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@patcon set the channel purpose: For discussion how how funding does and can work in the g0v community.
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@aelcenganda I forget, did you say that there was a more general place to discuss funding -- potential experiments and various philosophies of using money in community?
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Anyhow, here are some links for future travellers:

*Nadia Eghbal* is a hero. She is doing so much primary research on open source. And she writes great/accessible articles. She has both crowdsourced and grant-sourced her independent research.
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Her review of open source grants:
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Some other amazing summary work that she did -- essentially an awesome list for funding:
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Her list of microgrant programs for reference and learning:
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re: SSBC's community-focussed grant system (funded by crypto-dollars)
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Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a decentralized social network protocol. It's community got some crypto-money to start a grant program. They are running it in a very community-centric way. The micro-grants are for building community, not building product (the product is seen as an inevitable side-effect of commmunity):

(The links in the doc above are the conversations about funding on the SSB network. They're not available from regular web right now. I'll need to find a good viewer to share them. :/)
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My friend Ben got a grant, and decided to run his own funding experiment with it:
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