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bdon 12:51:41 用萌典自動把漢字翻成漢語拼音~ 但是因為萌典授權是Creative Commons No Derivatives,萌典加其他的開放資料openstreetmap變成derivative work,這樣可以嗎?

Comment on #60 Display names in Pinyin

Hi, <|@bdon> , <|@poi890poi> , <|@hegezolee> , <|@gromsy> , <|@kcwu> , Thanks to <|@bdon> , I have made a daily beta of the English encoded Garmin Maps. To download these maps for: Garmin Handheld: <|> Windows BaseCamp: <|> macOS BaseCamp: <|> I made the English name in the following three priorities: 1. name:en 2. name:zh_pinyin 3. hanzi2reading.reading(name) The result looks good. Please help me to check if there is any problem, and tell me if any improvement needed. Thanks Rudy 7/3 <|Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 12 06 30 PM>