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@itsmisscs set the channel purpose: Place for planning and discussing facilitation fest plans


itsmisscs 02:19:12
facilitation on the docket for friday or do we want to have a chat about it before?
itsmisscs 02:20:18
i’d love to hold it the week before RightsCon….but i don’t know if that’s too ambitious. did y’all have any thoughts to pre or post RightsCon?
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Adding @patcon to see if there’s interest in toronto community, too.
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:tada: Mind if I bridge this channel to Civic Tech Toronto slack and pull some folks in?
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Also, if i do that, mind if I rename this channel to add "nyc", so its clear on the Toronto end? (Doesn't need to be same name, but it seems a little less confusing for when ppl self-reference the channel)
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Go for it
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cool! can you rename to `#facilitation-fest-nyc`? (I can't bc i didn't create)
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itsmisscs 08:34:47
example of sponsorship prospectus ^^
itsmisscs 09:21:30
start of a board for managing sponsorship process https://trello.com/b/01jNFt8h/facilitationfest-sponsorship
itsmisscs 09:22:12
Will reactive yesware…cuz we gotta know :three_button_mouse:


itsmisscs 04:25:04

ICA International

ToP Training - ICA International

Online bookings are available for regularly scheduled public ToP training courses in countries including Australia, Canada, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine & USA.  Other ICAs also offer public courses, and in-house courses on request. For ToP training near you see also ICA Worldwide or contact us. Participation is becoming the dominant way of making decisions in organizations and communities. The expectation that...

itsmisscs 13:21:05
Example of 2 day training and costs https://twitter.com/prisonculture/status/972335485636038656?s=12


NYC - this is a really good training opportunity if interested - "Introduction to Peacemaking Circles " <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/introduction-to-peacemaking-circles-tickets-44000654141?utm-medium=discovery&amp;utm-campaign=social&amp;utm-content=attendeeshare&amp;aff=estw&amp;utm-source=tw&amp;utm-term=listing> <https://twitter.com/eventbrite|@eventbrite>


itsmisscs 09:27:24
Shu and Fang are available the week before RightsCon. They are both interested in going to Toronto, too. How do you feel if we plan on having them lead the training in NYC and if au can joint remotely, we can have her telepresent or even give a short opening talk. Sounds like she can make RightsCon and an event in Toronto though.
patcon 17:49:27
:tada: Mind if I bridge this channel to Civic Tech Toronto slack and pull some folks in?


itsmisscs 01:01:21
another thought/option would be to host the training before PDF. more folks from g0v will be around from the looks of it.
itsmisscs 03:08:40
@darshana @lizbarry thoughts? ^^
lizbarry 04:17:29
i'm flexible. Do you mean PDF in NYC in June?
itsmisscs 04:17:36
dzn 05:38:05
I’m flexible too
dzn 05:38:57
Better to have everyone here at the same time
itsmisscs 05:56:00
the advantages would be: more g0v folks, piggy back on having people in town for PDF, bit more time to plan
itsmisscs 05:56:19
disadvantages: we don’t do the training in advance of RightsCon (maybe we can get the team to do some remote stuff?). we need to check dates with Fang and Shu (hopefully they are still available)
dzn 06:01:13
I don’t think the extra time gives us that much. It will be broken up by RightCon etc.
dzn 06:02:29
It will be mostly more people
dzn 06:02:45
and we decide how we want to frame the whole thing.. having g0v will change the framing
dzn 06:05:58
Also… aren’t we planning to try and get Avross here too? (Fang is being payed for by Taiwan gov)
itsmisscs 06:16:59
I’m fine either way. I see the main advantage as having more people but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are free.
itsmisscs 06:18:28
we can always organize a side event/panel in june
lizbarry 09:23:06
Maybe we just do the training before RightsCon, and set up sidepanels and other events around PDF?
itsmisscs 06:13:18
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yay! :boogie-penguin: any one-pager or blurb that we could post in the channel topics on each end, for new people to understand what's up here?


dzn 03:43:25
Hey. I’m not going to get back on the call for today. Sorry about that. For my update —
(1) My adds for Allied are in the doc and happy to run with whatever you folks think. The deadline for submission is tonight. (2) Tina (from Orbital) slacked me last week about a corresponded she and CS (thanks @itsmisscs) had regarding the dinner event for facilitation fest. I had a chat with her about the details and she is very excited about the conference. She interested in designing the food experience as a collaborator but not so much in the cooking itself (she will do it she has a help)
(3) I spoke to Joe from American Assembly about sponsorship and he said he will buy at least 2 tickets to the training and will also find a way to get us more money



lizbarry 03:51:51
Just met Eric Gordon of Emerson's Engagement Lab
<mailto:eric@elab.emerson.edu|eric@elab.emerson.edu> he wants to collaborate if at all possible on the facilitator training. He spent a couple weeks in Taiwan in October and Shu is going to spend a week in Boston in May as part of the samw trip we are organizing to bring her to NYC
dzn 05:29:52
:slightly_smiling_face: Oh nice!! Shu did mention going there
dzn 05:30:54
In my news, prime produce (the space where the cybernetics conference was held) is interested in hosting us for the facilitation training
dzn 05:31:48
as a community they are SUPER interested in facilitation. They are up for a collaboration as a opposed to us just paying for their space.
dzn 05:32:09
let’s put both things on agenda for Friday planning!
dzn 05:32:33
In not so excellent news. Email Houman but no news yet :disappointed:
itsmisscs 07:43:23
Sweet!!! We had looked at them when we did a study of like minded orgs.
itsmisscs 07:43:45
That's great re space at prime produce!!
lizbarry 10:43:25
Awesome about Prime Produce!


dzn 01:43:07
Hey. Is there a plan for today? I know everyone is traveling but plans for remote?
lizbarry 06:07:14
Hi! Was at a conference today and now prepping slides for the weekend. I invited two more NYCers to join us one week from today tho
dzn 12:11:36
@lizbarry missed this for some reason. Sorry!!
dzn 12:11:45
Hope conference was good :slightly_smiling_face:


dzn 12:12:39
We haven’t confirmed dates with Taiwan folk. Shu just asked.
dzn 12:13:18
Finalize and send them dates tomorrow?
dzn 12:13:28
I’ll be on slack all day. Can video chat too
lizbarry 21:36:11
Maybe this evening?
dzn 22:22:44
Works for me! Any time before 9PM


dzn 07:47:04
have time to chat?
dzn 07:47:56
In terms of dates. I am open before and after rightscon.
dzn 07:49:43
I would propose that we concentrate on the facilitation training and not plan an elaborate conference. That will require quite a lot of planning (plus getting money) and we are all on the move quite a bit.
dzn 07:49:58
lizbarry 10:15:24
Totally agree! Sorry I've been less available, I'm on day 6 of a 9 day Boston/Providence work trip
dzn 10:20:00
no problem. Let’s just plan a really good training event!
dzn 10:20:05
That is totally possible!!
dzn 10:26:14
@lizbarry @itsmisscs can you write your travel dates between May 9th and June 9th.
dzn 10:26:49
That’s the period between right before Rightscon and until after PDF.
dzn 10:26:56
we can find a time somewhere there
lizbarry 10:27:11
Thank you for the focus D!
itsmisscs 10:27:51
Before would be great. After rightscon Im going to Berlin. Otherwise, Im around
dzn 10:28:13
ok! so let’s shoot for before
lizbarry 10:28:19
itsmisscs 10:28:44
Initially we spoke of the week before RightsCon. Giving time to be in TO the Tuesday before.
patcon 10:29:06
Liz checking dates
lizbarry 10:29:29
Can I get any privacy :joy:
dzn 10:29:31
lizbarry 10:30:08
Before is perfect. I have to do some work thing in Houston on Monday right after RightsCon
dzn 10:30:51
done. Week of May 7th?
lizbarry 10:31:51
Didn't we have a weekend / weekday strategy? Well let's sort that out soon
itsmisscs 10:31:52
Yes week of May 7
dzn 10:32:29
one thing.. we will have to arrange for tickets Taiwan-NYC-Toronto-NYC-Taiwan?
dzn 10:32:35
patcon 10:32:36
:wave: Possibly code for america summit: may 30-jun 1
dzn 10:32:59
hai hai. sorry for missing you in call out!!
dzn 10:33:16
got caught in the NYC weeds :flushed:
patcon 10:33:47
No problem!
patcon 10:32:44
Also, hai hai hai!
itsmisscs 10:33:01
We spoke about focusing on Taiwan to NYC leg
itsmisscs 10:33:21
If we have funding, opening up to NYC to TO
dzn 10:34:33
that’s tricky since we technically invited them to rightscon.
dzn 10:35:00
let’s chat with them and see who’s thinking of coming
itsmisscs 10:35:05
We did?
itsmisscs 10:35:43
Chatting with them sounds good. Finalize the head count.
dzn 10:36:22
lizbarry 10:37:13
Gotta walk home, talk soon!


dzn 08:52:38
hello peeps. I have modified the awesome foundation proposal we put together a while ago to get money for facilitation training — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NGLamy4arKORjYTyx-CvuMQJhnWOUYd08njdoS1gIlw/edit?usp=sharing
dzn 08:52:42
Funding applications (Awesome foundation, Helium)
dzn 08:53:13
edit and we send by Friday evening?
dzn 08:53:37
I think the deadline is last day of month. Am I right @lizbarry?
dzn 08:54:18
@patcon maybe you can modify slightly (change the focus from CC to you and focus on rightscon?) and send to Canadian chapter.
dzn 08:56:02
We can also send to some of the world wide chapters
lizbarry 11:53:13
Yes! Deadline is last day of month.
dzn 23:22:46
Hey. Adding Shu to this channel, that ok?
dzn 23:23:10
she and Fang (PO officer) are going to come to NYC
dzn 23:23:28
Au would prefer after Rightcon though. She is in DC before :disappointed:
dzn 23:23:39
We can all discuss dates here
dzn 23:24:07
maybe there is a window some time after? If not, Shu and Fang can make it


dzn 01:19:41
@lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon if we move training to after Rightscon what dates between May 21 and June 6th work for you.
itsmisscs 01:20:09
of course. please add them here
dzn 01:20:43
for now…what are your dates?
dzn 01:21:28
I happen to be meeting someone from Prime Produce tomorrow. Will be good to float dates by them too
dzn 01:21:42
for space
itsmisscs 01:22:04
ah, are we moving it now?
dzn 01:23:14
we can finalize when we are together but let’s try to come up with 2 sets of dates? (if possible). What we can do before Rightscon and what after.
dzn 01:23:22
I think taiwan team needs to get their schedules in order soon
itsmisscs 01:23:34
i can see what i can change with my berlin flight
itsmisscs 01:23:45
i sent them dates assuming we were locked into may
dzn 01:23:57
can you do end may?
itsmisscs 01:24:04
no i can’t
itsmisscs 01:24:53
are the pre rightscon dates no longer possible?
dzn 01:26:43
they ok for Shu and Fang but she said that after Rightscon will be better.
itsmisscs 01:26:50
ah, i see
dzn 01:26:57
then Audrey can join as well and Shu will stay for PDF I think
itsmisscs 01:27:23
well, if Liz is around, go for it. I’ll be back for PDF, but end of may and those first days of june i’m out speaking
dzn 01:27:23
if it is not at all possible on our end, that is fine
dzn 01:28:09
in that case let’s just do it before and have Shu and Fang but not audrey
dzn 01:28:40
I’ll add shu here
itsmisscs 01:29:20
are they leaving immediately after PDF?
dzn 01:29:29
they may not stay until PDF
itsmisscs 01:29:35
dzn 01:29:36
that will be almost a whole month away
dzn 01:29:49
but not finalized yet
dzn 01:30:11
I think they are working on scheduling
itsmisscs 01:30:40
if they come for rightscon, it’s about 2 two weeks after
dzn 01:32:49
if we want the training before, this is off the table
itsmisscs 01:33:36
if we want the training before, they won’t stay for rightscon?
itsmisscs 01:34:31
pre-rightscon training = just training; post rightscon/pre PDF is training + joining for rightscon
itsmisscs 01:34:48
dzn 01:35:00
joining for PDF
dzn 01:35:18
post rightscon/pre PDF is training + joining for PDF
itsmisscs 01:36:57
i can see if they haven’t purchased my ticket yet and see about 4/5th return. would that give us time to do before?
itsmisscs 01:37:19
noting we’re going back to an earlier proposal :stuck_out_tongue:
itsmisscs 01:30:53
if they come before and stay through PDF, that’s a while, yes
dzn 01:40:29
I’d say *if possible* let’s give them 1 set of dates for after Rightscon (May 21 - June 6)
dzn 01:41:15
Shu and Fang have already blocked off May 7-13 so we already have something
itsmisscs 01:42:50
need to confirm asap
itsmisscs 01:43:07
i sent my travel dates to folks in berlin based on earlier date. small if maybe no window to change them
itsmisscs 01:43:46
i am happy to help organize if needs to be after, but i may not be able to attend. a bummer, but so be it
dzn 01:44:21
so, confirmed on your end that you have no time between May 21 - June 6?
dzn 01:44:25
you are locked in?
itsmisscs 01:44:37
i can try to get my flight changed pending they haven’t purchased it
itsmisscs 01:44:53
but i would need to submit that request asap. the earliest i can be back is the beginning of the week
dzn 01:45:04
ok. so if they haven’t purchased see what you can do
dzn 01:45:36
if they have purchased let’s do May 7-13
dzn 01:46:20
you would need to submit new dates right away?
itsmisscs 01:46:23
if they haven’t purchased, does that week of june work?
dzn 01:46:32
works for me
itsmisscs 01:46:42
does it work for them?
dzn 01:46:50
we will have to wait till this evening for Shu to confirm
itsmisscs 01:47:09
sylin 01:47:11
@sylin has joined the channel
itsmisscs 02:02:42
sounds good.
dzn 02:02:42
@itsmisscs The other thing is that if you are coming back from Berlin 4/5 (?) and we have training 5/6 and then PDF happens 7/8. That’s an insanely tight schedule! We already have May 7-13 and Shu and Fang.
dzn 02:03:09
no need to go through that kind of a grind
itsmisscs 02:32:49
it’s not impossible. i would come with a day between to allow for any travel issues.
itsmisscs 02:33:29
just need us to decide :white_check_mark:
sylin 03:11:17
Hi sorry for the chaos!
sylin 03:11:20
Fang and I have locked 5/7-5/13 - yes
sylin 03:12:24
And it will just be nice if Audrey’s days in NY can somehow overlap with ours - if not possible, it’s OK
sylin 03:14:27
Audrey has to be in Taiwan on 5/5 and 5/6
dzn 03:40:12
does this mean that Au is ok with leaving for NYC soon after?
sylin 08:37:42
not a strong preference but it’s surmountable, for sure
dzn 12:23:46
@sylin when is the earliest Au can leave? Is there a date between May 7-15 that will be comfortable for Au?
sylin 12:29:10
AU has talks arranged in Taiwan at 5/7,8,9,12
sylin 12:29:58
So .. maybe 5/12 evening or 5/13
dzn 12:35:18
Ok! We are all meeting tomorrow to plan. Tell you tomorrow?
sylin 15:35:22
Sure. thanks! will be nice to know around this weekend. At the same time we are arranging resources to bring POs there. Will sync with you all soon.
sylin 15:36:27
ideally we can chat again soon and sync a list of names and time/place, but no pressure.
dzn 23:45:01
We will let you know today. Thanks for being patient Shu!!
dzn 23:45:20
Up for chatting any time next week.
sylin 12:03:26
sylin 13:02:44
I am going for a hike next wednesday onwards. how about we chat next monday 10am/10pm?
dzn 10:07:10
let’s chat Monday. A little bit later ok? 10:30AM/PM? I have a meeting until 10:15 or so.
sylin 21:33:29
morning got occupied… how about tuesday?
dzn 12:45:56
Tuesday works for me
patcon 06:09:18
For this weeks chat, is Wednesday 10am/10pm locked in? Could we flip timezones so ET is 10am, for any time later this week? That way, those with daytime commitments, like @lizbarry and I, could participate :) no presh tho
patcon 06:10:34
(@darshana Saw card in our trello, but maybe this isn't the thread where it came from :) )
dzn 06:20:43
It came from here, I’m pretty sure :slightly_smiling_face:
dzn 06:21:02
I am fine with flipping!
sylin 03:16:56
And, she had another visit to DC at the first week of June, but we are moving it to end of May to try to match these two US visits
sylin 03:17:28
But again, if you are OK with having us in separate time frames, it’s totally fine
sylin 03:34:12
Personally, I am planning to visit Boston during this visit, also up for staying for PDF if there’s enough ahead time to sort out stuff here in May in Taiwan
dzn 03:39:30
wow @sylin you are such a night owl