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dzn 12:56:47
Hey. Started an agenda doc for Saturday planning so I won’t forget anything. Feel free to add your thoughts for discussion and we chat 🙂

Composites Collective

Planning Q1—2018



itsmisscs 02:10:23
itsmisscs 08:04:05
@darshana mayfirst going to up us to 50gb for our instances. once we have some solid funding we can pay for dedicated server where we can move discourse and increase nextcloud
itsmisscs 08:04:58
i’m working on putting all presentations and materials there. i’ll send you directions for how to get a folder on your computer a la dropbox style to make it easy for us to share documents
dzn 08:06:13
sounds good!!
itsmisscs 08:44:15
@darshana another org to look at for language


At SYPartners, we believe it is worthy work to envision, believe in, and fight for greatness. One leader, one person, one challenge at a time.

itsmisscs 08:46:15
itsmisscs 08:46:58
I like how they call out consulting and made by. i was thinking of taking CC in similar direction where we callout consulting and labs. we can chat more but super tickled to see it in the wild
itsmisscs 08:47:12
Ida, from orbital, is a designer at SYPartners.
itsmisscs 08:47:46
> We help human beings, organizations, & societies become fuller, more vibrant versions of themselves—so they can constantly transform & have impact in the world.
katenicholson 08:47:54
thanks for this shared!
> The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires system and design thinkers, something the traditional consulting firms aren’t
❤️ been saying this for a few years!! i’m so excited for the future despite how scared i am too (read environment)
katenicholson 2018-01-05 08:49:56
hah jyup.
katenicholson 2018-01-05 08:51:57
people hve been saying it for years— like going back to bucky, victor papanek, etc-- it’s nice to see it finally taking root— likely because of the technologies enabling the climate (non traditional work, etc)
katenicholson 2018-01-05 08:52:40
I promise to dig through my folders soon and send over more fodder if you like this stuff. frameworks + readings, systems thinking etc.
so true…decades, really
all the answers exist we just haven’t applied it
omg i love this stuff!
i’d love whatever you want to share ❤️
itsmisscs 09:04:18
very interesting

SYPartners | Made By SYPartners

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Free tools, prompts, and exercises from SYPartners to help your teams flourish.

@lizbarry haven’t looked through these yet but lookie!
itsmisscs 10:43:13
itsmisscs 10:43:37
@darshana do you get notifications when i @ mention you?
itsmisscs 10:43:52
curious if email stuff is working or i need to debug that a bit more
itsmisscs 11:00:17
anywho, here’s a research thread on hackathons I shared the link with Mike Caprio

Composites Collective

Hackthons: A collection of ideas, thoughts, and articles

This is a share from Han Hackathons as Co-optation Rituals: Socializing Workers and Institutionalizing Innovation in the “New” Economy Hackathons help to form both a vernacular culture inside the social world of digital technology and a repertoire of everyday social and cultural practices in other spaces, institutions, and economies (Coleman, 2010 ). They translate the values of a longstanding hacker subculture into new work norms, socializing workers to create new products and institutiona...

itsmisscs 11:12:33
ah found it!
itsmisscs 11:13:08
the system that spread the news of the trade deal
cool! this is the "taiwanese reddit" that has been alluded to in some resources, right?
hm. it's not in wayback machine. das bad.*/

i'll ping about that to see if a deep crawl can be seeded
i think this is around the time of the post in question, but haven't found exact one:
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itsmisscs 23:04:16
@darshana on appearin
dzn 23:04:39


itsmisscs 03:07:30
@darshana install the mac client; enter / then enter the same info you do to access your mail account


Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share and communication app platform. Access &amp; sync your files, contacts, calendars &amp; communicate and collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it!

itsmisscs 03:07:37
it’s just like dropbox!
itsmisscs 03:07:55
works so well. and you can selectively chose what you want to sync to your computer.
itsmisscs 03:08:13
we just need to share folders. i’ll shared the team one i have been prepping
itsmisscs 03:08:29
mobile apps too 🙂
itsmisscs 03:43:31


A More Accessible and Eclectic Future for Virtual Reality

This year’s Versions conference mostly encouraged a more sober, productive, and critical probing of the cultural landscape of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.




dzn 08:30:39
@itsmisscs hey. Can’t find the link to the DU talk. Send please.


itsmisscs 04:33:06
@darshana DU talk
itsmisscs 04:33:51
sorry about that, I swore it was shared. is always worth checking, too. that’s basically all the channel history.
patcon 23:43:59
Non-login url :)


Creatively re:imagining our futures using on/offline participatory methods

ideas with you about how we can creatively re:imagine our futures, specifically the futures of our societies, using participatory models…

itsmisscs 23:48:17
It’s not published yet.


itsmisscs 02:04:23
@darshana do you have photos from our 4th planning session at orbital? i don’t have them on my phone. maybe on yours? if so, can you add them to

Composites Collective

Fourth planning session (part 1)

Goal: Defining vision for projects and collective. Work in progress in hackmd


dzn 01:55:50
Hey. Things I edited on DU talk (don’t know if they send you edits)…
The #1 principle of the g0v community is that no one is or represents the g0v community.
From papers and work of Ahmed El Hady, Princeton U. and Darshana Narayanan Composites Collective
dzn 01:56:01
All set on DU talk
dzn 02:11:24
Also, done with wework one. Changes there…
How have we come to this crisis — ‘NYC’s local political system is in need of updating. There are efforts underway spearheaded by BetaNYC and Manhattan Borough president to “update” the community boards. We, at Composites Collective, remain optimistic for the future of New York City.’

Changed out the vTaiwan meeting space pic for the new one (the one in the Civicist)

Added Liz’s name to acknowledgements
dzn 02:12:07
here too added my name to the organizational structures research with Ahmed
dzn 02:15:15
feel free to change back the vTaiwan pic is you would like the pink label there
itsmisscs 07:28:11
Thanks @darshana!
dzn 08:09:38
any time!! 🙂
dzn 08:09:42
thanks for writing!!
itsmisscs 08:10:12
we both wrote 🙂 Just lots of copy pasta and editing our scripts
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itsmisscs 08:10:16
will put those out
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itsmisscs 08:10:35
what time do you want to write tomorrow?
itsmisscs 08:10:57
afternoon? happy to start after lunch and go onwards from there, if that works for you
dzn 12:45:53
let’s do that!
dzn 12:46:11
start at 2PM?


dzn 03:22:35
vnyc appearin


itsmisscs 01:20:39
itsmisscs 01:29:47
good session. coming along. i really like the symmetry between process and case study section now
dzn 03:54:50
oh cool! An extended pic
dzn 03:55:01
I’m ready to get back to it whenever you are
itsmisscs 03:55:42
need another 30 minutes
itsmisscs 03:55:49
middle of a task
dzn 03:57:58
sounds good
dzn 03:58:07
I’ll get ready and out of here
dzn 03:58:24
will ping you at 3:30PM
dzn 03:58:33
will have a few hours before Prog Hack night
itsmisscs 04:36:05
dzn 04:38:55
I’m back
dzn 04:39:11
I think my stupid phone just died on me
dzn 04:39:13
for good
itsmisscs 04:39:20
oh no!
dzn 04:39:28
so weird
itsmisscs 04:39:42
itsmisscs 04:39:45
could be the cold
dzn 04:40:23
I don’t know
Try bending screen or applying weird pressure? I've had two phone where some looseness could be fixed with pressure. Around screen or plugged-in USB adapter should give leverage on internals
dzn 04:40:26
so strange
itsmisscs 04:40:34
hopefully just the cold
dzn 04:40:35
I left it charge. Let’s see…
dzn 04:42:06
get started?
itsmisscs 04:42:57
yes…2 secs. just putting coffee on. suddenly got way exhausted. will join in appear in
dzn 04:43:18
sounds good. no rush!


itsmisscs 07:52:25 nice video inspiration for patreon


Multi Entry - Telling the Stories of Young, Creative China

A multimedia collection of stories, interviews, and guides that vibrantly portrays the lives and worlds of young Chinese creatives.



dzn 02:10:07
Hey. Let’s put in some time this week for CC planning? Over a meal would be fine too 🙂


dzn 09:07:32
Also, I am meeting with Civicist next week for BetaNYC stuff. We should update them about our article. Let’s chat about how to convey.


lizbarry 00:49:57
Is anyone having lunch?
lizbarry 00:50:09
I just finished class and I'm on 13th street
lizbarry 00:50:55
I think I might just walk towards Orbital
itsmisscs 00:52:08
I am here at orbital. Just ordered lunch from a new spot on rivington. Tongkatsu :)
lizbarry 00:54:32
lizbarry 00:54:44
Ok I might eat ramen out and then make my way over
itsmisscs 00:55:15
Sounds good. It’s how and tell. I’m going to be lurking on fl2 for a bit
lizbarry 01:06:52
Cool. I just need to work and not talk actually 👓 😊
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itsmisscs 01:07:11
haha SAME
itsmisscs 01:07:14
so busy
katenicholson 01:21:00
👋 hi. have a good work day ladies. I’ll be back tonight, down to meet up this week if you’re up to stuff. xx
lizbarry 02:51:04
I'm a few blocks away gonna get coffee want one?


lizbarry 00:59:40
regarding the license discussion, Wendy Chun (who we heard at CyberConf) in "On Sourcery" cites
>Niva Elkin-Koren in “Creative Commons: A Skeptical View of a Worthy Project"

>[Sharealike] “does not aim at creating a public domain, at least not in the strict legal sense of a regime that is free of any exclusive proprietary rights. The strategy is entirely dependent upon a proprietary regime and drives its legal force from its existence. The normative framework assumes that it is possible to replace existing practices of producing and distributing informational works but relying on the existing property regime. The underlying assumption is that if intellectual-property rights remain the same, but rights are exercised differently by their owners, free culture would emerge.
lizbarry 01:02:03
This is regarding the US social movement's emphasis on the commons and GPL vs the Asian context of g0v which public domains everything, which is rather more Maoist, in which individuals are not offered similar rights. This is my preliminary understanding.
lizbarry 01:03:51
The Western context for sharealike licenses rests (imo) Elinor Ostrom's theories of commons management. a comment on how property can be held outside of states and markets.

I read this quick blog and found:
"Rather boldly, her Nobel lecture was entitled ‘Beyond Markets and States’. She believed that much economic activity could be undertaken directly by communities, bypassing both centralised state control and market activity. This notion of an element of collective ownership is more and more important in our economy."
Back to my thoughts, civic tech in asia is working in the context of a centralized state. Need to bring in anarchist theory.
lizbarry 01:05:21
The next phase of sorting this out is to go through values. The values which bring people together to work on something, the value which emerges from the work
lizbarry 01:32:23
Sorry tangent: Did you even hear about how Facebook originally had a "user vote" in its corporate documents, and how the third and last vote went down in 2012?
lizbarry 01:33:43
i found that from reading today's article on how Facebook is going to roll out a new "global privacy settings hub" after pressure from the EU's GDPR
lizbarry 21:38:51
another one on fb, this time on Egypt shutting down tend of thousands of "activist" accounts