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itsmisscs 09:57:13
omg td voice print. record your voice so next time you call in they can id you via voice instead of asking questions. 🙀
itsmisscs 09:57:16
um no.
itsmisscs 09:57:31
i have no trust in conveniences from corps these days
itsmisscs 12:46:02
@darshana we need to go to microsoft flagship store to try out thir mixed reality headsets :)) will be fun.
itsmisscs 12:53:40
cool on many levels (for film): 1) examples to learn from; 2) have a paid residency; 3) worker owned cooperate in nyc!


A community of makers committed to creating innovative and thought provoking film and new media

I like the look of these guys!!
We should chat with them!!
itsmisscs 14:15:31
coaching institute recommend by MB has been acquired by accenture

Agile Coaching Institute

ACI’s New Home Within Accenture - Agile Coaching Institute

Today, we announced that ACI has been acquired by Accenture. ACI’s new home within Accenture will allow us to fully realize our mission: defining and developing the Agile coaching profession so that Agile coaches become powerful change agents. As many of you know ACI has...

Wow. These companies are all over Agile


itsmisscs 02:06:58


Thanks(for)giving - A Seasonal Dining Experiment

As many of you know, in the past few months I have been studying the ins and outs of professional cookery at the Institute of Culinary Education. As we round the midway point, I have been thinking hard about what I'd like my design practice to evolve into post-graduation. To inspire possible answers, I am embarking on a series of experiments to explore the effects of food on social interaction. Event Format These dinners will be a little different from your typical sit-and-eat dining experience. While I can't promise predictability, what I can promise is a memorable evening of interacting in new and interesting ways with friends from the Orbital community. And of course, an abundance of tasty food made by yours truly. 7:00pm - Welcome and Freeform Mingling! 7:30pm - Sit-Down Dinner and Interactive Experiment begins (don't be late!) BYOB—This will allow me to focus on delivering the best possible food experience. (At least, until I take the wine course.) Theme The theme of this upcoming dinner will be... Thanksgiving! With a twist. If you have a personal favorite seasonal side dish, please tell me what it is. Your answers will inform certain aspects of the meal, which I won't reveal until dinner is served. Hope to see you there! FAQ May I bring a friend? Yes! Please have them purchase a ticket as well, so I can keep track of attendees as well as the amount of food to make. What does the ticket price cover? The ticket price covers the cost of ingredients and transportation, with a bit of padding for costing errors/price fluctuation. I source the majority of my ingredients from local producers committed to sustainabile growing methods and humane animal husbandry practices. The goal isn't to turn a profit, however if there is money left over, it will be donated to the unofficial Orbital Drinks Fund for the all-important purpose of fueling future merriment. I have a food allergy/dietary limitations. Inform me via the registration form and I will ensure that everyone leaves the dinner in healthy good cheer. :)

itsmisscs 02:16:32
@darshana here’s the link to edit events 🙂



<|> - Website source code for Composites Collective

itsmisscs 02:16:38
just commit directly to `cc-timeline`
itsmisscs 13:25:51
@darshana simple video editing concept and a nice video on greta. so amazing. let me know what you want to ask her. we can chat a bit at standup.



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dzn 22:31:04
yo. I’m on
itsmisscs 22:35:49
dzn 22:36:42


itsmisscs 02:28:31
i’m loving discourse as just a mind dumping tool
itsmisscs 02:28:42
@darshana ^^
itsmisscs 02:29:42
doing some meeting prep and decided to go back through twitter to jog my memory. ended up using tweets as storytelling mixed in with some of my notes I found and moved to discourse
itsmisscs 02:29:49
we can also backdate 😏
itsmisscs 03:00:16
vimeo have a live streaming service with engagement


Professional live streaming for your next event

Live stream your videos in high-quality 1080p, get tools to boost engagement (and lower stress), and enjoy one home for all your live and uploaded videos.

itsmisscs 09:00:30
@sylin @darshana where’s the list of articles? I thought it was posted to slack but cannot find. just see the one from darshana that i read
dzn 09:02:15
Was sent to hi@
itsmisscs 09:02:21
thanks 🙂
itsmisscs 09:56:57
@sylin @darshana are we using

Video conversations with up to 8 people for free - no login, no downloads. Create a video room. Share the link. Appear together. Try it now at <>

dzn 09:57:29
that’s what we used the last time
itsmisscs 09:57:54
itsmisscs 09:58:12
@sylin did you get our invite? i’m trying to test to see if it actually sends
shuyang 09:59:37
shuyang 09:59:49
give me 5 minutes to get ready
itsmisscs 10:00:13
no rush
shuyang 10:02:17
rachael wants to join us today,
shuyang 10:04:11
@itsmisscs didn’t see any invite. what did you send?
dzn 10:04:56
beat you to it Shu
itsmisscs 10:05:00
@sylin re-occurring cal invitation
dzn 10:05:04
we are all on
dzn 10:05:08
itsmisscs 10:05:13
will test with you after the call.
itsmisscs 10:06:53
see if that is better for some of the connections
itsmisscs 10:07:48
@darshana mind sharing that with rachel?
dzn 10:07:57
we’re coming on
itsmisscs 22:07:26
damn “Bitcoin rockets above $7000 for the first time”
dzn 22:10:19
I know!! I was looking yesterday
dzn 22:10:24
damn Audrey!!
dzn 22:10:53
I’ll get and make my way there
itsmisscs 23:46:06
tickets for Tina’s dinner purchased. got the last 2. will forward. venmo works 🙂
itsmisscs 23:46:35
@sylin is rachel in slack? if not, is she interested in joining?
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rachaello 00:02:08
@rachaello has joined the channel
rachaello 00:08:20
Hi everyone!
rachaello 00:08:30
It’s Rachael 😄
rachaello 00:09:24
Just joined the channel, thanks Shu for invite!
itsmisscs 00:35:39
hi @rachaello
itsmisscs 05:45:15


Adhocracy is a flexible, adaptable and informal form of organization that is defined by a lack of formal structure. It operates in an opposite fashion to a bureaucracy. The term was coined by Warren Bennis in his 1968 book The Temporary Society, later popularized in 1970 by Alvin Toffler in Future Shock, and has since become often used in the theory of management of organizations (particularly online organizations). The concept has been further developed by academics such as Henry Mintzberg. Adhocracy is characterized by an adaptive, creative and flexible integrative behavior based on non-permanence and spontaneity. It is believed that these characteristics allow adhocracy to respond faster than traditional bureaucratic organizations while being more open to new ideas.


itsmisscs 23:15:07
@darshana morning
itsmisscs 23:15:46
@darshana can you share the new doc with me?
dzn 23:16:24
dzn 23:16:37
it’ shared on your gmail and talkto
itsmisscs 23:17:38
found it. had to go to drive. google
dzn 23:22:08
just finishing up the pdis bit.
dzn 23:22:19
moving some stuff around
dzn 23:22:28
I haven’t gotten to the last parts
dzn 23:23:18
let’s chat at 11? It will be easier
itsmisscs 23:28:03
sure thing
dzn 23:59:28
hey. do you mind if we chat at 11:15? Sorry. My house is fucking freezing. Going to go to the coffee shop
itsmisscs 23:59:43
not at all!
itsmisscs 23:59:51
geesh i totally underststand that issue


dzn 00:18:52
dzn 00:18:54
dzn 00:19:17
It’scold here too. Gah
dzn 00:19:38
but at least I don’t feel like a total idiot sitting in my jacket
itsmisscs 00:20:28
ugh that’s annoying
itsmisscs 00:21:00
@darshana did you leave?
dzn 00:24:05
Damn. Internet trouble now. They are restarting. Soon...
dzn 00:24:10
itsmisscs 00:24:22
dzn 00:27:16
ok. gave up and connected to my phone
dzn 00:27:23
shall I get on
itsmisscs 00:28:15
i have to restart chrome
dzn 00:28:40
itsmisscs 00:28:48
itsmisscs 00:47:57

The New York Times

‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’

Inside President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines, our photojournalist documented 57 homicide victims over 35 days.

dzn 02:43:52
I'm off to see ahmed. Let's forget the BetaNYC flyer for now and plan on Monday. I should have the bandwidth for it too. Let's see how the tasks line up for next week.
itsmisscs 02:44:23
sounds good. tell him hi 🙂 happy writing
dzn 03:02:32


itsmisscs 00:00:14
@darshana be on standup in a couple!
dzn 00:00:33
I’m on. See you there
itsmisscs 00:08:17

Composites Collective

Chia Hua Notes from Darshana

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

itsmisscs 01:09:49
65 points in october
itsmisscs 01:11:57
that’s a pretty hefty amount of points considering capacity (being out for travel) and the number of 5's and 7's we had. will be nice to see how november plays out
dzn 02:26:56
dzn 02:27:21
yeah. I’m curious too
itsmisscs 02:47:27
entering ze doc
itsmisscs 02:52:39
@darshana these note ❤️ some really good quotes as we think about the article

Composites Collective

vTaiwan UAV Facilitation Meeting

Shu Yang invited us to attend vTaiwan Hackathon. Hackathons are used as weekly drop in hours for public and civil servants to discuss any matter related to vTaiwan. The facilitator and subject matter expert came in to discuss matters related to the UAV (drones) facilitation. Other attendees from civic tech fest attended. People needed 1 - camera 1 - obs 1 - facilitator 1 - facilitar for domain knowledge 1- stenographer (optional) 2-3 staff for slide Training prep-meeting for mock fa...

dzn 02:58:06
agree but maybe not for this one. I think most of them need a bit of context and we don’t go into the context right now
dzn 02:58:17
except maybe “this process is expense….needs a strong community”
itsmisscs 02:58:45
i should correct typing typos
itsmisscs 02:58:54
we can use it in the g0v article 🙂
itsmisscs 02:59:09
let’s enjoy having a whole article to tease through
itsmisscs 02:59:53
i created … to keep a list of resources or things we comes across that we want for the articles.

Composites Collective

Resources for upcoming Civisist articles


dzn 03:02:25
cool cool 🙂
dzn 03:04:00
ready to get on video whenever you are ready
itsmisscs 03:04:15
i’m there. chilling
dzn 03:04:27
coming 🙂
itsmisscs 03:20:06
this is the person that emailed liz about g0vnyc and is attending proghack night tomorrow. see thread in `team@`.

NYU Journalism

Eric French Monge - NYU Journalism

Location: New York, NY Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica Before Studio 20 …

itsmisscs 03:20:39
@itsmisscs set the channel topic: Daily going ons of g0vnyc project. All welcome! Standup daily 11am ( Resources/Notes: Set your notifications accordingly. We chatter.
itsmisscs 03:21:07
brain or soul…soul or brain
itsmisscs 03:21:11
so tough
itsmisscs 03:21:20
dzn 03:33:19
either soul or cognition
dzn 03:34:02
not a big fan of brain being a special body part
itsmisscs 03:34:30
yeah i hear you on that
itsmisscs 03:34:35
cognition is nice but lots of typing
itsmisscs 03:34:41
soul is simple
dzn 03:34:47
itsmisscs 03:34:57
also denotes a rawer space
dzn 03:35:05
also, I like the ring of it too
dzn 03:35:22
I vote for soul!
itsmisscs 03:35:56
cool. then we continue forward as it is named.
itsmisscs 03:36:53
the ease of the api may be what tips me over to use one as my own personal evernote
itsmisscs 03:37:43
shall see. i really like it for our stuff. it lends itself quite well. it is nice to have text, but the chia hua post of your screen shots worked really well to
itsmisscs 03:38:03
makes the nicest shared space
itsmisscs 03:38:26
it doesn’t allow pdf uploads. i need to check if it is a setting or by design.
dzn 03:38:34
the screenshots work surprisingly well
dzn 03:38:49
That’s odd that it doesn’t allow pdf update
itsmisscs 03:39:37
yeah. images work well. these are from my notes

Composites Collective

Civic Tech Fest Panels Day 2

Notes from Day 2 of Civic Tech Fest. in progress. moving notes from evernote Most of these comes from the panel session Proposal made by the government Discussions divided into periods [image] Sayit is a project from mysociety Makes transcriptions easy to search Where does participation [image] Save vtaiwan there are no offline meetings Vtaiwan has more complex procedures for on and off line Did you have meetings? How were the offline meetings structured? Who participates [image] W...

dzn 03:40:00
very nice!!! I like that a lot
itsmisscs 03:40:17
usually you can drag and drop from whatever source which makes it super easy to them in from anywhere
itsmisscs 03:40:32
yeah it’s nice

Composites Collective

2017-09-11 Alex Pentland WCIT Talk

We got to hear Sandy Pentland talk. He opened WCIT festival. He spoke about his social bridges metrics. The core of it states that as diversity drops, so does economics of an area”. I think about New York, housing, our work, the stories from our experimental summer. “This will be great for our project.” [IMG_3842][IMG_3840][IMG_3843][IMG_3841]

itsmisscs 03:40:58
a nice way to share 🙂
dzn 03:42:38
so nice!!
dzn 03:42:48
I will start moving stuff too and playing around
dzn 03:43:02
moving to the article first though…
dzn 03:43:14
going to go over solo for a bit, get into the grove
dzn 03:43:26
then ping and see where you are?
itsmisscs 03:49:55
@darshana sure. i’m working on the vtaiwan piece…the tools
dzn 03:50:20
🙂 I’ll giving it a read through for feel etc.
dzn 03:50:25
will tell you where I land
itsmisscs 03:50:33
sure. i’m still working on it
dzn 03:50:34
when I land 😉
itsmisscs 03:50:37
dzn 03:50:45
dzn 03:52:22
switching to suggesting for the small phrasing changes
itsmisscs 03:58:55

PDIS 公開討論區

What we do - Participation

The meme that paralysed the administration [image] In March 2014, students in the Sunflower movement occupied the Parliament for 22 days. The result has introduced a giant leap in civic participation in Taiwan. Hundreds of g0v (gov-zero) hacktivists built real-time ICT systems for coordinating supplies, live-streaming, transcription, and translation — broadcasting the demonstration to half a million people on the street and millions more online. They represented the first generation to spe...

itsmisscs 03:59:27
>Uber and Airbnb are hot topics, but other public issues — such as judicial reform, land-use planning, and cultural policy — don’t get much coverage. The long-form explanations won’t fit into mainstream TV and newspapers, and there are no angle for sensational commentaries.

>So by late 2015, ex-occupiers created new media channels, with the same non-profit, open-source, crowd-based techniques from the Sunflower movement.
itsmisscs 03:59:29
>Talk to Taiwan, an interactive web TV-show broadcast every Thursday evening, with a guest specialising on one policy area — the Mayor of Taipei city on Medicare; the outgoing Premier on cyber-infrastructure; and this week, the new minister of culture.
itsmisscs 03:59:44
take this idea of crowdsourcing concerns for districts
itsmisscs 04:02:28
the democracy as a game section of that post is +++ 💛
dzn 04:36:24
briefly went over. I like!! Was thinking of another way that this could be a game
dzn 04:36:33
chat later..
dzn 04:37:13
for now.. I am going over the g0v and PDIS parts
itsmisscs 04:39:02
okay. i’m in vtaiwan/lu chai hua and watchout
itsmisscs 05:00:15
@darshana what do you think about using ugly cat story to underscore the time we spent there a bit further up…something along the lines “had such a rousing conversation that Ugly, the office cat who likes to be a master of his space, came contribute his story about the two cats sharing his space…
dzn 05:00:45
lol. That might work
dzn 05:01:09
put in what you feel like, then we can switch spots and see what it sounds like
itsmisscs 05:01:26
then it can end on a project which is a nice tie to the opening of the following paragraph
itsmisscs 05:02:09
i still vote to cut ugly cat 😜
but i think you are right that we don’t know what angle we will take to tell the story. infusing ugly here fits the spirit of travel/story
itsmisscs 05:02:48
but i’ll see if this reads better than current placement at the end
dzn 05:06:47
it adds a some color to that section
dzn 05:07:02
we don’t have much personal stuff there the way it stood before
dzn 05:07:14
we don’t have to mention the master of this space part if that sounds weird
itsmisscs 05:07:39
ah. maybe that’s what tripping it up. didn’t think about that until you mentioned it
dzn 05:07:44
we can just leave it at, we visited the team and Ugly cat at…
itsmisscs 05:07:57
i always saw that as the descriptor
dzn 05:08:09
dzn 05:08:14
q to you ---
dzn 05:08:28
does the g0v hackathon enforce open source??
dzn 05:08:42
as in, do all projects HAVE to be opensource
itsmisscs 05:09:22
they clear that up in the video. i believe that is the one thing they ask but you don’t have to
itsmisscs 05:09:31
i don’t remember clearly, sorry
dzn 05:09:47
they say that about projects that are funded through OCF
dzn 05:09:54
that they have to be open source
dzn 05:10:02
I didn’t think they mentioned hackathon projects
itsmisscs 05:10:02
mmm also about g0v projects
itsmisscs 05:10:07
let me check through notes
dzn 05:10:12
I’ll look at the video
dzn 05:10:22
have to do it any case for Kirby’s quote
itsmisscs 05:12:23
kirby’s is the last one of the second video
itsmisscs 05:13:26
i think we shoud keep for the next couple months, especially if we decide to do patreon and release videos. if we invite ourselves to the team we can @mention each other and more effectively communicate over videos, i feel.
itsmisscs 05:13:39
at least until we get though reviewing and making clips of all the taiwan footage
itsmisscs 05:14:42
ipa says

> “the key reason behind the growth of the community is that we encourage everyone uses the open source license”
itsmisscs 05:15:47
encourage but don’t mandate 🙂
itsmisscs 05:16:26
part 2 video. sometimes for my notes, you need to go forward a bit.
dzn 05:22:37
I like that!! fits really well with what we are trying to say
dzn 05:22:44
(the ipa quote)
dzn 05:23:11
would be good to keep but maybe we can downgrade
itsmisscs 05:30:46
we have already run out of space
itsmisscs 05:31:18
we need to cut down the clips. i think it would be helpful for that first stage..reviewing…marking the spots. then we can make the clips and put them somewhere else for now
itsmisscs 05:31:42
we can get way more hosted space and just mount it like a dropbox folder
itsmisscs 06:14:52


Appreciating <|@ProPublica>'s choice to embrace "crowd-powered" as a phrase for journalism that relies upon collaboration with audience.

I like!! I’m going to retweet on talkto. hehe
practice twittering or something
dzn 06:18:46
I think compressing the 4K videos is another option. The Jacklyn Tsai videos alone are 30GB!!
itsmisscs 06:18:56
yeah they are huge
itsmisscs 06:19:01
that’s totally right
dzn 06:19:15
it’s really 2 sets that are occupying all the space
itsmisscs 06:19:31
the 4k video sets hehe
dzn 06:19:35
yeah 🙂
itsmisscs 06:19:45
but it is so much better footage
itsmisscs 06:19:53
compressing is a great idea
itsmisscs 06:20:46
for the g0v article, i think reviewing the mglee and ttcat videos will be useful
dzn 06:21:30
for sure!! for the next set of articles we should review all of the videos
itsmisscs 06:24:08
JT video, too….yeah, you are right, all of them
itsmisscs 06:24:54
@darshana what changes do you want to events section? i have the code open. just moved the project section below team and removed “pilot” from title”
dzn 06:25:23
just that. the rest are spelling mistakes
dzn 06:25:33
I can tell you now if that’s easier
itsmisscs 06:25:41
yes 🙂 while i have it up
dzn 06:26:29
dzn 06:26:31
dzn 06:28:24
in the denver talk, ‘On/Offline’
itsmisscs 06:29:27
what was the change for the facilitation event that you wanted?