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sylin 10:26:34
Hi guys, 3pm sounds not ideal for some of us, so we will change the meeting time to
11am (UTC+8) Fridays – that will be 12am in Tokyo, and 11pm (Thursday) for New York
itsmisscs 22:31:18
Thanks @sylin. Will plan on joining those.




sylin 10:38:17
@billy3321 are you joining the meeting later?
billy3321 10:38:56
@sylin 應該ok!
sylin 10:39:12
如果 au 有空也可以抓他來XD
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au 10:52:47
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sylin 10:53:47
au 加油
au 10:53:50
在立院帶耳機 meeting 有點太狂了
sylin 10:53:54
au 10:54:03
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sylin 10:54:21
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itsmisscs 11:05:48
i’m misscs on GH
itsmisscs 11:12:14
`itsmisscs` might be even more :logical:
naxus 15:22:15
this is the trello team for holopolis.if you want to join us please tell me your e-mail. https://trello.com/holopolis


Holopolis (holopolis)

No Description

itsmisscs 20:17:26
naxus 17:18:39
also ,the github repo is here. if you want to join us please tell me your e-mail or account. https://github.com/PDIS/holopolis



holopolis - web:

sylin 17:19:16
added misscs @itsmisscs
sylin 17:19:53
@naxus timeline 怪怪的
naxus 14:30:46
sylin 17:20:32
每次 refresh 都長得不一樣XD


itsmisscs 00:13:14
@sylin shall we start maintaining an archive of this channel?
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dzn 02:42:37
@naxus I’d like to join github repo please. username — DZNarayanan, email - <mailto:darshana.narayanan@gmail.com|darshana.narayanan@gmail.com>
naxus 14:30:56
dzn 01:03:27
Thank you!!
dzn 02:42:41
Thank you!


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Microsoft mixed reality guru Alex Kipman believes communication will be VR’s killer app

When Microsoft announced its Windows Mixed Reality platform last week, it talked about how the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality (which Microsoft calls mixed reality) would create a new era in computing.

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@sylin ^^
sylin 00:14:54
itsmisscs 12:52:26

the Guardian

Mark Zuckerberg 'tours' flooded Puerto Rico in bizarre virtual reality promo

The Facebook CEO’s cartoon avatar visited the hurricane-damaged island in a tone-deaf livestream that was part disaster tourism, part product promotion

itsmisscs 12:55:25
instead of thinking what could the technology afford to understand disaster/remote/hard-to-reach areas…
sylin 17:19:39
High Fidelity virtual space “Plurality” created! Thx to @au
sylin 17:19:58
au 17:20:14
if you paste your hifi ID here, @sylin can add you to the group with full control on that domain
sylin 18:10:59
My portal to Plurality
sylin 19:16:25


Engagement Lab

We are an applied research lab dedicated to innovating the ways people participate in civic life and expanding the study of citizenship in a digital era.



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Video conversations with up to 8 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at <https://appear.in>

herman_wu 10:59:31
Hi @sylin, I am in Singapore for a case. Sorry couldn't join today. I promise I will join next week. XD
sylin 11:00:09
XD no promise needed
sylin 11:00:21
hope to see you soon!
herman_wu 11:04:04
Sure. Have a good meeting :slightly_smiling_face:
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au 22:48:40
<hifi://Plurality> rebuilt, and re-added @naxus to ACL. (future server upgrades will take place over weekends)
sylin 23:17:21
Thank you!!!! @au sorry for bombarding you with messages during your panel ;p
au 23:25:13
no problem at all


itsmisscs 05:33:20
I’m itsmisscs on hifi. No rush on adding. I’m heading offline for a week


naxus 09:24:07
@au thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


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sylin 11:00:35
let’s get online :slightly_smiling_face:
sylin 11:03:50



Video conversations with up to 8 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at <https://appear.in>

sylin 12:31:33
@chingchen 所以剛剛 darshana 是建議我們去這個slack 問他們問題
sylin 12:45:55
recap 一下剛剛聊到的東西:
1) polis api
polis api 的問題,章魚哥的問題算是解決了,但是API的quality還是不太夠用,或許是key的問題,或許是API本真就沒有寫好, 但anyway希望可以聯絡 polis的人看誰可以替我們解答。
---> enter http://meta-pol-is.slack.com|meta-pol-is.slack.com
2) why holopolis
在做完設計師該做的事情,比如說列出 insight, 寫 design questions, 之後,回過頭來看看holopolis 是不是我們的 solution 呢?ching 點出我們當初是希望吸引更多的人,也就是au說的要好玩,vr+polis 各有他們的好處,那 ching 提出 bot 其實有一個點是希望大家可以更輕鬆地加入對話(不用像VR要透過很厲害的電腦跟很繁瑣的設定)
---> vr for fun, polis for scale, bot for mobility/accesibility
ref: https://talk.pdis.nat.gov.tw/t/insights-and-design-challenge-generation/4056
3) design philo
因為社會勿提越來越繁雜不再只是一個owner, 用單純的 design method 就可以解決
ref: http://www.kidnext.design.kyushu-u.ac.jp/k2/archives/files/K2dialogues01.pdf
(recommend bryan boyer’s article) “Most important challenges we have right now
are the ones don’t have a single owner. ” 
by BB
Ching 也分享deep learning 的原理,我們討論到 optimisation 到底要 optimise 到哪裡去
我這兩天覺得或許以後 designer 的工作會是問對問題就好,也就是問到可以讓機器姐解決的問題。

PDIS 公開討論區

Insights and design challenge generation

Insights We should all think together There are big questions we should all think together, the questions like: “Where shall we go as a society?”, “What do we want from technology?” There are many controversial issues in our societies left unsolved Tadao Ando has designed architectures through presenting his visions for the future. His architectures show the endeavor to present themes such as the houses of origins, house of building upon what exists, and creating that which does not exist, ...


dzn 09:29:34
This might be worth checking out at Miraikan — http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/activity/opinionbank.html


Opinion Bank | The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

What do you wish from science and technology ?This is a place for visitors to express their opinions on cutting-edge science and t...

dzn 09:30:38
When I visited they had a really cool way of engaging with visitor, getting their feelings on exhibits and the future of society
dzn 09:31:31
they had place to vote and then displayed the results on the ceiling in opinion clouds
dzn 09:31:55
I don’t know how they do things now but worth a watch. They are very creative and get up to fun things
dzn 09:32:09
@sylin ^^ I’m envious you get to hang out in Japan


naxus 10:31:04
it's seems work
chingchen 11:08:20
let me give it a try. thanks
sylin 11:43:05
scenarios sketches
sylin 11:43:06

PDIS 公開討論區

Scenario sketches

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]


dzn 02:26:39
@chingchen send me your email address please. I’ll ask Colin Megill from http://pol.is|pol.is to send you an invite to the slack channel.