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Felipe 08:55:28
Google protest in SF
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chihao 21:31:54
Power to you!
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Felipe 09:07:06
election day today in the US
Felipe 09:07:18
send us positive vibes y’all
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Danny 12:08:32 wow

> “Our ancestors may not have been rich, but they had an abundance of leisure. When capitalism raised their incomes, it also took away their time. Indeed, there is good reason to believe that working hours in the mid-nineteenth century constitute the most prodigious work effort in the entire history of humankind. Therefore, we must take a longer view and look back not just one hundred years, but three or four, even six or seven hundred. Consider a typical working day in the medieval period. It stretched from dawn to dusk (sixteen hours in summer and eight in winter), but, as the Bishop Pilkington has noted, work was intermittent - called to a halt for breakfast, lunch, the customary afternoon nap, and dinner. Depending on time and place, there were also midmorning and midafternoon refreshment breaks. These rest periods were the traditional rights of laborers, which they enjoyed even during peak harvest times.”


Felipe 05:23:24
How do I invite folks
Felipe 05:23:39 wants to join
thebestsophist 2018-11-14 05:34:42
Here’s the URL!


patcon 15:36:28
just came across these folks while researching #funding, and they seems _reeeeeaaally_ cool!

GitLab / Governance

<|> team structure and processes.

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chihao 12:11:12
Haven’t read into it but the framework seems nice and geeky 😉


Felipe 02:45:47
I lol’led hard at this
This is epic and groundbreaking.
lol wtf
Thanks for this @phiven. The election last weekend was a real blow.
What happened with the election?
So what is going to be the most immediate impact @chihao
That’s a hard question.
The most immediate impact imo is the cities and local resources are now more controlled by the Chinese Nationalists. This affects the effectiveness of the central gov. These city (govs) are also potential entry points for Chinese influence.
Another potentially damaging thing is that the world will see Taiwan now as more friendly to China (as oppose to 2016).
So support for our independence might lessen.


Felipe 15:48:29


It turns out some Google staff do believe in controversial plan to re-enter China

Google’s controversial plan to launch products custom-made for China has been panned by politicians, free speech advocates, ex-staff and many others, but there appears to be some support within Google from employees who actually favor the strategy. Under a project code-named “Dragonfly,…