Month: 2017-10


itsmisscs 04:40:43
quite the clever model from high fidelity

Worklist: High Fidelity's exoskeleton for rapid software development.

High Fidelity is an open source virtual world platform. We are building the software with a mix of full-time developers, part time developers who are paid here on the worklist, and open source collaborators. As use of the virtual world grows, Worklist will also host paid projects run by other teams.

itsmisscs 04:41:01
they let folks bid on issues to resolve. interesting approach to running a project.


itsmisscs 00:09:03
++ @darshana like the idea of notes in nextcloud ❤️
dzn 00:09:21
🙂 making it easy for them
itsmisscs 00:09:33
security ++
dzn 00:09:43
dzn 00:09:47
also, do you mind wednesday afternoon for civic hall?
dzn 00:09:50
dzn 00:09:54
Then maybe yoga?
itsmisscs 00:10:20
no, that’s fine. no yoga for me. i have some stuff to finish by wednesday night.
dzn 00:10:34
itsmisscs 00:46:18
ugh…my phone fell into Mitra’s bowl of water. Think that’s the end of it
dzn 02:20:57
oh no. shit
dzn 02:21:05
is it dead??
dzn 02:21:16
and I was annoyed about leaving mine at home
itsmisscs 02:30:39
i put it in rice. it wants to power off…there’s obvious water damage on the screen now too. sigh. i have another phone…just sucks to lose a phone this way
dzn 02:38:53
dzn 02:41:20
that phone inched its way to death
itsmisscs 02:41:31
it just looked dead
itsmisscs 02:41:44
needed screen replacement. my bad for mis-caring for it
itsmisscs 02:43:47
@darshana do you want to kick off an hour earlier tomorrow?
dzn 02:47:11
dzn 02:47:49
good thing you have extra phones
itsmisscs 11:14:54
it’s alive! just a small tache as a battle scar
itsmisscs 11:15:27
got denver details!! let’s chat tomorrow after retro about the talk. i’d like to make sure i’m covering things for the team.
itsmisscs 11:15:43
Twitter +++++++
itsmisscs 11:27:47
zomg finally: (ht @sylin)



youtube-dl - Command-line program to download videos from <|> and other video sites

shuyang 16:15:24
shuyang 16:16:42
I guess you know it already, another easy hack to download a youtube video by simply replacing the url to
nope. i didn’t.
sigh…i wasn’t so pleased with that talk.
i like the version at DjangoCon better. still suffered from not reading what’s on my slides. which is great.
learned my lessons
peace, will use your fav one next time
Lol. It’s public. Use what you want
shuyang 16:18:42
for example ->


CSSconf EU 2015 | Claudina Sarahe: The Front-End Revolution

i tried linktube and it said we had to download flash. boooooo.
command line ftw 😛
itsmisscs 22:31:48
@darshana i realized when I got to the train I had forgotten my wallet. Likely going to be 10 min late
dzn 22:36:13
No problem! I'll go in and get some tea :) I'll see you at the temple of dendur room (the one with the skylight). I'll be sitting in my usual spot at the corner.
I may make it. Super great train luck! 2 stops away on express 4.
I may make it. Super great train luck! 2 stops away on express 4.


dzn 22:28:56
left my phone at home so ping here
itsmisscs 22:30:19
dzn 22:52:21
civic hall confirmed. 3:30PM
dzn 23:03:52
I’m on
itsmisscs 23:04:14
dzn 23:04:29
cool cool
dzn 23:04:32
dzn 23:05:17
My audio bugged out
dzn 23:05:18
1 sec


itsmisscs 01:23:46
Thanks for the hackmd. I will take a look around 2. Skimming the tome they sent
itsmisscs 01:23:50
330 pages?!
itsmisscs 01:41:33
After reading the intro I actually think the book may have some important points for us or might be able to provide us with some citations when we think about the larger picture of Taiwan’s viable system design, for example
itsmisscs 01:42:05
Micah went to Princeton And there is a Masters program for collective action
dzn 02:14:08
This book is really good!!
dzn 02:14:29
I am midway through the chapter micah suggested and it’s excellent
itsmisscs 02:14:39
yes, it is
dzn 02:14:39
totally fits in the viable systems framework
itsmisscs 02:14:44
yup 🙂
itsmisscs 02:14:49
also easy to read
dzn 02:14:52
also, very good lessons and metrics for us to set up
dzn 02:15:00
I know! surprisingly easy
itsmisscs 02:15:22
what was his chapter suggestion? i closed that and just read the foreward, intro, and part of the first
dzn 02:15:37
chapter 1
itsmisscs 02:15:40
ah cool
dzn 02:15:44
itsmisscs 02:16:16
he’s a good person to know. done a lot of work
itsmisscs 02:16:35
and very low key about it in his ways unlike some people we have crossed 😉
dzn 02:16:36
yes. oodles of practical knowledge too
dzn 02:18:35
he’s run many many projects
dzn 02:18:50
he also founded the sunlight foundation
itsmisscs 02:19:03
yeah, he mentioned that last time we were there
dzn 02:19:09
yeah. surprisingly unassuming in person
itsmisscs 02:19:17
would be a good advisor for project
dzn 02:19:26
for sure!
itsmisscs 02:19:35
i think we should run our project design by him once we get ready to hit funds
dzn 02:19:42
dzn 02:19:47
and as we set things up
itsmisscs 02:21:33
thank you for sharing
itsmisscs 02:21:44
it is 3:30 right, not 3?
itsmisscs 02:29:26
lead on some potential dev work. thank you twitter, again. pitched that we had a team. fingers crossed, maybe we get han
dzn 02:35:08
hey. How to get in touch with claire? Have an email?
itsmisscs 02:48:42
dzn 04:59:36
Claire Cheng? Claire Ace? or the third Claire
dzn 05:00:34
Claire Cheng
dzn 05:00:38
got it
dzn 05:00:49
her name is ting-yu cheng
itsmisscs 05:06:08
Claire Cheng
itsmisscs 05:06:21
itsmisscs 22:53:40
@darshana will take a look a momentum later today.


dzn 01:33:34
let’s set up a meeting to outline and flesh out the projects themselves
dzn 01:33:47
dzn 01:33:55
itsmisscs 01:33:59
Yes, project planning meetings/kickoffs
dzn 01:34:02
after Mary’s chat
itsmisscs 01:34:05
I think we need to give a couple hours for each
dzn 01:34:17
for each?
itsmisscs 01:34:28
are you just thinking
itsmisscs 01:34:41
you said projects…plural 🙂 wondering what those are
dzn 01:35:12
all. we should start with the whole pie and then see where the pieces fit and put in time lines
dzn 01:35:30
talk to, facillitation, pushing the viable systems thinking along
dzn 01:35:50
contributing to holopolis
itsmisscs 01:35:52
then a full planning meetings for projets
itsmisscs 01:36:02
cool cool. block of the afternoon then 🙂
dzn 01:36:09
dzn 01:36:12
itsmisscs 01:36:20
would be good to get an agenda together so we make sure we walk out with what we want
itsmisscs 01:36:31
and we can keep notes as we go along
itsmisscs 01:36:39
reminds me that we want to put up our notes from yesterday
dzn 01:38:16
actually, we might have to do it when you are back
dzn 01:38:30
dzn 01:38:40
we have quite a bit on our plate for before
dzn 01:39:12
it’s really nice to get it out before but time is super tight the few days we overlap
dzn 01:39:21
itsmisscs 01:39:44
coming over!
dzn 01:40:41
itsmisscs 05:30:41
@darshana plugged drive back in and it is resuming putting videos in the folders. i will move them into raw footage once this is done.
dzn 05:34:29
dzn 05:34:34
I’ll keep an eye on the cards
dzn 05:34:45
I’m waiting from uploads on this end
itsmisscs 05:34:57
k. i’m waiting for our money back 💸
itsmisscs 05:35:07
heading out with mitra 👋🏾
itsmisscs 11:51:03
@itsmisscs pinned a message to this channel.

Good resource on how Hackfoldr works <>

itsmisscs 11:51:44
@darshana Here’s the resource on how Hackfoldr works. I added it to the channel pin messages for posterity. Moving into our hackfoldr resources section, too

Good resource on how Hackfoldr works <>

dzn 21:59:35 is great
dzn 21:59:39
nice fine 🙂
dzn 21:59:41
dzn 21:59:47
just sent link to pdis team
itsmisscs 22:00:01
yeah? sweet. i can’t wait to use it
itsmisscs 22:00:18
it looks like it’ll be super rad for us moving forward. they just emailed me about the trial…will look at what they say
itsmisscs 22:00:47
i’m excited to collaborate with you using it. have you experimented with importing back into premiere yet?
dzn 22:05:43
not yet. only tested the sharing and commenting.
dzn 22:05:55
we can publish straight to vimeo though!!
dzn 22:06:49
getting on the road now. Do stand-up on signal?
itsmisscs 22:11:11
itsmisscs 22:11:32
have fun!!! 🏕️ 🔥 🍄 🔮 🎉
dzn 22:16:25
dzn 22:16:37
Also, such good content in pdis videos
dzn 22:16:47
Also looks great
dzn 22:17:03
Those orchids... <sigh>
itsmisscs 22:17:12
renewed democracy
shuyang 22:17:17
dzn 22:19:33
Oops?? 😬
dzn 22:20:17
Send some orchids to NYC Shu!!
dzn 22:20:37
Some Taiwanese orchids
shuyang 22:28:16
shuyang 22:28:29
you like orchids?
who doesn’t??
itsmisscs 22:33:44
@darshana they refunded the money but put us back on the team yearly plan grrrr
Saw the refund. That’s good! The rest we can manage. Switch after a month


dzn 02:06:16
@itsmisscs travel schedule fine with me. We’ll plan for what to get done separately so you don’t have to worry about finding a way to stay connected through the travels. It sounds like you will be on the move a lot.
itsmisscs 02:06:58
yes, camping for the first week. then abq will be more chill. there’s a day built in to do one’s own things
dzn 02:07:35
let’s plan for no connectivity event and if there is, it’s a bonus
dzn 02:09:09
dzn 02:09:11
dzn 02:16:26
where did ttcat reply about videos? don’t see a reply
itsmisscs 02:26:22
He sent me a twitter dm asking where we had notified him. I said slack. He then sent message that he was okay with footage as not to block.
dzn 02:29:50
let’s give him more time and only send the videos with the the off-the-cuff conversation.
dzn 02:30:35
it’s worth it I think. We had some very personal conversations with him. Want to make it easy for him to check
dzn 02:31:40
and we’ll send it to him on Make it easy
dzn 02:32:01
That works?
itsmisscs 02:32:24
A transcript will be easier for him, I feel. Scan and read vs watch
dzn 02:32:38
That works too
itsmisscs 02:32:44
Go ahead and try it. Video compatibility could be it too
dzn 02:33:15
let’s get a move on this transcript thing in any case. It will be useful
itsmisscs 02:34:18
The free method is in the channel backlog, also in betafoldr.
dzn 02:35:20
ok. will take a look
itsmisscs 09:33:00 is so nice. Coupled with time coded transcripts we will breeze through finding soundbites. Even without the transcript, reviewing is a joy.
itsmisscs 09:49:07
I like that we can set up our own hashtag language to filter by.
itsmisscs 09:50:02
Also, we can download the comments. This could help serve as an informal, “here’s where conversations start/end” especially if we clip out more of the deadtime.
itsmisscs 21:56:09
@darshana hackfoldr is good for some things and terrible for others. for example, collecting all the articles we like is kinda tedious. I think discourse could be a nice in between: each article because a discussion where we can leave comments and thoughts. a way to share, keep a history. it has an api that we can use also.
another option would be to setup a micro news rss feed, also some great foss options with apis, and then pipe that back into discourse.
i think now is the time to experiment with tools. instead of posting into slack, we can setup the tools to post when we update…similar experience just a different direction
though…now i’m wondering if we can eventually have a bot that scans slack for a hashtag to pull links back out into the central node, whatever service that be
typing this out, it feels like our goals are: 1) easy, frictionless way to share things; 2) way to save them for future; 3) place to discuss (nice to have)
itsmisscs 22:02:43
@darshana super mac centric, but we swallowed a bit of that koolaid…


Spark by Readdle

Love your email again.


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dzn 02:37:59
oh cool!! (to archiving)
dzn 02:39:09
We could also try Mendeley or some other similar repository for some of the articles. Makes citations etc. super easy
ooo sounds good! haven’t heard of it but like the sound of easy citations 🙂
itsmisscs 23:08:48
@sylin thank you :))


itsmisscs 21:11:24
@darshana having some success getting some videos into The discussion from the hackathon is up. Let’s us try out their export into premiere feature + revisions.
itsmisscs 23:43:19
Having luck with Uploading jothan videos. Hopefully that runs while I’m out without a problem.


itsmisscs 11:10:01
event at nyu on 10/19 “Decolonizing the Anthropocene at NYU”
itsmisscs 11:10:26
what a solid week to be out of nyc…rad nets…stuffs…stuffs…alas. i look forward to seeing dear friends


thebestsophist 23:09:02
this thing at the end of november might be interesting

Participatory Budgeting Training

Register to join Participatory Budgeting Project, the North American experts, for a deep dive on PB - November 30 in NYC!


dzn 02:34:30
@thebestsophist this looks excellent excellent!!! 🙂 🙂
thebestsophist 02:35:43
i don’t personally know anyone from pb, but from what i’ve seen their programs are decent
dzn 02:37:58
Sounds like it. Our plan for the near future is to get to know these guys and their methods well.
dzn 02:38:07
so this totally works out!!!
dzn 02:38:19
are you thinking of coming for this?
thebestsophist 02:44:58
sadly no, srccon:work is the week after that
itsmisscs 05:33:54
Ooo srccon.
itsmisscs 05:34:49
@darshana I’m eating and then free to chat
dzn 05:35:06
dzn 05:35:10
let me know
itsmisscs 05:35:22
itsmisscs 05:59:03
Washing dish then set. Read two sagas. So nice.
itsmisscs 06:01:36
@darshana I’m done
dzn 06:01:46
2 min?
itsmisscs 06:02:33
Holler and I will step out for the call. Mia is having a client call.
itsmisscs 06:02:35
itsmisscs 06:02:58
Np. Ping then I will call. May need to be phone until she is done. This is a loft
dzn 06:03:19


itsmisscs 11:56:22
@darshana hello! i have internet and power tonight and tomorrow morning. catching up on a couple things.


dzn 13:49:23
@itsmisscs Hello! I’ve left a note for you in the Civicist article trello card.