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Thank you @lizbarry


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@sylin I got hifi to work (VR in your laptop, 2D in the other one) but I think it may be more immersive to simply use Star Chart for both laptops — I’ve set that up for now (and bought a copy of Star Chart from the `kentronn` Steam account — $9.99)
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ok. paid :p are we still demoing holopolis/hifi?
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Welcome all the new folks :sparkling_heart::wave::skin-tone-5:
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hi all! is there a video recording of @au’s reception talk? a prime produce member was asking for it
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g0v taiwan friends! is there a repo of the code behind the g0v Air Pollution Observation Network y’all can link me to? talking to folks in a CfA brigade in California who are thinking of building the same thing and I’m trying to convince them that no they don’t need to build everything from scratch
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HI Cordelia, are your CfA contacts working with any environmental justice groups? I'd love to connect some dots if possible, keep the tech from being isolated efforts~~~
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will ask! it sounded like it was a partnership with a local nonprofit





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Thinking about the natural parallels between Taiwan and Puerto Rico (and many of the Caribbean nations), and how both desperate and possible ground-up change is in the aftermath of last season’s storms:

Yale E360

After the Storm, Puerto Rico Misses Chance to Rebuild with Renewables

Eight months after Hurricane Maria damaged 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s electricity grid, energy expert Lionel Orama-Exclusa talks to e360 about how the island is missing an opportunity to transform its energy system from fossil fuels to renewables.

This is one of the organizations mentioned in that article


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right now, new york city is hosting a charter revision commission hearing on civic engagement. i will spend a portion of my testimony on the vTawian process. You can tune in live and read my testimony here.


BetaNYC’s Testimony to NYC Charter Revision Commission Civic Engagement Hearing – June 2018

To: NYC Charter Revision Commission From: Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director of BetaNYC Subject: Civic Engagement and Independent Redistricting Thursday, 21 June 2018 Where we are now: The 1989 Chart…


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Here’s the livestream from the reception. (@devin @darshana )


Taiwan Open Government Reception


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@aelcenganda's awesome slack note, in case we lose access:

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