Month: 2018-04


lizbarry 03:07:41
Hi @darshana here's the trello board to add the next steps you jotted down in your notebook :heart:
lizbarry 03:07:42
dzn 06:18:58
updated the trello board.
dzn 06:19:41
Also, submitted an events proposal to prime produce (details in trello)
patcon 02:45:57
thanks! Can you add me?
dzn 10:03:55
Thanks @lizbarry! I’ll fill
dzn 10:04:09
Sending the second awesome foundation grant now!
dzn 10:09:02
Hey @sylin. We picked dates — Friday May 11, Saturday 12. That’s the best we can do to get good attendance and balance all of our dates. Super sad AU won’t be able to make those dates in person :disappointed: :disappointed:. Can she join on video?


sylin 11:14:38
Hmm we got some changes on her later schedule to DC. So she might be able to join us in NY on 5/11, 5/12. If you are still up for it :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 11:50:22
oh yay!!! That’s very exciting :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 11:50:32
Lol. Of course we are still up for it!
sylin 12:01:26
Could you send an invitation letter to <mailto:shuyanglin@ey.gov.tw|shuyanglin@ey.gov.tw> , cc <mailto:Audreyt@ey.gov.tw|Audreyt@ey.gov.tw> ? I will forward it to our schedule secretary
dzn 12:03:09
Yes we will!
itsmisscs 08:43:42
olivebranch.a 11:18:34
@olivebranch.a has joined the channel


sylin 15:36:31
Fang and I are drafting this proposal - ny workshop -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E-wqamROVahCgzbHi4W8NwDEnKiKRkVUoMtK0jawnOc/edit?usp=sharing
and we would like to ask what possible issues will interest you most, energy efficiency? outdoor recreation? climate change? immigrant policies?


sylin 23:47:29
@darshana It was grt hearing your voice! Let’s sync up again next week with everyone here. 4/11 ny’s 10am/ taipei’s 10pm will be a good time
sylin 23:51:40
Again, an invitation letter will help us here in taiwan to get the preparation kickstarted. While we are having a week nationaly holiday from 4/4 to 4/8, so getting a letter from you before the holiday ends will be just great. According to that invitation, we are going to ask our po’s willingness to join our trip to new york on 4/9's po monthly meeting.
dzn 23:54:42
one question, is this letter just for you and au or also for POs?
sylin 23:57:54
for au and welcome her to invite her team will fit just right
dzn 00:05:21
alright. tx
dzn 23:52:09
Thanks Shu.
sylin 23:52:43
thank you for arranging all these :slightly_smiling_face: I’m really excited about this visit under my sleepy face
dzn 23:53:43
@lizbarry @patcon @itsmisscs can we do 4/11 10AM EST?


dzn 00:04:57
Here are the notes from call with Shu — https://hackmd.io/qLjhSQRNQ9O7tHOUKMVgrw


chat with Shu 4/4 - HackMD

dzn 00:06:13
update on events space — Prime produce said yes!! :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 00:06:39
They are up for some kind of revenue share. Let’s chat about this on Friday
lizbarry 02:12:44
wow! we might not have any revenue to share, but let's figure it out!!!!! Great news!
dzn 00:21:03
One more update — chatted with @olivebranch.a earlier this week. Seeing if we can swing it for a ticket for her too (might have a lead for some funding). We should confirm with Avross in maximum 2 weeks. For now, she has blocked dates :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 00:24:44
Let’s put this on Friday agenda too ^^
lizbarry 02:21:33
Lots of awesome news! See u friday



patcon 07:04:46
Working out of here tonight, btw: https://trello.com/c/0tbcbvRj/33-create-one-pager-website
dzn 07:41:13
@sylin Can you please take a look at this letter and see if it works — https://docs.google.com/document/d/102p0vz1NwQrOwwHfP0pg7RQXC5Au2ciLj-9I4tibHYc/edit?usp=sharing
dzn 07:41:17
Invitation letter to Taiwanese officials for June 2018 training event
dzn 07:41:26
please feel free to edit
dzn 07:41:57
(also add address info in the part highlighted yellow)
dzn 07:42:32
Once the text is finalized we will make this look official, add signatures, and send over.
sylin 08:36:18
Thank you all! Am printing several copies of this document and will share in the PO meeting with other 40 or so POs in few hours
patcon 13:06:17
Hey all, I think I shared this way back when, but at risk of saying something everyone already know -- just wanted to point out now that we have the untranslated copy of the Participatory Officier 101 manual, if anyone wants to browse it via Google Translate :slightly_smiling_face:

(among the things in the airtable knowledgebase: https://trello.com/c/BJovztkf/48-knowledge-base)
patcon 13:09:13
planning to use this theme: https://event-jekyll-theme.github.io/


Your Title

Your description


lizbarry 09:16:11
patcon 15:50:03
who is "po" in this document? assuming it's a participatory officer, any ETA on a designated person? :slightly_smiling_face: https://hackmd.io/nDfQsXLuTLukCoyPDnheLw?view#


Facilitation Workshop in New York - HackMD

sylin 15:51:00
Yah, participation officer
patcon 16:37:08
@lizbarry @darshana @itsmisscs generally, does this theme look like one we're ok to use?
https://github.com/g0v-network/nyc.g0v.network/pull/3 (preview available by clicking "view deployment")


Add event theme template by patcon · Pull Request #3 · g0v-network/nyc.g0v.network

Look decent enough? (see review app link below) I'll start doing customization in other PRs cc: @ebarry @DZNarayanan @misscs

itsmisscs 20:57:49
noice!! reviewed and left a +1 on GH.
sylin 22:33:27
Hey, I don’t remember if we discussed about this, but, is there any possibility to move this workshop to the end of May? like 24-25 May or 28-29 May. I understand how much extra work will cost re-organising, but just passing this quick questions here, in case you are actually also up for postponing a bit.
itsmisscs 00:52:11
@darshana @lizbarry @patcon if it works for y’all and it’s better, feel free. i won’t be able to participate but i can help on the organizing front
lizbarry 01:49:13
I mean, we certainly could use more time, but i'm worried if @itsmisscs can't make it as she is our main video &amp; media production guide, and we really need a good capture of this training in English.....any ideas on this?
itsmisscs 01:51:11
I would not be the one recording. Just setting up the folks to handle it
itsmisscs 01:53:12
I record interviews but would not trust myself with this since we want a produced video. If task is done right, another facilitator could take point with the media folks. I would be available remotely just not in person.
lizbarry 02:00:11
ah yes, i wrote "guide" in an attempt to convey that you wouldn't actually be camera person, but more like director. Do you think it would be OK?
itsmisscs 02:15:09
Im sure it will be fine. I can pull patcon in on stuff so we have redundancy
itsmisscs 02:15:41
The only bummer will be missing the event
lizbarry 02:25:37
could u come back for either of those weekends? (if we raised money?)
itsmisscs 11:03:04
Mmm i can't say at the moment. I was not planning to come back so I've sent out feelers to conduct research while there
patcon 11:12:32


lizbarry 04:12:26
If us New Yorkers stay online until 10 tonight, can anyone from Taiwan-side jump on to discuss briefly?
dzn 05:55:23
I have 10AM ET/10PM Taiwan tomorrow on my calendar for us all to meet and discuss event.
dzn 05:55:44
I think that’s the time @sylin suggested
dzn 05:55:47
does that work?
patcon 06:10:34
(@darshana Saw card in our trello, but maybe this isn't the thread where it came from :) )
dzn 07:13:10
Had a chat with Tina from Orbital (who is a chef and designs experiences around food). She can do the cooking if 2-3 people volunteer to help prep (she will only charge for ingredients and supplies) and we will work together to design facilitation-themed food experience/s. Details (including budget) in here — https://hackmd.io/OtOSKTzcQJeNVIiAoHQX1A


Food chat Tina Darshana - HackMD

sylin 07:37:48
I can talk at 10
dzn 07:39:43
<!here> can we do 10:30PM/AM? I have a meeting until then.
sylin 07:43:18
sylin 07:43:22
sylin 07:44:35
Change to 5/24-25 is more for Audrey. I will check with Fang and Avross on their availability before 10.30. They are equally important
olivebranch.a 08:23:58
I won’t be online at 10:30PM/AM, so I’ll skip the call. As for changing the dates, I won’t be able to make it on 24-25/28-29 either. :( I’m totally fine with rescheduling, as long as it’s for the greater good :blush::blush:
patcon 08:52:08
Im in for 10:30p ET tonight, if we do that! :tada:
patcon 10:30:31
are we in https://meet.jit.si/facilitationfest ?


Jitsi Meet

Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge

sylin 10:33:26
itsmisscs 11:00:58
Slack do not disturb snoozed these messages. Sorry folks.
patcon 11:07:14
haha no worries, lady! :heart:
patcon 11:07:30
sylin what are the dates and name of the DC thing audrey's doing?
itsmisscs 11:07:38
I cannot do end of May. I can do as early as June 5
patcon 11:08:15
@itsmisscs even if we will divert the monies we save from flying audrey toward getting you back from whatever narnia you are in?
itsmisscs 11:09:56
Sweet gesture but end of May is not possible for me. I can join remotely :)
patcon 11:11:20
more deets in may, but they're also trying to stay under flight quota, as gov is monitoring number of fligths from tw-america. so two-in-one is helpful for them
patcon 11:08:53
(at end of may, audrey's flight is covered by others)
itsmisscs 11:10:25
Mmm that's nice.
itsmisscs 11:11:17
I would really love to be there but if I'm the only date holding back an ideal time, why not just pick the ideal time
patcon 11:12:02
what is the thing you're doing on those dates? CSS con? or is it personal friending or family'ing?
patcon 11:12:20
may 25/26, that is
itsmisscs 11:13:31
Research/interviews and conference/talk preparation. I started lining up things running under the assumption we'd locked in our dates
itsmisscs 11:19:11
What about June 5/6 or 6/7?
sylin 11:21:23
@patcon that’s the thing I have trouble figuring out too…
sylin 11:23:26
but I was just told 5/26-27 Au is scheduled to be in DC, so we will either do 5/24-25, Au attends both days, or 5/25-26, Au attends on the first day.
sylin 11:25:24
BUT, apparently the DC trip can be rescheduled too. just that we need to confirm with them. 6/15-16 is still an option, but more ppl to confirm with.
itsmisscs 11:25:59
is earlier in june not possible?
itsmisscs 11:26:16
or after 17th?
sylin 11:28:20
it’s not impossible, I am open for more having more options in June listed down so we can check with the DC ppl.
sylin 11:30:19
but I am still high up for 5/24-25 if that works for everyone, including flying cs back.
itsmisscs 11:30:44
I can’t speak for others but anything after 17th is open for me or there’s the 3 days before PDF (5-6th) or 10-13th
itsmisscs 11:33:25
folks, why not just confirm the 24-25 May?
itsmisscs 11:33:38
it seems those are the best dates for everyone.
itsmisscs 11:35:11
or some other time in the summer :stuck_out_tongue: fall or winter lol
sylin 11:39:16
yah. or next year, when ministry of foreign affair reset their counter
itsmisscs 11:39:36
next year is so far away
itsmisscs 11:42:34
24-25 May :dart:
itsmisscs 11:42:53
can we just call that the date?
sylin 13:23:57
Just chatted with Audrey, so delightful! June is also good for us. We can accommodate as long as the New York team provide some options you feel comfortable with, and we will happily use that to negotiate with DC ppl. Cheers guys.
dzn 13:45:45
Thanks!! You peeps are the sweetest. :heart::heart::heart:
dzn 13:45:55
How far into June will be fine with you?
sylin 13:46:53
we can accommodate
lizbarry 19:40:21
lizbarry 19:44:33
So, on our side, I'll update communications with the people I've approached so far for support/attendance (less than 5). @darshana if you have time to check in with Prime Produce about their availability that would be awesome. Also maybe Joe K as well.
patcon 04:00:56
Was just speaking with my friend @mhellstern (who works in the Bloomberg Civic Innovation Office in Toronto City Hall), who expressed interest in sending people to NYC for facilitation fest.

When I told her the price, she suggested strongly that we tier the costs to allow gov (and maybe private partners) to subsidize community. She said gov stakeholders have permission to spend SO MUCH MORE for staff skills development
dzn 07:19:19
This is good to learn!!! Let’s discuss this at next meeting!!
dzn 07:19:34
Nice sleuthing @patcon :slightly_smiling_face:
itsmisscs 19:57:53
Fabulous :sparkles::sparkles: thank you for accommodating @sylin
dzn 21:19:22
what dates are we shooting for in June? I would prefer early rather than late June.
lizbarry 23:26:34
*how about the 3 days before PDF (5-6th) or 10-13th?*
itsmisscs 00:54:04
Lol this poll is asking two questions hehe


lizbarry 00:37:55
Not to derail this, i'm starting a thread here for Friday's regular in-person NYC workschedule:
lizbarry 00:38:35
i can get to Orbital by 3:30pm (sorry it's so late, i couldn't get a better physical therapy appointment). How about we properly open up a video meeting at 4pm ET?
itsmisscs 00:40:23
I am in training until 5pm and then there’s the departure dance
itsmisscs 00:40:42
Next Friday I am training in MX. After that, my Friday’s open up again
dzn 00:42:33
I will be at orbital.
dzn 00:43:42
I told Christina we will find her to chat about crowdfunding on Friday. She wants to meet at 4PM. @lizbarry that ok with you?
lizbarry 00:43:57
that's great!
lizbarry 00:44:02
we will miss you CS!
lizbarry 00:44:33
Ok, so maybe no video meeting then this Friday, just in person, and i will arrive as much as possible before 4pm
lizbarry 00:46:05
Quick idea to put in everyone's brain ahead of time, with the (temporary?) change in access to http://Pol.is|Pol.is, it seems like we could include $500 or more for setting up a working publicly hosted version of http://Pol.is|Pol.is. I think Devin wants this to exist, and we kind of need it
dzn 00:46:58
include $500 in sponsorship?
itsmisscs 00:49:31
That's complicated. Polis is not set up that way. It was never configured to work with local db.
itsmisscs 00:50:03
We have an unlocked version we can use while Polis sorts out the install issue which the team is actively working on
itsmisscs 00:52:26
There's some exciting news coming from the Polis team that I expect many folks will be elated about. In the time being, I would direct Devin to talk with Chris Small. Maybe he can amp up the efforts in time.
dzn 03:39:53
I can speak to Devin about Polis to see what he has in mind.
dzn 03:40:20
Also send him Chris's way.
patcon 04:11:23
Not presh, but I'm in https://meet.jit.si/facilitationfest if it fits your work mode. catching up anyhow
dzn 00:47:02
10-13th will work better for me. Right before PDF will be a squeeze, I’m helping organize the conference.
itsmisscs 00:54:44
10-13th works for me. Or after AMC, if you want some resting time
dzn 03:30:09
10-13th is fine with me. That's a Monday/tues though.
dzn 03:33:15
After AMC (after June 17th) is not ideal for me but can do is that's the best dates for everyone else.
dzn 03:34:56
I am also totally ok with skipping AMC for this. We should figure out if potential training attendees can make it despite AMA happening.


itsmisscs 04:35:46
I would like to attend AMC. I have already told various networks that I would be there
dzn 05:02:07
I just chatted with prime produce today about their availability for June. Details here — https://hackmd.io/pv2gBO_PSByO8vRkCR6KnQ?both


Prime Produce — event space for facilitation training - HackMD

lizbarry 05:19:55
Wow thanks for this Darshana!!!!
lizbarry 05:22:47
I'm adding people's conflicts so we can see what's good
lizbarry 05:24:34
June 11-12 looks good
itsmisscs 12:14:28
Excellent @darshana!
patcon 03:56:23
fuckin rad notes! Stored here now: https://trello.com/c/vMvA4MGU/25-venue
dzn 07:20:26
Thanks @patcon!
dzn 07:20:34
Also, I’ll update trello!!
sylin 21:35:21
sylin 21:35:28
sylin 21:56:07
Let me know if you have settled that dates! TGIF
dzn 07:16:45
Yo @sylin. Will June 11 and 12 work for Taiwan crew?
dzn 07:17:38
That’s the number 1 date we have so far.
dzn 07:18:00
Prime produce is the event location
dzn 07:18:17
Hope 11/12 works for Taiwan folk!!
olivebranch.a 09:03:57
@darshana Count me in on June 11/12, please!!!
sylin 09:56:58
Fang check, Shu check, AU (re-scheduling some internal appointments)
sylin 10:03:45
@olivebranch.a nice shout :smile:
olivebranch.a 10:19:11
I’ll definitely stick with you all
sylin 10:36:55
6/11 12 it is
sylin 10:46:03
@everyone we have blocked 6/11-12 for the Taiwan crew: au, fang, avross, shu
dzn 00:08:43
yay yay!! The next bit to figure out is how many people you can get funding for?
dzn 00:09:07
@sylin You mentioned something about au being able to get funding from your government? Is it still possible?
sylin 02:17:22
yes, we are figuring out that part.


dzn 01:30:27
@lizbarry and I are getting together soon. We will finalize and send you a few dates
dzn 02:57:17
I spoke to Prime Produce about the video recording they did for the cybernetics conference
dzn 02:58:06
Jolly did it. Het set everything up and recorded directly from the microphones to get better sound quality.
dzn 02:58:14
Sample of the recording — https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/cybercon


Cybernetics Conference by Internet Society (Channel 2)

Watch Internet Society (Channel 2)'s Cybernetics Conference on <http://Livestream.com|Livestream.com>. The Cybernetics Conference will take up the subject of information and agency; bringing scholars, technicians, activists, and artists in dialogue to consider the ways informatic systems shape social organization. This conference will ask how individuals and coalitions might develop strategies for situating themselves as effective agents of change within today’s complex information ecosystem. How might we move beyond a cybernetics of accelerated growth, and toward systems of interrelation predicated on cybernetic equilibria? <http://cybernetics.social/> Twitter: <http://bit.ly/cybercon>

dzn 02:58:23
he charged $700 for the day