Month: 2018-04




devin 10:09:46
Just came accross this - thought it was interesting. Adding it to the AirTable.
patcon 00:44:30
Yeah! They're working with gov in Canada!


Also, beta of their open source relaunch is at| (appears much more future-oriented)


patcon 00:46:45
@here We'll be doing an open call / work session at 2pm today! Come to think of it, we could prob create a recurring message in this channel, with details (agendas, call link, etc). I'll do that later today if no objection
patcon 00:48:56
We usually use|, but wondering about| (open source, end-to-end encrypted, and tons of new features lately (incl ability to call in, stream to YouTube via stream key, etc)
patcon 01:52:06
@lizbarry @darshana still 25 min away, but if y'all felt like taking notes, I can catch up without tedious recap :)
dzn 01:52:38
happy to recap!
dzn 01:52:42
chat soon
dzn 01:52:46
we’ll write notes
lizbarry 01:57:50
cool -- i'll open up jitsi
devin 02:01:16
Thanks for the invite but can't make it today. :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 04:31:14
Setting up compy


devin 02:46:15
Does anyone know of| recently put the visualization feature behind a paywall of something? All of a sudden that feature is locked from my admin screen.
devin 02:58:19
Export data too is locked. So the free version is basically unusable now?


patcon 05:02:37
hm... that would really surprise me..! i knew export data was going away, but the viz going away would be pretty unexpected to me
patcon 05:02:50
@devin are you on metapolis slack?
devin 05:04:14
Screenshot from 2018-04-08 17-03-51.png
devin 05:04:23
Can you log in and see if it's disabled for you too?
devin 05:04:30
I'm not on metapolis
itsmisscs 06:42:42
@devin at the moment, yes those are behind paywall but if you email Colin I'm sure he will grant your account access for now
itsmisscs 06:44:03
There isn't really a free version of Polis at the moment. Team is working on that but for now Polis has double downed on high touch engagements
patcon 07:01:12
hm... i don't know what to think of that..
patcon 07:02:04
i have no idea how it would now apply to all the people i've talked about it to...? but i mean, i trust them quite deeply, so if they're doing this, i guess they needed to?
patcon 07:02:21
patcon 07:03:28
trying to work on this a bit tonight fwiw:


vNetwork: Community Onboarding

Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of your projects.

devin 07:13:38
I find this highly problematic.
devin 07:15:19
Reducing free features sucks but it's something that if you're offering a free as in beer system to people then - it happens. But taking away the ability to export data is predatory.
devin 07:16:43
Maybe that wasn't the intention and was kind of an oversight but ya - that's a real problem. I'm happy I didn't get more people to use the software because then I'd be the one who made their data inaccessible.
devin 07:16:58
Second, I can't recommend a tool to people without a clear pricing structure.
devin 07:19:48
I guess I'll see what it'll take to set up my own deployment off their github...
itsmisscs 07:37:27
Just email Colin and you will get you access. This was introduced a looooong time ago fwiw. Not a recent change
itsmisscs 07:38:04
Thanks for your feedback. Will take it back to the team.
devin 07:43:38
@itsmisscs I appreciate your responsiveness. :slightly_smiling_face:
itsmisscs 07:57:33
You’re welcome, Devin :slightly_smiling_face:
thebestsophist 07:43:42
selfishly—i would be _very interested_ in getting polis in a docker container because that would go a long way for my needs.
devin 07:49:35
Me too. How can we make that happen?
itsmisscs 07:57:07
Me three!
itsmisscs 07:57:20
You can just do it :slightly_smiling_face: it’s all open source. Contribute back
devin 08:05:10
My org could donate $500 to this and if we need to raise more could collect 501c3 donations for it.
patcon 08:43:29
yay @devin! I support that!

I wish the open source community building wasn't necessarily happening with this pressure -- ie. public features being missing that existing product champions feel are essentials. While I can personally ask colin for an exemption, i now wouldn't find myself recommending polis so unreservedly to people I know who don't have such access or clarity... :thinking_face:
itsmisscs 08:55:01
Polis team is working on a solution for all. I would hope that we all keep recommending a product that we know isn't being malicious and does champion people. The decision was made to provide the best service not to restrict or lock people out. It's still an open source product.
@null 09:38:36
added an integration to this channel:

patcon 10:15:50
working on the onboarding:

there's a glitch and the slack notifications aren't kicking off in here, but I'll get that working later :wink:


vNetwork: Community Onboarding

Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of your projects.

patcon 10:16:18
<!here> Anyone have any other ideas of what things new people could be brought up-to-speed on?
patcon 10:16:53
Also, language in some places is bare-bones, and could be tweaked to be friendlier (bonus points for emoji)
patcon 10:19:11
@theobass any chance I could put a draft of your unreleased article in there? this likely won't be high throughput, but there's tons of great context


dzn 00:05:41
Hey. Any here know @devin 's phone number? DM if you do. Thanks!
dzn 00:06:38
@devin if you are online, call me!


chewei 00:03:45
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patcon 03:41:27
Just wanted to share this link as the best reference for a vtaiwan practice that I can't find my original source on:

Basically, that slide is just showing how part of processing the initial discourse forum conversations was literally printing off the pages of the discussion and highlighting the various parts of sentences as facts/feelings/ideas (from ORID)

ORID 焦點討論法

20160401 <|> 工作坊教案。

patcon 03:41:35
anyhow, just wanted to log that somewhere


@null 21:48:38
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alexjay 05:21:17
@dotoriworks has joined the channel
patcon 05:23:17
:wave: @dotoriworks here's the onboarding trello board I was telling you about :slightly_smiling_face:
if you wouldn't mind offering any feedback, pls do drop it here or DM me! :tada:


vNetwork: Community Onboarding

Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of your projects.

alexjay 05:23:56
hey folks! and thank you @patcon!


patcon 00:59:25
@darshana @itsmisscs @lizbarry when you get a sec, pls do let us know your timelines for being online today :)
patcon 00:59:30
@dotoriworks and I are meeting in 15 min at the city's Civic Innovation Office, for their open hours. We'll mostly stick to ourselves while we get sync'd up, so as to let y'all get work done, but we might join call to share airspace (and careful not to consume attention while you're working :)
dzn 01:00:51
@patcon I’ll be at orbital around 3. Any time after is fine with me
dzn 01:00:56
lizbarry 01:04:31
I hope to be there around 3 as well!
itsmisscs 01:05:33
Im on the way to orbital
itsmisscs 01:09:49
Adding @nathan.p.storey to this channel
npstorey 01:09:56
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patcon 01:24:34
Okie! Just got to civic innovation office in lobby of Toronto city hall, and convinced the director to let us cowork here for a few weeks 1-3pm. New format for them!
patcon 01:25:57
Haha office hours are only till 3, but @dotoriworks and I will hang and get up to speed. I'll aim to work on website if he gets rolling with reading :)

Feel free to drop any other priority tasks in here, or happy to move convo to #facilitation-fest-nyc!
itsmisscs 02:03:24
cross posted to #facilitation-fest-nyc

Booked us on the 4th floor in the “long room”

alexjay 03:36:17
Adding in some notes from meeting with @patcon today on this hackpad:

Toronto 04/27

This pad text is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing this page sees the same text. This allows you to collaborate seamlessly on documents! -- References: <>.

dzn 03:37:19
@lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon @devin @katehnicholson @nathan.p.storey hey. can we please keep our travel updates and friday logistics chats to here? And the facilitation-fest-channel can be only the planning that involves Taiwan people directly? What say?
patcon 05:31:49
what about just threading the local grapevine convo when pdoing the friday thing. like just a message that says:

> LOCAL THREAD: friday orbital meeting @itsmisscs @lizbarry @devin @katehnicholson @whoever

this everyone just has those chats in there? :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 05:31:56
dzn 12:36:00
works for me
dzn 12:36:07
lizbarry 22:45:55
_<changes name to @whoever>_
katenicholson 03:37:50
Ah yes sure.
dzn 03:39:46
The thought of Taiwan folk waking up to the NYC traffic update every Saturday is funny, but maybe not for them :slightly_smiling_face:
devin 03:43:07
Why not use vnyc? Then this can be a welcoming space for nonnycers
katenicholson 03:43:36
Sure. Makes sense if we’re discussing NYC event.
devin 03:46:21
I'm downstairs
itsmisscs 03:49:26
because we have people from toronto involved
itsmisscs 03:49:35
it’s a network event :slightly_smiling_face: