Month: 2017-09


itsmisscs 00:41:43
Almost done with Spanish translation of our survey
itsmisscs 00:51:48
ping @darshana can yo clarify what we are trying to say in this question
itsmisscs 00:51:54
> People in this community are also at the mercy of predatory landlords and the threshold for rent-regulation is too low
itsmisscs 00:52:13
specifically the rent regulation threshold
dzn 00:52:21
that is the statement that carlina submitted
itsmisscs 00:52:28
dzn 00:52:36
should have been two statements I think
itsmisscs 00:52:39
itsmisscs 00:52:42
we are making it two in spanish
dzn 00:52:53
sounds good
dzn 00:53:15
actually, leave it as one in soanish too
dzn 00:53:19
spanish too
itsmisscs 00:53:20
still doesn’t make sense…threshold for rent regulation is too low
dzn 00:53:30
will be easier to match up the 2 results
itsmisscs 00:53:50
it is too complicated to put them both together in spanish
dzn 00:54:11
then let’s split it in the english one too
itsmisscs 00:54:23
this is a confusing quetion
itsmisscs 00:54:41
we can split but i still dont’ understand what she is trying to say in the second part
dzn 00:54:46
that will come out in the pass statements
dzn 00:54:50
I don’t either
dzn 00:54:57
don’t want to translate for her
dzn 00:55:09
translate as in interpret
itsmisscs 00:55:12
we don’t have a lot of responses on it
itsmisscs 00:55:17
let’s reject and split out into just the first part
dzn 00:55:19
if people don’t understand it they will pass
dzn 00:55:23
dzn 00:55:28
that is best I think
dzn 00:55:35
split into 2 statements for both
itsmisscs 00:55:48
itsmisscs 00:55:54
i split out the first part only
itsmisscs 00:57:59
ugh annoying more polis errors
dzn 01:19:49
ugh 😕
riz 07:38:17
@riz has joined the channel
itsmisscs 07:38:56
Welcome to Lynn Casper, all around amazing producer.


itsmisscs 10:51:45
Madrid has some neat processes, a mix of off-line and on-line: 1) They mail out ballots to vote on the top ideas; 2) They setup tables in popular area of the cities during the voting periods; 3) People can go into their district office to vote; 4) voting online
itsmisscs 10:52:17
the online system is supplemented with various offline forms and traditional mediums
itsmisscs 10:52:33
they also have a set voting time (~1 week).
itsmisscs 10:53:06
there’s is a mix of PB + vTaiwan, more PB in a way…“‘where should money be spent?” type questions
itsmisscs 11:13:19
litecoin at 87$ whoa!
itsmisscs 22:18:53
taking break/nap.


dzn 02:05:56
rest and feel better!!! 💪🏾 💪🏾


itsmisscs 21:49:52
standup: continuing to rest but actually work today. spent the weekend and friday sleeping. i’m in nyc. didn’t make it to MA. mom stayed. she will leave today with mitra. wrap up registering for events, ad piece, prepping my personal todo list. t-minus 4 days (counting today)!
itsmisscs 21:50:43
i just got up…leaving written standup bc i will miss 11am checkin due to dog
itsmisscs 21:50:49
oh! e verify. i will sign up for that today
dzn 22:09:14
Let's do standup later then? Will be good to get aligned
itsmisscs 22:13:12
@darshana later ++
dzn 22:18:24


dzn 00:20:59

RSVP - WCIT Gala Dinner (Sep.12th) #Civic Tech Fest

Let's enjoy a great feast and don't forget to RSVP!!

dzn 00:21:23

RSVP - g0v Demo Party (Sep.11th) #Civic Tech Fest

Welcome to join the social event of Civic Tech Fest & TICTeC@Taipei.

dzn 00:21:47
^^ 2 new events that came in. I just registered
itsmisscs 00:57:01
I'm feeling better ish. Enough so that I'm able to keep my head up and work today. Sending mom and mitra off and then crawling into bed with computer. I don't wanna push it though. Took my mom to museum yesterday and started feeling really bad: chills, headache, congested. I'm pushing vitamin c as if it were the best drug ever and letting my body sleep when it wants to.
itsmisscs 00:57:45
But yes on flier. Got a bit of it started but was rather useless Friday and Saturday
dzn 01:06:19
man. so sorry
dzn 01:06:35
sounds like you had a rough time
dzn 01:07:07
ping when you feel up to it
itsmisscs 02:18:05
Once every few years I get a really bad cold. I think and hope I will be a okay for Taiwan.
itsmisscs 02:18:20
And yes!!! We must submit
itsmisscs 02:18:38
Must must must. Always be speaking. Grab that mic.
itsmisscs 02:19:35
Eeeee in getting excited. Lots of movement on the hashtag. Making us some connects
dzn 04:01:56
Good you’ll be ok for Taiwan!
dzn 04:01:57
dzn 04:02:37
saw the trello card on website landing pages (the participatory budgeting one)
dzn 04:02:45
let’s align before you get started on that
dzn 04:02:53
decide what we have and what we need
itsmisscs 04:31:06
@darshana definitely, no plans to start until we chat. i made cards for them in the backlog.
dzn 04:31:29
dzn 04:31:30
dzn 04:31:49
I’m putting together the video for ronnie cho interview
dzn 04:31:57
I’m really liking premiere pro
dzn 04:32:21
my notes on how to use the software is in the trello card that says learn premiere pro
itsmisscs 04:33:45
excellent. ty. we can do a skills share trade
itsmisscs 04:47:41
@darshana did you register for


Creative workshop: solutions for the biggest challenges of civic tech

Creative workshop: finding solutions together for the biggest challenges of civic tech This a Civic Tech Fest side event. Remember to check out the whole festival, lots of cool event during the whole week.  Civic tech is still a fairly new practice, even though we all work in different socio economical and political local contexts it seems the challenges we face are similar. Be it scaling to reach more people, making accessible to every one or even sometimes just having impact on the decision that is taken, those challenges are numerous. That's why we wanted to take advantage of the global gathering that is the Civic Tech Fest to organize a creative workshop to identify those challenges and work on solutions together. Help us identify those challenges by participating in this <|> conversation : <> event format is Barcamp which is an open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by participants. We will split up in small interdisciplinary groups and make the best use of design thinking pratices to make sure we are able to work on prototype solutions and pitch results at the end of the event.

dzn 05:03:37
this is the one I missed
dzn 05:03:54
did you get this?
itsmisscs 05:14:02
i didn’t
itsmisscs 05:14:18
i was going to double check it against the schedule and then tweet to them
itsmisscs 05:15:02
i plan on just showing up to the events i missed if I can’t get tickets through my backchannels. folks often drop off
dzn 11:35:53
sounds good
itsmisscs 23:02:14
@darshana 👋🏾
itsmisscs 23:02:19
dzn 23:03:00
hi hi
dzn 23:03:02
dzn 23:03:04
itsmisscs 23:03:05
shall we chat on signal with screenhero? or slack first..?
dzn 23:03:26
let’s do signal screenhero
dzn 23:17:53
i can hear you 🙂 no need to type hehe
itsmisscs 23:19:10
i can hear you
itsmisscs 23:19:24
@darshana ^^


itsmisscs 00:23:58
sorry my phone died @darshana
dzn 00:24:31
ah. no problem
dzn 00:24:34
we are all set
itsmisscs 00:24:42
dzn 00:24:48
I’ll ask mary for evening time
itsmisscs 00:24:55
see you chez mary
dzn 00:24:59
itsmisscs 00:24:59
5 pm would be good
dzn 00:25:22
rachel emailed asking for date 10/6 or 09/29
dzn 00:25:27
I propose 10/6
dzn 00:25:38
would be good to have some time to decompress
dzn 00:27:57
she said they are ‘really into it’ 🙂
itsmisscs 00:28:51
10/6 is good!
itsmisscs 00:28:53
itsmisscs 00:29:18
i’ll look up some other meetups…would be good to get those on the calendar. also will help me schedule.
itsmisscs 00:29:49
my friends are having a wedding in october and i’d like to join for part of the travel festivities before
itsmisscs 00:31:45
i’m starving. going to make lunch then head to oribital
dzn 00:57:07
cool cool
dzn 00:57:13
yes!! lots of talks and writing
dzn 00:57:27
and trying to rustle up funding
dzn 00:57:58
we’ll work around the wedding schedule
itsmisscs 00:58:55
it’s a big trip. i can’t take the whole time but i would like to join for a 1-1.5 weeks. Drea’s family is basically family.
dzn 00:59:08
🙂 that will be a fun trip
itsmisscs 00:59:55
democracy now reporting style is neat to watch. they push climate change. i’m not a huge fan of their video work, but it’s neat style for reporting
itsmisscs 01:00:54
today’s coverage is a coverage of the oil refinareis and the flood. worth a watch. also, holy shit houston
dzn 01:13:34
will watch
dzn 01:13:44
also yes. holy shit houston
dzn 01:14:03
all set on the ethnography class
dzn 01:14:09
look at trello for details
dzn 01:14:18
let’s register today?
dzn 01:15:38
How do you want to do this? Put in on business card and I give you the money?
itsmisscs 03:13:28
@darshana i have not registered for the workshop bc it is sold out. i will reach out to them
dzn 03:14:29
cool. I haven’t either!
dzn 03:14:39
either they respond or we find a solution there 🙂
dzn 03:14:50
did you see the ethnography card?
dzn 03:15:21
she is totally up for helping us without the extra session and sounds interested in our project
dzn 03:15:31
I like what I have seen of this person
dzn 03:15:39
will be good to know her I think
dzn 03:17:57


POLITICO 50 - Our annual list for 2017.

50 ideas blowing up American politics – and the people behind them.

dzn 03:18:13
^^ I like this format for our idea’s page
dzn 03:18:46
we can group them some other way (but category of idea or something but pretty neat)
dzn 03:20:11
for the candidates it can be set up this way
itsmisscs 03:20:16
yes i got the reply
dzn 03:20:25
and as we feature more ideas we can rethink
itsmisscs 03:20:30
finishing up my current task or my brain goes nuts with context switches
itsmisscs 03:20:38
almost done with translation
dzn 03:20:44
no rush. was excited tis all 🙂
dzn 03:20:49
we have some time to register
itsmisscs 03:49:56
@darshana hi yes
dzn 03:50:02
itsmisscs 03:50:37
itsmisscs 03:50:41
😄 😂
itsmisscs 03:50:51
so much joy. so much joy.
dzn 03:51:12
dzn 03:51:37
itsmisscs 04:12:30
itsmisscs 04:12:34
itsmisscs 04:13:22
once we get talk to nyc vision nailed i feel strongly that laundromat project would be a great way to get the project to harlem, or another community
itsmisscs 04:13:38
harlem would be rad bc you live there and i have past connections there.
itsmisscs 04:14:04
more manhattan pilots also gives us ammo with the BP office
dzn 04:16:10
dzn 04:16:34
and laundromat project will be such a great partner!!
dzn 04:16:44
I would love to get something going in Harlem
dzn 04:16:59
took a look at the trello OPT thing. Thanks!!
dzn 04:17:23
I’ll fill in the rest after we chat and then all set 🙂
dzn 04:18:01
on separate note, let’s try to use tripod for filming
dzn 04:19:25
we have nice content patches that lose focus or get shaky, particularly when the person behind the camera gets in on the conversation
dzn 04:19:38
also, I seem to have unsteady hands in general 😕
dzn 04:34:28
OMG premiere is amazing… it stabilizes camera shaking
dzn 04:34:35
god I love technology
dzn 04:34:42
some of it
dzn 04:34:47
I hate social media
dzn 04:49:16
lol. we’ve been using trello as a chat channel
itsmisscs 04:49:25
oooo amazing
itsmisscs 04:49:50
tripod is so clunky
itsmisscs 04:49:55
itsmisscs 04:50:22
so much to cart around
dzn 04:50:22
dzn 04:50:32
I’ll check how good the stabilization is with the videos we have but so far so good
itsmisscs 04:50:43
tripod is good for long interviews i feel
dzn 04:50:47
did you use the cc email to register?
itsmisscs 04:50:50
dzn 04:50:53
dzn 04:51:08
I’ll tell Danya and we correspond using that
dzn 04:51:22
tx for registering!!
dzn 04:51:27
this will be good I think
dzn 04:51:41
she is seems interested in our project too
dzn 04:51:43
itsmisscs 04:52:02
i wonder if they would be willing to beam us on via hangouts?
dzn 04:53:15
the class?
dzn 04:53:34
it’s in the evening here so conference time there
dzn 04:53:38
or just before
dzn 04:53:43
will be a stretch I think
itsmisscs 04:55:26
ah right
itsmisscs 05:52:42
so many exciting people going!!
itsmisscs 05:53:06
working on the hackathon submission. then will aim to do an intro post on our behalf.
itsmisscs 06:07:53
wow the opinion groups are fascinating!

NYC Housing Issues

This survey is designed to ask citizens about their personal concerns regarding the NYC housing crisis.

itsmisscs 06:07:58
3 of them! so interesting
itsmisscs 06:08:14
we definitely need a little in real time write up
itsmisscs 06:11:46
i think we should remove the district survey’s maybe?
itsmisscs 06:13:18
very cool. i think we have something going with the housing survey. more people would be great
dzn 06:13:43
we do need short snippets, also analytics…
dzn 06:13:50
some nice figs
itsmisscs 06:15:27

District 2 Candidate Forum

NYC organizations are putting together nonpartisan forums in which candidates can address the issues that matter to community members. This survey is designed to inform candidates of NYC Council District 2 of the issues that matter to District 2 community members.

itsmisscs 06:15:31
SWEET!!!! ^^^^
itsmisscs 06:15:33
itsmisscs 06:15:49
@darshana ^^^
itsmisscs 06:15:56
looooooook. adjusted metadata box
itsmisscs 06:15:57
itsmisscs 06:15:59
itsmisscs 06:16:41
let’s ask mary what debates she has left…i think just the one on lower east side girls club
itsmisscs 06:46:31
so cool how the conference is divided
itsmisscs 06:46:41
civic tech for …. following the money, engagement etc
dzn 22:02:16
sent videos to dashia. uploaded them last night
dzn 22:06:19
@itsmisscs are both the maps we have community board maps?
itsmisscs 22:06:37
no, the gotham gazette is correct
dzn 22:06:47
we can use a still from the video we took at one of the offices if they are
itsmisscs 22:07:04
the whole city one is CB not CD
dzn 22:07:09
ah. the last time we tweeted at them and they responded?
itsmisscs 22:07:12
soooo annoying nyc
dzn 22:07:15
I know
itsmisscs 22:07:17
not sure. give it a shot
dzn 22:07:24
yes please
itsmisscs 22:07:28
believe they follow us. you can also email them
dzn 22:07:42
I’ll email. you tweet as well
itsmisscs 22:07:43
was saying for you to give it a shot 😉
itsmisscs 22:07:59
can you tweet for that one? super simple…@gothamgazette……
itsmisscs 22:08:22
if not, i’ll get to it after i finish up.
dzn 22:08:32
sure. dm?
itsmisscs 22:08:50
if we can. may not be able to. depends if they follow and they have it open
dzn 22:09:35


dzn 02:00:11
we should connect with Victoria from NDI and civic tech fest
dzn 02:00:13
Hi everyone!

My name is Victoria Welborn and I work on open government programming here at the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Washington, D.C. Our work has a strong focus on the intersection of innovation and government, which allows us the chance to support, coalesce, and brainstorm with some really cool organizations like you guys. Before working in democracy strengthening, I worked in digital communications as a creative consultant (video editing, design, social media, constituent outreach, etc.), so if there are any Avid fans out there- come find me.

I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning all about your work.

See y’all soon!


itsmisscs 07:57:42
itsmisscs 08:00:24
this will be our new standup place
itsmisscs 08:00:31
we can claim a link and password protect
itsmisscs 08:09:41
and now anyone can join us
itsmisscs 08:09:53
also, i’m talking to colin 😄


itsmisscs 11:48:36
these talks are great
itsmisscs 11:48:47
found someone that did research on g0v for her masters thesis
itsmisscs 12:06:27
@darshana yay! shuyang has invited us out with her friends frida y or saturday
itsmisscs 12:34:49
more nuance…vtaiwan is very much government platform. could be potentially seen as their compromise. want to dig into this more


itsmisscs 09:28:57
Fi would like to talk tomorrow.
itsmisscs 10:41:21
@darshana trying to find She also is doing researchc on g0v. she spoke at tictec

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