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patcon 22:07:06
testing translation to mandarin from #twc-g0v-en
patcon 22:09:26
this is a message fro #twc-g0v-en translated into mandarin
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patcon 14:27:04
@null 14:31:21
type [translated by ]

@null 14:32:14
the translation lives in #twc-g0v-en 🙂 trying to make that more apparent right now

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sylin 14:32:55
mom, i am here
@null 14:33:05
Mom, I am here. [translated by ]

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@null 14:38:03
Hey, hello. [translated by ]

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@null 14:38:35
I am so so so so happy that this is actually working 🎉 🎉 🎉

@null 14:38:37
That’s way too subtle lol

@null 14:39:00
heh what is? i can fix it 🙂

chihao 14:39:12
Live long and prosper 🖖
@null 14:39:32
@patcon nothing it’s the translation

patcon 14:39:59
haha okay, you're right -- i can't fix that 🙂
chihao 14:40:36
emoji in `:emoji_name:` syntax gets “translated” into `:emoji_name:` (full width colon in Chinese)
patcon 14:40:39
I'll need to write some regex for emoji patterns, so that Google doesn't try to translate those 🙂
chihao 14:41:03
patcon 14:42:45
the best part is that this can actually bridge to slack channels on other slack teams as well! that's actually it's main feature, and translation is just the hack that I'm contributing upstream
chihao 14:43:07
Nice. What is this plugin?
patcon 14:43:39
So we can connect this channel to the `colab` slack team in Oakland, and they will have it in english on their slack, without having to sign up for `g0v-tw` slack (if they don't want to)
patcon 14:43:55



bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram,,hipchat (via xmpp), steam, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip and matrix with REST API (mattermost not required!) - 42wim/ma...

chihao 14:44:26
That sounds good to me 🙂 Too many slack workspaces is kind of annoying.
chihao 14:44:58
And Google en → zh translation is still hilarious lol
patcon 14:49:27
haha yeah, it's pretty bad, but better than nothing 🙂 enough to know whether we should jump into conversations and ask better questions, at least.

And now the english-speakers aren't Google Translating on their own. They all know that they all know that they all know what Mandarin-speakers are saying (sort of)
chihao 15:04:09
Better than nothing +1
patcon 15:07:21
ok, so now we should be able to see which channel the translated message is coming from. I'm open to suggestions on improvement 🙂
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@null 15:12:33
This is a message from the Taiwanese Mandarin Channel! [translated by ]

patcon 15:15:40
You can also edit messages, and the translation gets updated too. (The software "forgets" about prior messages between restarts, and so it might only work on a very fresh message, as I've been adding features and restarting often.)

(Feel free to join #i18n-test-tw if you don't want to make this channel too noisy.)
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@null 15:22:48
Chinese translation is quite interesting. [translated by ]

pm5 15:26:12
I got it. It's translating Slack literally 😂
@null 15:26:45
"Too much slack work space is a bit annoying": rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:🤣🤣 [translated by ]

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@null 01:22:37
are these being translated automatically?

@null 01:31:00
Hey Felipe! Yeah you can join #twc-g0v-en for the English version

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Felipe 01:36:49
ah ok thanks!
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Felipe 06:27:24
traduce solo ingles? test test
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patcon 11:24:37
@phiven oh hey, we could set up #twc-g0v-es...! Do yo think it would be appreciated by anyone?
nah we’re good
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Felipe 07:16:45
Nah i was just seeing if it would handle two languages in a single sentence
patcon 11:05:06
patcon 11:05:49
here's that tech workers coop mailing list that I've been a member of:

I'm not part of any others, so not sure it it's considered to be a good one :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 11:06:17
anyone have any suggestions for any mailing lists worth replacing it with?
Great resource! Many thanks!
Yeah this is awesome
Good news: in about two hours the group that started is meeting to overhaul that old, outdated site
But yes, it is the main email list for now for these purposes
@stationaery ++!
cc @devin
Yay for coops discussing cooperation!
This thread is brought to you by the letter coop
Cooooooo.... pppppp. Coooo. pppp. Cooo-p...
@null 23:30:07
Test translation #twc-g0v-en [translated by ]

@null 23:30:42
Ha, I don’t know how to use it. [translated by ]

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@null 23:32:12
I got it



Danny 05:25:22
^ the TWC newsletter, featuring a session at Stanford about Chinese workers on strike


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Felipe 03:55:18
2 2 ❤️ 1
Felipe 07:17:48
I was looking into getting this slack on a paid membership for free
Felipe 07:18:23
I found out that in order to do so, we need to find a current employee at slack to give us their one free paid-tier workspace
Felipe 07:18:43
each employee gets one free workspace when they get hired
Felipe 07:19:06
I sent out an email to my network to see if there is anyone that has one
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chihao 11:06:02
@phiven ++! Didn’t know that trick 😉
chihao 11:07:45
By the way `++` is a g0v speak that’s like a `like` 😛 g0v speak:
It’d be funny if it was “+0” instead of the usual +1


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Felipe 14:05:30
hey g0v team can you give us an idea of how your jothon/hackathons are structured? are they multi-day events? how do they work?
Felipe 14:07:08
Techqueria has done occasional 3-day hackathons and also long-term open-source project
Felipe 14:07:58
More than half of us are developers, so as an organizer I am interested in how you make the event experience a positive one for developers
Felipe 14:08:17
many times the 3-day hackathon format is difficult for people with families and jobs
this isn't an answer to much of anything you asked, but step 1: Provide child care!
Yeah of course :D
Its still hard
@ben612 ++ to child care. And clear policy on transit tokens, and maybe ubers when location is tough? Uber has some interesting family plans and an event coupon code system that can be used
patcon 14:35:17
@phiven here's what I know: one day event every 8-10 weeks or so. happens way out at academia sinica, bc space in taipei is too hard to find.
patcon 14:36:40
importantly, pitches are recorded and broadcast [individually?], and archived on youtube. people share them, and others seem to watch them even if they didn't attend, so they can know about projects without attending.
patcon 14:37:43
they've automated all the announcement and boilerplate docs/info with a little scripted tool:



OneButton is a one-click solution for ipa to finish all hackathon duties at once. - g0v/OneButton

patcon 14:39:16
they have some interesting practices:
- project leads all get red armbands to be recognizable
- one organizer carries a little flag around and does a "tour" of all the projects earyl on, for all the people who haven't found a project yet
patcon 14:39:38
one sec, I'm at the #jothon organizer meeting right now, and I'll ask if there are more docs...!
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mglee 01:55:57
hey all, it took me sometime to find out there is an Eng channel for twc-g0v (reading chinese google translation is a bit painful)
mglee 02:01:11
g0v hackathon happens every two month, on Sat. It’s usually a place people come to pitch new ideas, continue old projects, and make new friends. We don’t do multiple days for many reasons but one is about the venue--Academic Sinica provides “free space” for us, but it doesn’t allow us to do overnight. And of course, there will be a lot of preparation work for a multiple-day hackathon.
mglee 02:05:07
Every hackathon has its hackfoldr and this is a good way to see how hackathon is organized (though it’s mainly in Chinese, sorry!)

For this hackathon, there are also some international guests, so we did a newbie guide slides in English, which might also help. (Note: this hackathon was held at a different place, as part of Civic Tech Fest in Taipei)
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mglee 02:08:41
You can find all recordings on g0v’s youtube. Below is also from the 26th hackathon. It has Eng live transcript alongside all pitches and talks.
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