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Holopolis portal is ready! Welcome to check it out
hychen 16:12:22
@sylin 我也要玩
sylin 16:12:30
sylin 16:21:50
hey guys let hangout soon in holopolis
sylin 16:22:45
add emoji if you are available at the date/time below:
sylin 16:27:08
17th Jan 11 am (UTC+8)
sylin 16:27:12
17th Jan 3 pm (UTC+8)
sylin 16:27:15
17th Jan 8 pm (UTC+8) ------------------ canceled
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sylin 16:27:19
31th Jan 11 am (UTC+8) ------------------- scheduled!
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sylin 16:27:22
31th Jan 3 pm (UTC+8)
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31th Jan 8 pm (UTC+8)
sylin 16:27:29
14th Feb 11 am (UTC+8)
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14th Feb 3 pm (UTC+8)
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14th Feb 8 pm (UTC+8)
sylin 16:49:50
And…. another cool news to share!

We are invited to write an article for IaaCBits magazine (will eventually be placed in the “Papers” section, for 2000-3000 words aprox, 5 images + credits)
deadline in March, and will be published in April.

Shout if interested in doing some write-up for holopolis.
congrats!!! dope
that's so cool! I'd be happy to edit and proofread!
For those curious what *Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)* magazine, IaaC bits...

> seek to collect, investigate and distribute material contributing to the better understanding of the IaaC research lines, keywords and suggestive templates:

timelines/deadlines? is there a specific scope of topic?
The deadline will be the last week of March.
“The reason why the Iaac (Insitute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) works on these types of researches is that it's interested in another way of intending city planning and design. This through manipulation of materiality but also using technology and social media to programme what is behind cities functional mechanisms.
In this context, the general idea of this magazine is to build and develop a certain position on contemporaneous and relevant issues related to architecture and city planning.
To do this we are developing the topic of black ecologies to understand how the shift from a contemplative nature interpretation to a performative nature interpretation can have an impact on the relation between architecture and ecology; the topic of city gaming to understand how ludic and participatory processes can become design protocols.”
May be possibly to bring in some of the thoughts we had for TOCHI HBI edition
good point!
will start a draft soon. & send here for proofread 🙂 need all your help
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@patcon @itsmisscs, I will be in Holopolis on 17th Jan 8 pm (UTC+8), are you ready for a morning vr tour? lol
I’m not back until the 20th. Can join in VR thereafter! @darshana can probably join depending on the time
hey guys, the latest version of High Fidelity we are using now is build 7607, and we'll use it for our first vr meeting. Please check your environment before our meeting.
I don’t have access to VR equipment sadly. The one in our co-working space got taken back. Let me ask around and see what is possible…
oh no!!
he took it back :((((
mkay…will get us some equipment soon
he took it back!
we need some equip!
lol. I got the impression that he plays a lot of games to unwind at home
haha is that what parents do
I played a participatory space station game in VR this weekend
in Princeton friend’s house
what game?
was fun chatting with the other people. Some kids, some old folk, lots of germans for some reason
@naxus @sylin i will work on getting CC team a rig/equipment. we will miss this first meeting though unless we can find an alternative (i have ideas)
I forget the name. It’s like quidditch but the space station version
hogwarts in space
was funny
yeah. flying around in space suits
@naxus @sylin we’ll find a way to join you in VR.
lol grt to wake up to this thread
See you there
see you 😎
@patcon will you be there?
we can reschedule if we need more time to figure our the devices 🙂
VR is a no-go for me this week 😞 But, I did discover a place with some equipment. I’m working on making friends with them…
UGH. sorry, i was not watching this chan for some reason!
i'm not back in toronto until friday, so no VR access in NYC tonight, unfortunately 😞
BUT! for NYC ppl:
- the proghacknight events (basically a code for america brigade) run every two weeks (for example, last night)
- work time is from 7:40pm - 9:30pm
- they host at thoughtworks, who is very supportive
- thoughtworks has a bunch of VR rigs around the office
I feel like the proghacknight folks (and thoughtworks) could be really excited for the energy that would come with hosting VR meetings with ppl in taiwan (it would be 8:30am Wednesday morning for you @sylin, if that works!)
@itsmisscs @darshana would that be worth pursuing?
they have the equipment and we plan on being there..
cool! if/when proghacknight decides that bridges are ok, i'd be happy to patch their slack into the #holopolis bridge as well!
our Wednesday mornings sounds good
whenever you feel like starting
I am occupied next week though
and also expecting a travel on the first week of Feb



patcon 23:45:40
BUT! for NYC ppl:
- the proghacknight events (basically a code for america brigade) run every two weeks (for example, last night)
- work time is from 7:40pm - 9:30pm
- they host at thoughtworks, who is very supportive
- thoughtworks has a bunch of VR rigs around the office


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ok, #holopolis is officially bridged to an identically named channel in the Civic Tech Toronto slack. There's no one else in Toronto who's in the know on the project, but it will be a place for me to point people at our hacknights when they're interested 🙂

that sound alright?
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@patcon set the channel topic: This channel is BRIDGED and logged PUBLICLY. Project context: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17-TZX-A6ysES5VLb18kv2jmWqajkYURRZacmyQ5fPgk/edit



patcon 11:21:49
back in Toronto and going to try to access holopolis server real quick!
sylin 11:27:20
patcon 12:22:29
ok, just tried, and got some help from the rad hifi staff
patcon 12:22:46
so this is still what I'm seeing when I try to goto > "plurality" domain
patcon 12:24:16


Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

patcon 12:24:50
> Connection refused: protocol version mismatch - Domain version: dev
patcon 12:26:04
The staff member I ran into said that this is because the server is prob running on a dev build, instead of the official release.
patcon 12:26:28
Basically, server needs to run from "Download" link, not "Dev Download" link on their website:
patcon 12:26:51
and that should be enough to let Steam ppl and everyone else join 🙂
patcon 12:45:18
any chance we can move out of dev build and back to production release? Or was there a reason to go bleeding edge?
patcon 12:46:51
and sorry @sylin, but need your help again on this issue to unblock myself:


Improve readme by patcon · Pull Request #4 · PDIS/holopolis.pdis.tw

If it's alright, I'd love to contribute some improvements so that people can dive in more easily :) I've got some thoughts and scaffolding that I can pull from other projects, but I have some relat...

sylin 12:48:14
how can i help you?
patcon 13:53:37
@sylin still around? might you be able to DM me your heroku account email? (or create on?) thanks!
sylin 15:15:05
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sylin 11:35:28
Hi, we had been used the most recent release from “Download”, not from “Dev Download”. You had this issue because HiFi just release another version from “Download” again, we will do an update soon. respect!

Basically, server needs to run from "Download" link, not "Dev Download" link on their website:

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patcon 00:32:44
Still hitting the issue, despite us both being on the Jan 16 release (build 7710, beta release 62) 😕
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@patcon commented on @patcon’s file IMG_20180126_113119.jpg: If you're out of options on your end, I could make time to set up a server using configuration management software (chef) to provision the server from scratch. That way, whether it works or not, we'll have configuration in code that can be scrutinised. With that, we could either know what works and reproduce it on your servers, or submit a support request to hifi with full server setup details for them to look over
@null 00:39:26
@patcon commented on @patcon’s file IMG_20180126_113119.jpg: Might this be a good way forward?

cc @naxus @au re: https://g0v-tw.slackarchive.io/holopolis/page-3/ts-1513258903000389


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itsmisscs 07:09:38
hi folks, do you have a recommendation for a good 360 camera for recording sessions?
PDIS currently uses Insta360 Pro, we’re reasonably happy with it
thanks, @au. What’s the top thing you don’t like about it? Reasonably implies some pros, and cons 🙂