Month: 2018-03


sylin 17:44:27
Hi guys, I am drafting a write-up of holopolis project for IaaCBits magazine. This is my first draft. (already, I am running out of my brain juice lol) I would love to have all of your help, while sending this doc to IaaCBits’ editor for the first glance. Feel free to edit directly.
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sylin 11:23:55
guys, an update from IaaCBits: the first issue of magazine has been postponed, so holopolis will be published after June. The editor also requested some modification, especially on its use with people. Looks like it’s time to install in real field and try things out. :slightly_smiling_face:
sylin 11:33:36
thanks @itsmisscs @patcon on the edits! will get back to them later.