Month: 2017-08


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sylin 18:54:06
Hi, let's have our Holopolis project discussion here! @colinmegill @ryoshirai @au @markdai
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herman_wu 23:07:04
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sylin 15:07:31
Hi Herman! welcome to make any request here 馃檪 links, api, contact etc.
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chingchen 15:55:35
chingchen 15:55:48
it seems that api service is down right now
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chingchen 15:56:46
service is back 馃檪
herman_wu 23:34:57
my node.js code always get 'Parse Error...HPE_UNEXPECTED_CONTENT_LENGTH' when try to access pol.is API... but Ching's C# code works good on it..... I tried 2 other rest API client and they all get the same error. (my code test on other system's API and it can work). Still trying to get around of this issue.
au 23:41:03
@heran_wu Please consider filing an issue at https://github.com/pol-is/polisClientParticipation/issues citing https://github.com/request/request/issues/2091#issuecomment-197222045



Contribute to polisClientParticipation development by creating an account on GitHub.


Getting HPE_UNEXPECTED_CONTENT_LENGTH trying to proxy HTTPS request 路 Issue #2091 路 request/request

I am using mitmproxy to intercept HTTP and HTTPS traffic, e.g. HTTP_PROXY=<> NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 node ./dist/bin/index.js <https://github.com> This error can be reproduc...

au 23:41:25
it's possibly something that can be amended at server side
herman_wu 23:45:03
@au Thanks... will do


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sylin 17:01:26
@chingchen and I both got 403 forbidden for participant and math/pca2 api, Has anyone had any luck with them?
yasuakikakehi 17:51:36
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sylin 18:01:22
Hi Yasu & kj ! welcome to the channel. So far Holopolis hold a hackahon every other week and a demoday every month. The next demo day will be in two days鈥
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au 15:55:36
uberx 閲嶆柊 export 浜嗭紝涔熸斁鍦 https://github.com/audreyt/polis-tally



polis-tally - Tally <http://Pol.is|Pol.is> export format

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sylin 18:22:07
Hi guys, 8/20's schedule will be a bit tight for holopolis. so we will take it easy, and next demo day will be 9/20. 馃檪