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今天的新聞 清河印刷行要賣
2016-06-07 公視晚間新聞
台南 清河印刷行 活字印刷
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clkao 21:26:26
lizbarry: meet chihao :wink:
clkao 21:27:23
lizbarry: chihao did an interesting g0v installation in the digital art festival a few months ago in Taipei
clkao 21:27:48
lizbarry: https://www.facebook.com/g0v.tw/posts/1006817312692888:0


g0v.tw 台灣零時政府 - :arrow_forward:► g0v 也可以很藝術?! 第十屆台北數位藝術節邀請 g0v... | Facebook

:arrow_forward:► g0v 也可以很藝術?!第十屆台北數位藝術節邀請 g0v 參加國際邀請展《創・世紀》,在十二公尺見方的空間中展示 g0v 專案與貢獻者的網路關係,同時闢出開放工作空間,提供黑客松及討論會所需的基礎建設,用線上的 Hackpad...

lizbarry 21:52:23
Hi Chihao
chihao 22:17:16
Hi lizbarry!
chihao 22:17:48
Nice to “meet” you ;)
lizbarry 22:20:39
So I'm planning a trip away from my apartment in August, if it works out it means my room would be available. What dates are you seeking housing and what is your budget for housing?
clkao 22:43:34
chihao 23:37:00
I'm looking for a place to crash in New York July through August. This is a trip to make art and community work. Pretty much all the money are going into materials and equipment for the project so I have very little money left. :sweat_smile:


chihao 07:26:00
@lizbarry: when are you thinking of taking that trip if I may ask?


lizbarry 02:27:53
good question! i'm trying to figure it out right now.
chihao 10:39:13
Cool. Let’s keep in touch :slightly_smiling_face:


chihao 08:38:11
@lizbarry: We’re solidifying the programming of Eco_Hack, and are thinking of having an event/meeting on “green-black alliance” (ecology + autonomy/data rights). We’re into what you’re doing, and are wondering would you, or people from the Public Lab be interested in participating?
lizbarry 08:40:23
At a NYC event?
chihao 08:40:58
Yeah. This year’s Eco_Hack is going to be on Swale. It’s docking in docks around NYC from June to August (as far as we know)
lizbarry 09:13:16
Ah, Mary Mattingly's project
lizbarry 09:28:52
Want to email <mailto:plots-nyc@googlegroups.com|plots-nyc@googlegroups.com> ?
chihao 09:45:01
@lizbarry: Sure. Is that Public Lab’s group email?
lizbarry 09:46:08
It's the one for our local nyc group
chihao 10:18:25
OK! I’ll send an email soon :slightly_smiling_face:


lizbarry 12:53:22
@chihao are you already in NYC??
chihao 17:16:31
@lizbarry: yes I am!
lizbarry 19:45:00
Ok! Are you going to the Mermaid Parade?


chihao 18:36:16
Probably not. Not a huge fan of parades. Or am I an idiot not to go? :wink:


lizbarry 04:01:33
Ha-ha it's only the United States' biggest art parade
lizbarry 04:01:43
Actually turns out I'm not going either
lizbarry 04:02:33
So you and I should talk. I'll be away several stretches of time in july-august. How are you managing your housing in NYC so far?
chihao 05:08:00
It is! I had no idea. Now I know. Thanks!
chihao 05:10:50
I have two friends taking me in until 7/22. Still looking for a roof after that :slightly_smiling_face:
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lizbarry 23:36:13
Ok we should discuss August. My plans are still evolving but there are options


chihao 05:56:21
Sure! Thank you. I hope it’s not too much trouble for you.
chihao 05:56:57
Should we switch to private messages?