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@herman_wu 你上次說的那個演算法叫什麼名字呀?也是拿來計算 opinion group 的
"The aim of an autoencoder is to learn a representation (encoding) for a set of data, typically for the purpose of dimensionality reduction", 它也可以將資料壓到2維或3維
awesome, gonna study this. thank you!
@sylin will we have holopolis meeting tomorrow ?
下次可以改到 <Hifi://Plurality> 在 vr 中 meeting
What time it is ..... still in the morning?
Ha ... that will be cool
11:00 Taipei time
m.... Ching is on sick leave, I will be just finish a meeting at customer side. I will try if I can find some where to join the meeting ...
sure! let me know if you want to catch up anytime
thanks. If I can't join tomorrow, I will ping you for a quick sync. 🙂
@sylin I am in Taiwan Data Science event ...sorry couldn't join today. I will have a session in the event and is still working on it.
@sylin...Because @chingchen's notebook has problem, she will provide screenshot tomorrow ...
@sylin Ching need to fix her notebook...
ok~ got it thx!
🙂. It's a bad day for Ching...


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@sylin holopolis這個名字有意義嗎?還是單純就是hololens+polis
sylin 14:37:24
@au made this name 🙂
but when i look at it now, holo -> hologram, polis -> city, so we can see it as a virtual city
@au is quite good at naming. Helped with our names. Now I can’t unhear her saying vneck 👚. 🤣
AU in a v-neck….all set for vync
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@darshana helped writing a brief for our cite:
sylin 15:04:04
全息投影、城市論壇 之類的感覺
sylin 16:22:06
weekly meeting every friday 3pm https://appear.in/holopolis
feel free to join. At least @naxus and I will be there. @peterlee0127 & 舜博你們有空也可以加入!



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Added to our cal. Will aim to join 1x/month especially as we pick up on our project
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naxus 14:32:50
We've created a forum for holopolis(https://talk.pdis.nat.gov.tw/c/holopolis). If you want to join us, please sign up and tell us your account.We'll add you to group.

PDIS 公開討論區


Taiwan has been experimenting with bringing citizens and government together in a civic deliberation process for crafting digital legislation. Our process, vTaiwan, brings people directly into governance and helps lawmakers implement decisions with a greater degree of legitimacy. We see our project as an adaptable and reproducible prototype for future democracy.

🙋🏾 my account is `itsmisscs`
@itsmisscs added!
Thank you @naxus!
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sylin 14:09:23
Hi, just a reminder about today’s meeting.
3pm as in Taipei time (UTC+8)