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dzn 06:08:35
@sylin @fang @olivebranch.a @au Can we please get bios and pictures for the training website please. We will be promoting the event using the website, pointing potential sponsors and media to it, and eventually hosting the training videos there. This is the template we will use — https://nyc.g0v.network/


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olivebranch.a 2018-05-01 16:18:45
Let’s talk about this on 10PM/AM call?
Audrey Tang, a civic hacker and Taiwan’s Digital Minister in charge of Social Innovation, is known for revitalizing global open source communities such as Perl and Haskell. Audrey served on Taiwan national development council’s open data committee and K-12 curriculum committee; and led the country’s first e-Rulemaking project. Prior to joining the cabinet, Audrey was a consultant with Apple on computational linguistics, with Oxford University Press on crowd lexicography, and with Socialtext on social interaction design.

As for picture, you can use http://audreyt.org/audrey.jpg (high res for print), http://www.opensourceopensociety.com/img/speakers/audrey.jpg (for web); https://pixabay.com/en/users/audreytang-6659931/ (CC0); or any of the portraits at https://www.flickr.com/photos/audreyt/page1
Thank you!
dzn 06:08:40
Thank you!
dzn 06:10:48
If you need any more details, we can discuss it on our Wednesday call
itsmisscs 09:36:33
@katehnicholson do you do logo designs? i feel like our lil page needs a logo of sorts…could be simple and mostly text
katenicholson 2018-05-01 13:46:33
Not generally but let’s talk tomorrow. I can probably get a friend or if if it’s simple and I have a sec, can try something.
katenicholson 2018-05-02 04:57:17
Hey - let me know your needs re logo.
itsmisscs 20:17:08
coming along. will def need some content help. keeping first pass simple. can refine as we go.
@null 21:33:57
@itsmisscs commented on @itsmisscs’s file in-progress.png: speaker and organizer info are all outputting to the page. currently i’m just pulling from the doc with stub for taiwan team
itsmisscs 23:12:22
very much WIP. Much of the content is stubbed especially in Tickets section. Another handful of hours today and should have it in a state that we can go out to the world with. Will continue to expand throughout the week. https://network-effects.surge.sh/


vTaiwan Open Consultation & Participation Officers Training




itsmisscs 08:45:37
What are we using for tonight’s call?
olivebranch.a 10:02:33
could cs suggest one? all i have is my appear.in channel lol
olivebranch.a 10:03:18
fang and I are ready
Fang 10:04:18



Video conversations with up to 4 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at <https://appear.in>

itsmisscs 10:24:27
room is full
itsmisscs 10:24:37
also is it 10:30/11:30 or 10?
sylin 10:24:58
sylin 10:25:02
itsmisscs 10:25:05
i thought i t was 10:30/11:30…sorry
sylin 10:25:14
let me change to zoom
itsmisscs 10:25:15
how about jitsi?
itsmisscs 10:25:48


Jitsi Meet

Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge

itsmisscs 10:25:59
lol what does now mean?
sylin 10:26:08
we are in that meeting now.
sylin 10:28:41
sylin 10:28:48
we are in jitsi
dzn 10:29:46
@itsmisscs are you in jitsi?
dzn 10:29:50
can’t hear you
olivebranch.a 10:29:57
can anyone hear me?
itsmisscs 10:30:38
switching to chrome
sylin 10:42:23
@fiorella here
sylin 10:48:42
housing and gentrification…
sylin 10:48:51
sylin 10:49:00
didn’t say transportation at all
sylin 10:49:09
but glad that you all like it..
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npstorey 22:25:40
Sorry I’m bad at Slack and just caught on that this channel for organizing the nyc facilitation training in nyc. Pasting the link to my suggestions for possible participants here. Any timeline for when invites will go out? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZQUqWIqOkdD5Gl6c5Jb9OiIRzWH0MYoxzJg90mNeJy0


devin 01:37:02
@nathan.p.storey I'll onboard you now
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lizbarry 22:57:28
Hi folks, what does everyone's Friday afternoon in NYC schedules look like? Please respond to thread, thanks! @itsmisscs @darshana @devin @katehnicholson @nathan.p.storey and anyone else i forgot to mention ❤️
Will be at Orbital early afternoon onward
I can make it. 2PM onwards.
Free around 3.
Great! Let's aim for 3pm or as soon thereafter as possible!
Unfortunately I can’t make it tomorrow or the next Friday. I don’t need to insert myself into the decision making process of who gets an invite - mainly want to contribute suggestions and provide any info about nyc gov that may be helpful. Since I have limited/unpredictable time availability I’m happy to contribute when I can as long as it’s useful.
I’ll be ready to send an invite out to any of the people from my list once the invite list is finalized.
Thx nathan. Hopefully we'll come up with an easy way for you to contribute knowledge on the invite list without it taking too much time. 🙂
katenicholson 2018-05-04 11:37:18
Hi all - i just moved and am in major catch up mode on a few fronts, so unfortunately don’t have bandwidth tomorrow. Im planning to come next friday. Ill chime in if I see any opportunities to help out until then, otherwise I look forward to coming on board next week.
thanks Kate! we'll try to be clearer about where a good spot to pitch in might be 🙂 thanks so much for your help last week with editing the form!
I have a last-minute appointment with some friends to open a bank account at 3:30-5pm today :(
@devin please let us know when you are here so we can buzz you in
Thx. 15 minish for me. What should I bring? Coissants?
sure! savory
To late downstairs
@patcon if you free up, we’d love to get you on the phone to talk about people you nominated.


dzn 08:44:23
Hi Taiwan team. Thank you for your introductions and pictures!


dzn 02:59:03
1-page cover sheet for Sloan Foundation grant


dzn 04:39:38
@lizbarry sloan 1-pager ready for hand-off to you 🙂
dzn 04:39:41
1-page cover sheet for Sloan Foundation grant


lizbarry 03:56:53
picking up now
lizbarry 03:58:31
this is nice work D, thanks
🙂 1
lizbarry 03:59:33
the timing of your commas is so commonwealth ❤️
For queen and crown ✊🏾✊🏾 😉
lizbarry 04:07:27
ok i did tiny edits and i'm already done, thank you so much for overhauling this! @itsmisscs, i'm wondering if you can put an eyeball on this now?👀👁️👓👁️‍🗨️🕶️
Took a look @darshana and @lizbarry 💯 My one question is whether it can be on behalf of g0v Network. Your earlier version listed it this way, D.

Is there anything else that goes with the application to the Sloan Foundation?
dzn 04:21:48
@devin @patcon too. We have promised things on all your behalf. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
dzn 04:23:09
The plan is to send this out on Monday.
itsmisscs 05:41:33
Will check when I get home.
devin 08:37:17
hi folks. I put together a temporary page on sarapis for the application - http://sarapis.org/vtaiwan-nyc/


vTaiwan Open Consultation &amp; Participation Officer Trainings

In the spirit of international exchange and with the support of the Taiwanese government, we are pleased to announce the first English language opportunity to learn the facilitation methods that po…

I don’t see anything
dzn 08:56:00
@darshana pinned a message to this channel.

wooooops <http://sarapis.org/vtaiwan-nyc/>

devin 08:56:02
Sorry link was wrong - it's actually: http://sarapis.org/vtaiwan-nyc/
itsmisscs 19:58:09
morning @patcon, could you setup a subdomain for the site? Two Friday’s ago agreed to go with `training.g0v.network` for this first version.
I created a new repo for training.g0v.network. I was a bit frustrated with Jekyll site when I sat down to work on it. So…I did what every dev should not do and I started clean with a static site generator called Gatsby. It functions similarly, static markdown content, can be autodeployed.

For speed, I set it up on Netlfy (a heroku for static sites) which also powers a nifty little CMS setup for admin folks (can demo). We can easily point Netlify to custom DNS or I can move the contents of the site into the other repo. Here’s how we can setup Gatsby with Heroku https://www.gatsbyjs.org/docs/deploy-gatsby/#heroku.
i've heard great things about netlify, so 👍
Cool beans. I have you admin access. I can also set it and send you details for DNS.
okie doke, i'll check email and get custom domains set up on netlify. thanks!
ok done in aws route53, but DNS not showing up yet 🙂
thanks, @patcon! waiting by for DNS 👩‍🚀🏾
itsmisscs 20:02:19
@olivebranch.a @fang @sylin do you have any photos from a prior PO workshop? thanks in advance!
itsmisscs 20:39:02
Here’s the completed site with the content areas we discussed on Friday—link to fill out the application, link to sponsorship prospectus. https://trainingg0vnetwork.netlify.com. Anyone can edit any of the content in Github https://github.com/g0v-network/training.g0v.network. Most everything is in `data` or `content` with some minor exceptions. Any code committed to `master` will auto deploy. I’ve asked @patcon to setup the agreed upon subdomain for the project.
👍 1
itsmisscs 20:40:26
Feel free to open up issues as well. ^^
lizbarry 22:10:20
lizbarry 22:13:20
For @patcon, the criteria is "the capacity and influence to deploy participatory processes at scale; including, government officials from cities worldwide, community organizers, and academics."
patcon 22:59:15
re: g0v.network email.
great idea! but we're on route53, and they don't do email forwarding 😞
i can add us to mayfirst. we can all be admins which will give us access to admin email address etc
for now, we can use https://improvmx.com/ to forward all incoming email addresses to g0v.network@googlegroups.com. that'll keep a record outside individual mailboxes for posterity
on plus side we’ll get a nextcloud instance and unlimited email addresses
Great ++ all for it
also, would love to stay thoughtful on wearing the banner of "g0v.network" judiciously -- we're not yet able to organize a community like theirs, so it feels a little funny for a handful of us to wear the whole big name, if that makes sense 🙂
also, should the g0v.network@googlegroups.com list be public or private?
(google groups can be renamed, so if we decide we want a public mailbox later, we can switcheroo it and vacate the high-level namespace)
public makes sense to me. private for now because of applications?
open by default
ok, so this improvmx.com service isn't working. options: 1) switch domain to a place with email forwarding, or 2) subscribe to something like https://forwardmx.io/pricing for $9/year

any objection to (2)? or should we do a domain xfer to a shared account real quick, with email forwarding?
I'd vote for any email address --> google group be a private group. You never know what people are going to send and people don't generally associate email with publishing/public.
also - I'm not particularly comfortable with us claiming personal g0v.network email addresses at this point either. I'd keep it general.
yep, we'd have to make a larger effort to communicate how we work. my impression is g0v has the constant work of socializing the "we are not a normal group" thing. but happy to kick the can on that for now
i agree with general
I'll create an account on forwardmx.io
but could also see city specific email addy’s…we are too small for such asbtractions. one inbox for all
my credit is shit, so might be safer if someone with a better credit card attaches theirs, but seems i don't need one for now
re: username / password (see link to credential library trello card below)
Sarapis has a free/nonprofit Google Apps account that could host email if needed.
If we’re between Google and Mayfirst, can we go with a service aligned with our values? You can use IMAP to receive your mail in your google inbox and we can create a google user, if we so desire
multiple people can have admin rights to the hosting order easily
definitely fine with me
sorry, is it ok if i just use this forwardmx? i just feel close, and i've shared the password here so everyone can have access, so it feels nice and accessible to all 🙂
also fine with me. Just don't want to see you paying for something we can get vfree but maybe it's free so - yay progress. 🙂
heh, no unfortunately not free, but just something we can all share credentials to, which i really love!
hopefully will be ready to go in 300 seconds
ah man, this is laaaame. the update of mx records just isn't showing up yet. supposedly they advise up to 48 hours, but i've never seen it take so long

I've got to run to have a meeting, but I've linked my personal AWS account credentials in the trello card above if someone wants to go into AWS and transfer the domain to another shared account. I'd greatly prefer that if it's being transferred, it gets a quick +1 from someone, and that it go to an account with credentials that can be linked in that doc 🙂 but i'll let it to y'all!
I am finishing up a PR for work then I can look into it if someone hasn’t. on mayfirst we each have our own accounts with same admin access to hosting order. i don’t think we should share the admin account for our servers publicly.
@itsmisscs def whatever works, but it's not public -- it's in a google doc with locked down access to just some select few -- just to make one simple level of access-control for now. all-or-nothing for passwords until we outgrow that 🙂
👀 that’s public #deepstate 😉
i switched nameservers in route 53….taking a bit. going to take the pup out


itsmisscs 00:03:30
Should we have an airtable form for training.g0v signups or just direct to g0v.network for “email updates” button?
npstorey 00:28:26
Hey - I have a sick kid on my hands today, so may not have a chance to add email addresses to the outreach document until later tonight
no problem! Hope kiddo feels better soon 💗
Hi - I added contact info for the people from my list. Missing contact info for Gale Brewer, Carlos Menchaca, and Vlada Kenniff, but I can try to get it if needed.
I can get that info. Meeting Noel on Thursday. Thanks a lot @nathan.p.storey for adding the rest!
dzn 00:37:30
Hi @lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon @devin I’m starting a new thread so we can discuss what is need to submit the Sloan grant.
I see the comments on using the group name for submission. My mistake. Sorry! I wrote my name down at the very beginning when this was a more informal ask and then didn’t think about it until now. I will put down all of our names as Principal Investigators (we can’t just put a group name down since they need to know who to hold accountable). I will ask Noel if it’s ok just to use the group email or if a point person is needed for correspondence.
I am still interested in the group format