. Standing by for more details.


devin 00:57:08
dzn 01:04:51
yay yay yay!!! So exciting!!!!!



patcon 07:58:41
Added [rough] meeting notes here!


Meeting Notes on vNetwork: Task Tracker

in Resources on vNetwork: Task Tracker

patcon 08:06:19
it was a really nice surprise to see everyone's faces tonight! :slightly_smiling_face: @lizbarry @darshana @devin @katehnicholson
patcon 08:15:21
started #rightscon-2018 channel for trip planning and collaboration


lizbarry 03:05:06 -- some gems in here, especially:
>That’s why smart cities, in this new digital era of Big Five and China-BAT industry consolidation, drift away from open public websites and popular comments. Instead, they’re adopting that new surveillance-marketing paradigm of “data extractivity.” Why trouble to ask the “citizens” what they want from urban life, when you can accurately surveil the real actions of city’s “users” and decode what they’re actually doing, as opposed to what they vaguely claim they might want to do? Historically, this is a rather typical drift for a left-wing mass-democratic ideology—from the unwieldy awkwardness of rallying the entire people, and toward the semi-covert vanguard of the revolution.
katenicholson 03:10:51
Mhmmmm. Right-o. “smart” =not transparent and =not inclusive/participatory
lizbarry 03:26:44
the "rather typical shift" line really got me
lizbarry 03:28:35
can anyone refer me to a critique of vanguardism?
devin 01:51:20
I think there are a few "vanguardism"s out there
devin 01:57:44
the marxist/leninist stuff is a particular type. I tend to use the term to describe when a small group of elites who think they know the REAL truth lead the masses by whatever means they deem necessary.
lizbarry 05:10:26


patcon 01:14:08
draft program for rightscon just came out! so now we can start taking guesses at who they're pairing our session with :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 01:18:44
early-bird tickets end feb 28, if anyone has folk in mind who they want to attend (particularly important in toronto)
patcon 01:19:34
i wonder if we could do remote participation well enough that groups could participate from afar (or just from non-ticketed locations...)



patcon 06:41:05
heyo <!here>! Just got a message from RightsCon about what our session is being merged with -- @ttcat's g0v session!
Email here:
patcon 06:42:54
maybe we could move about sorting this into #rightscon-2018? (sharing post there)