Month: 2018-12


patcon 15:03:52
heyooo <!here> -- badge assembly is moved from tonight to Thurs. Sorry for last-minute notice, @kevinphy and I both got busy.

:calendar: *Date:* ~Tues~ Thurs Dec 6 @ 6-9pm
:round_pushpin: *Location:* Taipei Hackerspace

Anyone else I game to come? :raising_hand: Yes || :no_entry_sign: No || :question:Maybe

Taipei Hackerspace

★★★★☆ · Coworking Space · No. 26, Lane 133, Taiyuan Road

patcon 15:06:15
Also, anyone coming to the *:g0v: hackathon* this :calendar: Sat, Dec. 8?


patcon 17:30:49
@kevinphy how you feeling about tonight? I'm still doing my paper :disappointed:
kevinphy 21:16:26
NP!!! I just got some beer btw tho…

We can be another day this week (oops, there are only two days remaining) or after hackathon. Sorry that I could not make it on g0v hackathon… so hope you guys to make on something sweet!
patcon 17:31:38
I know I could make it if you're already on your way (heck, it's going to be another late night anyhow), but wondering if maybe I could meet you some other time, since it seems it's just us...?
patcon 17:32:18
or maybe we could just meet for a quick beer, since i need a break from writing? :slightly_smiling_face:
Bimo 17:33:35
Damn, I just read this message :disappointed:
Bimo 17:34:24
Will come to the hackaton this saturday
patcon 17:50:27
@agoeng.bhimasta sorry, which message? the one asking for interest in meeting, or the one where we cancelled?
patcon 17:53:27
if you were on your way to hackerspace, that is really unfortunate, and i regret if you wasted any of your time...! :disappointed:

(i only knew @kevinphy was going, so i thought it was just a decision between us, and we live nearby)

let me know if you travelled here, and maybe we can salvage something :slightly_smiling_face:
Bimo 17:56:02
Fortunately I am in still in Hsinchu
Bimo 17:55:21
Everything, aparently my slack didnt give me any notification
patcon 17:55:39
heh, well i'm glad you didn't make a trip for nothing...!
patcon 17:56:13
@agoeng.bhimasta say, would you be down to make the pitch at the hackathon?
patcon 17:58:44
I am on the fence, because 1) i've been told that I can't use the badges in my final presentation format anymore, 2) team| has not been able to help me resolve an technical issue that would be important, and it's unlikely to get sorted in the next two weeks, and 3) my other "translation bridge" project is one that I'm told will feel more relevant to participants.

so I'm leaning toward pitching that, but I would wholeheartedly support a badge pitch if you were willing! I'm pretty decent at running community projects, and I think I could still help you out if you wanted to get started on the right foot (and have some enthusiastic collaborators in taipei, if not academic ones!)

ditto for @kevinphy, but I feel like he's got a billion other projects, so I can imagine it might be tough :stuck_out_tongue:
Bimo 18:04:12
Hahaha, I don’t plan to do any pitch since I don’t have any proposal to offer for now.

Also, since this is my first gov hack here, so don’t really know the situation.

But we could work on that during hackathon the right? I will bring the badge, etc in the event
Bimo 18:07:08
I have 10 assembled badges ready for now, but didn’t have time yet to make the programmer :sweat:
patcon 18:09:13
it's pretty low key. i've never been to a g0v one either, you just kinda get up and say "hi, I'm ___, this is what we hope to do, here's what people we need." ("we"s are encouraged even if it's just you at the time.) it can be polished, but doesn't need to be. and if no one shows up, it's ok if your ego can take it. i've had no one show up to my pitches _plenty_ of times, but it help me learn what works and what doesnt :slightly_smiling_face:

oh, and pro-tip, instead of asking for "hard skills", then asking for software ones like "people interested in xxxxxx, or community dynamics" or whatever, then you at least get some other people who are noncoders but will be engaged in convo and stay in the loop
patcon 18:10:13
sorry, not pressuring you to pitch, but just saying it's really no big deal, despite how it might appear! half the people there are always confused new people who won't know what right or wrong is
patcon 18:10:30
> didn’t have time yet to make the programmer :sweat:
patcon 18:11:19
oh man, that is PERFECT pitch size! seriously. just "we're going to assemble a programmer. and then you could kick it off with explaining the goals, and if there are hardware people, they will totally show up and help, and maybe stick around.

if you said "if you're intersted in assembling hardware, drop by," then you would prob get people. these things aren't about finding experts, but about finding community to motivate the work and surprise us out of what we think we know :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 18:11:46
haha ok ok i'm done pushing you
Bimo 18:12:00
hahaha, yes, and test it on the venue :smile:
Bimo 18:12:41
do I need to prepare some slide or something?
patcon 18:13:26
hm. i'm new to the g0v hackathon format... so not sure. can you read the hackfoldr?
patcon 18:14:00
can't read the hackfoldr, so not sure the intructions. was just going to go and wing the pitch
Bimo 18:16:15
yeah, ok, let see what I can prepare this friday and enjoy the hackaton :grin:
patcon 18:38:11
ok, wahoooo! see you then!


patcon 18:54:32
@imyentsen best social physics primer


Sandy Pentland: "Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread" | Talks at Google

Ansin Law 09:10:22
Thank you @patcon !


patcon 15:45:31
@kevinphy you going to be at hacker space tonight?
kevinphy 17:06:05
patcon 17:39:03
Omw in 15! I have a shit-ton of delicious food from this event too


patcon 01:28:49
Yaaaaay @kevinphy! First one made!
patcon 01:33:09
Their new mailing list, for anyone who wants to follow international rhythm badge stuff:!forum/rhythm-badges
patcon 01:36:26
The Friday evening community presentation:

Civic Tech in Taiwan &amp; Canada: Friends with Differences/patcon 離台分享會

patcon 是 g0v、vTaiwan 長期在北美的協作、觀察者,在即將結束訪台計畫的前夕,歡迎社群的朋友一起來聽聽他這段時間的觀察與心得,以及對加拿大與台灣更未來公民科技的合作發展的想法。

patcon 01:38:52
And the more formal and smaller morning presentation to Taiwan Foundation for Democracy:


patcon 10:18:21
Hey @kevinphy :) was researching the stencil technique that Oren mentioned on mailing list, and wondering whether our solder paste technique on accelerometer will actually work, or instead connect all the pads. From an article I found on the technique:

> When you lay this stencil over your bare board, you can squeegee a layer of solder paste over it, leaving a nice, uniform layer of solder on all of your SMD pads. This makes it easy to assemble your next prototype, where the natural alternative is to *apply solder one pad at a time with a syringe*, then times that by 100, 200…1000!?

Haha we def didn't do this. Does this create questions in your mind too?

Eagle Blog

Getting Started with Solder Paste Stencils | EAGLE | Blog

Learn how to get started with solder paste stencils and apply solder paste on a bare board PCB for all of your Surface Mount Device (SMD) components.