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julien.carbonnell 19:46:55
Hi guys,
I'm a French PhD researcher in Urban Science, investigating democracy 2.0 and future governance.
Taipei is one of my case studies !

You can take a look to my report on 2020 ground investigations of Smart-City models and Civic Technology in Taiwan, Israel and Estonia behind this link https://bit.ly/3h3J47y

From October I will start working on the data analytics, statistics and probability, to try a rise in generalization, and propose answers for the future of city governance at a global scale. Some more data visualization and graphs of network dynamics on Taipei city will be available around April 2021.

Let's keep in touch.
PS: those of you that wish to make some extra-analytics are welcome to PM me


2020 GROUND INVESTIGATIONS: Smart-City models and Civic Technology in Taiwan, Israel and Estonia.

This article is a presentation of the second part of my doctorate degree thesis, consisting in ground investigations over my case study…


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