Month: 2018-05


ttcat (not_staff) 20:42:36
I can do both
ttcat (not_staff) 20:42:58
You mean 15th and 22 both right?
ttcat (not_staff) 20:43:17
Please loop @lilin
lilin 20:48:23
@patcon ttcat will have a meet up on may 22nd evening so maybe have to arrange this a bit later


patcon 00:49:45
@ttcat was thinking just 22 from 7-7:20 for your speaking. @lilin re: 22nd. oh shoot! will DM


patcon 04:12:52
@itsmisscs @lizbarry @ttcat one more email from rightscon: https://hackmd.io/Wsi2Vxx2RjitjngCeV6vpg

Added here longterm: https://trello.com/c/iIFAIznh/53-prepare-for-rightscon


Email: Important: Update and action required for RightsCon Toronto Public Session Organizers - HackMD

patcon 04:14:07
@lizbarry @itsmisscs cc'ed you on email about getting sched profiles connected to session, if you want to chime in with your own profile urls :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 04:18:00
we currently have *NO A/V in room*. I'm assuming that we can't do without this, and so replying to request projector and screen. Anything else? And pls confirm that this correct :slightly_smiling_face: cc @ttcat @lizbarry @itsmisscs
lizbarry 06:42:58
Thanks @patcon! +1 to requesting a projector
itsmisscs 07:59:53
Thanks Patcon. Projector yes. If we can't get one, I will bring mine! Profile urls, like our sites? If so, for me http://compositescollective.com|compositescollective.com
patcon 04:18:00
we currently have *NO A/V in room*. I'm assuming that we can't do without this, and so replying to request projector and screen. Anything else? And pls confirm that this correct :slightly_smiling_face: cc @ttcat @lizbarry @itsmisscs
ttcat (not_staff) 13:45:50
Please remind me again: what you want me to present? VTaiwan or g0v? How many time I have?
patcon 04:11:36
heh, my impression was that the topic of "http://g0v.tw|g0v.tw" was what would be the best fit for you, but it is whatever you prefer :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 04:13:09
also, the timing is a *20 minute timeslot* before work time. you can use it all to speak, but presenters often use 10-15, and leave the rest for questions :slightly_smiling_face:


lilin 19:30:04
@patcon @lizbarry @itsmisscs
We are thinking of airbnb members having dinner together while we are in Toronto, and also with some other Taiwanese participants as some of them are staying in different places. Now 16th night looks best for us, what do you think about it?
itsmisscs 22:05:43
Sounds great!
itsmisscs 22:05:51
16th works for me
canadian_aaron 22:22:37
Can I come? XD
itsmisscs 00:20:47
You better come @canadian_aaron
patcon 04:09:16
yeah! 16th works for me too!
patcon 04:09:55
I'm open any night to having people in for dinner or activities -- let's just keep sharing information :slightly_smiling_face:
canadian_aaron 00:56:16
any update on where dinner will be tonight?
canadian_aaron 00:58:16
nvm! it appears to be here: 421 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W4
canadian_aaron 00:59:38
Dim Sum King



ttcat (not_staff) 20:23:50
Who's in Toronto? I just arrived and who will in charge to check-in and what time?
itsmisscs 21:50:51
@patcon and @lizbarry
ttcat (not_staff) 22:12:58
Hey everyone, I checked-in by myself already. Waiting for you guys:)
patcon 01:26:45
Hey @ttcat! We realized you shouldn't wait on us today, as we've got some errands and to-dos and coworking sessions before we're good to meet up :) we'll keep you posted of any plans though

WhatsApp <tel:347-559-7622|347-559-7622>
ttcat (not_staff) 01:29:35
Oh! So you’re not coming today at all?
ttcat (not_staff) 02:14:42
I have no idea how we distribute the room and would you stay here or not? Total amount of people is 6 or 7?
ttcat (not_staff) 02:15:07
It’s too small for 7 people, I might need to find another place to stay
ttcat (not_staff) 02:16:19
And I also like to talk about the workshop for better understanding what I should prepare
ttcat (not_staff) 03:15:15
And I think I’m about getting a cold now. ill :nauseated_face:
patcon 04:13:51
oh! we are definitely coming! Just need the day to get some other things done, but will be there later tonight!
lizbarry 04:13:56
Hi TTCat!
lizbarry 04:15:08
We are also excited to plan the workshop :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 04:15:56
- 2 OCF ppl need private room each
- liz+patcon in private room together
- 2 OCF people sharing a room
- @itsmisscs sharing/willing to be on couch
ttcat (not_staff) 04:17:42
It will be better that you come and we can discuss. Because there's only 3 rooms and one sofa. :)
lizbarry 04:18:53
ah, the listing says 4 rooms....+ a sofa bed?
patcon 04:20:41
hm. yes, that's confusing, as the first line of description says "Charming 4 bedroom home available for short and long-term rental in trendy Roncesvalles village"..!
patcon 04:23:00
we're walking over now -- maybe 15 minutes!
ttcat (not_staff) 04:23:46
ttcat (not_staff) 22:13:41
@patcon @lizbarry
patcon 23:10:56
perrrrfect. We will be coming around maybe 1pm! Will confirm



lizbarry 01:15:50
Our lovely house is up and running! Fully stocked fridge, an entire ham, lentil soup bubbling on the stove. I've started a new tab for food costs in our same Accommodation spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cUZS2LsHt4YMWu4WeL4gv2NRH9PsYgCZ7Sr16vl8KPg/edit#gid=2110441809
lizbarry 02:17:39
Here's the recording of what Darshana CS and I did at School of Data in NYC in March: we could consider modifying this for use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8RzCZthfxY
itsmisscs 02:38:55
A place to collect notes/todo/needs for the update for RightsCon https://hackmd.io/pLBliKwvSpK7nCz0pvVNTQ


Consensus-building Methods - HackMD

lizbarry 02:46:15
ok i'm opening a video link here: https://meet.jit.si/vnetwork
itsmisscs 02:53:25
New copy of the slide deck: https://www.icloud.com/keynote/0RT341Ol_ErO2HiJGxf5A4U-g#RightsCon_2018


RightsCon 2018

Shared by CS .

lizbarry 02:53:28
lizbarry 03:25:19
adding @patcon's name to slidedeck
lizbarry 03:25:41
updating the email address to be `nobodies@g0v.network`
itsmisscs 03:31:05
currently forwards to ```<mailto:ebarry@gmail.com|ebarry@gmail.com>, <mailto:patrick.c.connolly@gmail.com|patrick.c.connolly@gmail.com>, <mailto:darshana.narayanan@gmail.com|darshana.narayanan@gmail.com>, <mailto:devinbalkind@gmail.com|devinbalkind@gmail.com>, <mailto:cs@compositescollective.com|cs@compositescollective.com>```
itsmisscs 03:31:17
everyone has ability to add more names to that list
lizbarry 03:32:44
@darshana am i imagining that we had a run sheet for NYC School of Data back in March when we estimated times during the hour?
lizbarry 03:53:33
OMG YES! Thank you @darshana!!!!
lizbarry 03:54:55
@patcon @itsmisscs scroll down in the hackpad link @darshana just provided to see our time estimates for the hour we had for running this at SoD *(line 51!)*. Note: we did not update this post-event with real times, but from what i remember we tracked pretty close to this. @darshana do you remember how closely we tracked to our estimated times?
lizbarry 03:59:29
*FYI starting a thread to consider Hackpad* as our "core workshop notetaking and wayfinding to other tools" tool
lizbarry 04:00:56
apparently the core maintainers have stopped maintaining
lizbarry 04:01:32
which in the g0v world, as we're just learning from @ttcat, is a sign to leave a particular platform
lizbarry 04:01:45
so http://hackpad.tw|hackpad.tw might not exist in the medium to long term
patcon 04:15:40
they're all moving to hackmd, it seems
patcon 04:16:22
also, they confirmed what i think others may have realized (but i wasn't sure of!): the email notifcation functions of hackpad (which were a main draw) don't work on http://hackpad.tw|hackpad.tw
patcon 04:01:19
forgot to suggest in call, but since this is a recurring format, maybe we could start thinking on how to do evaluations to help improve as we go!
itsmisscs 04:01:54
patcon 04:01:59
typeform has a really user-friendly interface, but open to other suggestions?
itsmisscs 04:02:07
I like this idea a lot overall :slightly_smiling_face:
lizbarry 04:02:21
me too! yay eval!
lizbarry 04:02:42
i have a standard 5 set of questions form the "Listen For Good" team
patcon 04:02:53
yeah, maybe we could figure out good questions and then best tool to get that? (i'm down for polis, but havne't done much eval to know what's best!)
lizbarry 04:03:51
the questions strike everyone as a bit odd, but i've found they are foundational
lizbarry 04:04:33
the "recommender" part is derived from a lot of deep and well-funded "what does it take to create a returning customer" work from the business sector
lizbarry 04:05:59
>L4G is focused on applying a semi-standard survey instrument, which includes using the Net Promoter System (NPS®) employed widely in customer feedback circles, to the nonprofit beneficiary context
lizbarry 04:07:25
with the addition of a couple of demographic questions, a lot of analysis can be done on a very small # of questions asked. Example: https://publiclab.org/notes/liz/04-24-2018/evaluation-listen4good-round-two-results
lizbarry 04:10:26
just realized about platform, that i used Survey Monkey which has a built in "NPS score generator", which another platform might not have
lizbarry 04:15:44
The backend of Survey Monkey allows you to filter responses based on a set of responses to other questions. For instance, how verious self-identified demographic clusters answered the "do members of the community treat you with respect" question.
patcon 04:19:18
i like surveymonkey or typeform, but i'm also trying to think hard on how to use http://pol.is|pol.is well...!


lizbarry 05:28:00
I'll be taking another pass through our intro workshop tonight at Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight, anyone going to be online?
@null 06:31:44
So excited for this. Looking forward to meeting everyone

@null 20:55:12
Google is handing out USB/NFC/Bluetooth security keys in the Community Village.

lizbarry 21:58:01
hi folks! at 10:30 i'm going to "Effective 21st C organizing" - anyone else going?
lizbarry 21:58:22
also, THREAD: can everyone share when the sessions they are giving are?
lizbarry 21:58:58
"mock vTaiwan" TTCat, CS, Patcon and i -- Friday at 2:30PM - 3:45PM
ttcat (not_staff) 21:59:23
my sched https://rightscon2018.sched.com/wuminhsuan


Wu, Min Hsuan (ttcat)'s schedule for RightsCon Toronto 2018

Check out what Wu, Min Hsuan (ttcat) will be attending at RightsCon Toronto 2018

ttcat (not_staff) 22:25:19
hi all
ttcat (not_staff) 22:25:23
it’s our share note
ttcat (not_staff) 22:25:31
welcome to join
ttcat (not_staff) 22:30:34
@itsmisscs @lizbarry @patcon
itsmisscs 22:30:43
thanks @ttcat!
@null 22:34:52
@nucell where's his table you speak of? :) N? S? E? W?

@null 23:58:29
Ubikeys are in community village on 1st floor, accessible via south (lakeside) wall



lizbarry 05:49:44
i picked up @ttcat's edits on the RightsCon workshop deck to replace "civil society" on slide 7 &amp; 8 with "community"
itsmisscs 23:17:14
Empty Polis https://pol.is/9ip6y3iint


RightsCon 2018

<http://Pol.is|Pol.is> for RightsCon 2018

itsmisscs 23:18:12
Login: `hi@talkto.nyc` and `MEAthe`


dzn 00:11:36
good luck everyone!!! :slightly_smiling_face:
@null 00:11:47
thanks @dzn!

lizbarry 03:08:58
johnson: https://pol.is/9ip6y3iint


RightsCon 2018

<http://Pol.is|Pol.is> for RightsCon 2018

mrorz 03:09:51
@mrorz has joined the channel
dzn 03:40:00
@ttcat nice. That is some impressive participation. all at rightscon??
ttcat (not_staff) 03:48:09
No. It's long time ago
ttcat (not_staff) 03:48:23
Just good example for how to use http://pol.is|pol.is
@null 03:50:51
I have an extra ticket for Yanis Varoufakis tonight at 7:00, Toronto reference library. DM if interested. I leave about 6.


lizbarry 03:26:56
hi all! The presentation went great yesterday!
itsmisscs 03:43:06
Here’s the polis from yesterday https://pol.is/9ip6y3iint


RightsCon 2018

<http://Pol.is|Pol.is> for RightsCon 2018