Month: 2019-01


lizbarry 03:17:42
Can someone remind me where the pictures from June's participation officers training in NYC?
Hi @lizbarry I may have some buried in some Prime Produce files or somewhere, can poke around today and will let you know
oh amazing!
thanks david!


patcon 07:28:20
@lizbarry I have this channel sync'd with one in the CivicTechTO slack, and there's history there. Did a quick search and no mention aside from an earlier ask by you in july...! :)
Checked deep history of #vnetwork too, but no dice (I wasn't sync'ing #vnyc, so no luck there either)
lizbarry 10:28:51
Thank you both!!!!!!❤️
itsmisscs 23:27:35
Some photos in the awesome fdn deck



lizbarry 01:42:43
Oh right!!!!! :D


lizbarry 05:02:03
Damn that deck is good